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Can you describe some examples of significant things you have manifested into your life, using the reality-creation principles of Abraham-Hicks (or any functionally-equivalent philosophy)?

How much of your own personal action was required to achieve these things? How long did it take for manifestation to occur? What resistance did you have to overcome?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I used to create things more when I was younger but my two most amazing examples are bicycles that I manifested exactly as I wanted them. I did it twice each time manifesting very special bikes that I never saw anyplace except in my mind. I saw a motorcycle movie in the 70's I think it was called C.C. Rider, everyone had these really cool choppers that they rode around on. I thought to myself wow I want a chopper bike! I want a shinny one like that chrome stuff I saw in that movie! I want a banana seat but a little more squared off. I was making a list in my head of how I wanted this to look and then I said "Wow that is so cool, I am getting a chrome chopper bike, it will be the coolest!" Christmas that year I had it exactly as I imagined it to be.

I did it again in the 80's with my BMX bike, I noticed all my friends had these cool dirt bikes and I had my old chopper that was not looking as good as it once did. I really liked their bikes but there were things I did not like about them. I thought to myself I like these new dirt bikes but the handle bars are too low, I want higher handle bars, and look at those thin forks on a bike that is suppose to be tough for dirt riding off trails? No no those are no good I want big thick heavy forks, also those spoke wheels If I wanted to really jump something those spokes are too thin what about if I had mag wheels like a car has that would be so cool!

So again I designed the bike I am getting in my head, then I went looking for it at the bike store, I found it and bought it. I should point out neither of these bikes I ever saw again anyplace I was the only one that owned them, no other friend ever had one I never saw another anyplace of either one.

I did manifesting to a lesser extent with my Coleco-vision I bought with tons of games, I said I would have one and one eventually came to me in the 90's yes many years after they were obsolete but I didn't care when just as long as I had one.

I did that again with my Marshal Micro Stack amp I saw in a catalog and said wow I am going to get one of these someday (it was way too expensive) years later it came to me for $100 used through a news paper add.


I just remembered the last thing I manifested was my car, but it wasn't the same, I had compromises, but these were for the better. For example I decided I was going to buy a car, I wanted it decked out with Heat and AC power windows and locks too. I received a lone offer in the mail for $5000 after this, so then I saw a Bewick Park Ave with white wall tires, I said, "oh wow that is my car!!!" I went to get it and found it has electrical problems, but I almost bought it anyway until my mom talked some sense into me about electrical problems. So the guy showed me other cars, first one I did not like, then he showed me my Chevy Lumina it was fully decked out with power windows, door locks, ac and heat, power steering and even an alarm system! It had the factory radio but that was no big deal to me I loved the car, but not as much as that Park ave. however I said I'll buy this car.

So I went to the bank to get a lone and used my lone offer to show I don't care if they give me the lone or not I am getting a lone for this. They approved me on site and gave me a much better deal on interest, the next day I went back for my car, they had it polished up, I was stunned and said, "that is my car!!!" It was beautiful classy black and drove like a dream, that was a good car.

But as you can see my ability seems to change I did get the fully decked out (power steering too and an alarm system) as I intended but it seems that it is harder to recognize. It was much easier to manifest the lone, that I just went into the bank and said, "I am here to get a lone. What do I need to fill out for my money for my car?" I never said, "I am here to apply for a lone, please give me money to buy a car I like." No in my head it was a done deal, "I need to get get the money then the car is mine", "okay no problem."


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Wade Casaldi

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Wade Casaldi you have a talented gift that is so powerful you manifest something that no one else has before or since wow that is great. Have a nice day.

(24 Dec '09, 07:06) flowingwater

Yes and the strange thing is it wasn't until many years later that I realized I did that. I just thought of what I would like and said mine will be this way, it never dawned on me to think what do I have to pick from, what is available. i think that is where I lost my ability when I got older that was stuck in my head what is there to pick from.

(24 Dec '09, 09:44) Wade Casaldi

When my car was getting older and starting to require a lot of repairs, I began imagining a new one that was reliable and safe. I didn't have a down payment; I had just gone through a divorce, and the trade in value of mine was falling pretty quickly with each new problem. I smelled it, felt myself inside, saw myself on the highway moving towards a city I wanted to visit, including the road signs along the way. That trip would have been impossible in my old unreliable car. So I kept on this way for a couple of months, working at it each day. I got discouraged a few times when nothing seemed to be happening, but kept going for lack of a better plan. There was no action on my part other than the visualizing. Soon, a new car came from the most unlikely source! A relative had just purchased a new one and couldn't keep up with the payments. Offered me the car outright, if I would just pick up the payments from then on. Wow. It was not how I had expected a new car to come to me, but I was thrilled, and it was a win-win for me and the relative. I needed no down-payment, and sold my old one for some cash. The new payments were easy, and I had a brand new car.

A few years later I decided I would like to be married again someday, and I began to see myself with someone. I saw the wedding, felt myself happy at the wedding, saw myself dating, having fun and so forth (although there was no face yet with the man I was with). Things began heating up between myself and a nice guy from work after that. I dropped the visualizing at that point to see what would happen, and as to not be forcing anything, but apparently the wheels were already in motion. We dated for a year or so, lived together for another and then got married. I am really happy and he was the right person for me! Again, no action on my part really. I didn't try dating services or anything like that; I just changed jobs and met my husband! I knew the universe would work it out for me.

Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks for sharing LeeAnn. I have been successful in attracting few things.. and now i am trying to attract a nice partner.. your sharing makes me feel confident that i can do it..

(22 Dec '09, 19:10) Perfection

You can do it, Perfection; just be persistent and consistent!

(23 Dec '09, 01:58) LeeAnn 1

I am glad all of these good things are happen to you. The great job that pays well and of course the nice husband and I don't blame you I would have drop the visualizing as well for when it comes to marriage and love you really want it to be real but sometimes the love and real needs a little push like the visualizing and manifesting. Take care and have a nice day. You have a great gift LeeAnn.

(24 Dec '09, 07:03) flowingwater
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I manifested a blue colar job, working 9-5. I was the Boss, and I had twenty five staff reporting to me. I had the pay I wanted, and all the fringe benefits. I bought a house, and I have everything, and more. It took me a total of five years to manifest all these things, and more.

And I am still manifesting, sometimes the wait varies, from time to time. I read and practice the exercises in the book: The Power of Positive thinking by Norman Vicent Peal, and my favorite quote was: "I can do all things, throught Christ who strenghtens me." And I am doing these things through Christ, who strenghtens me!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Very good I am so glad you are givng Christ his praise. I like your answer I am glad you are getting some of the things you want out of life.

(24 Dec '09, 06:57) flowingwater

I once manifested my job about a couple of years ago using a very interesting technique. Basically, I wanted a job with a set of attributes (scenic route to work from my home, preferably countryside, more than average salary, high profile company, job related to my background in IT, and a few more things).

I was told about this technique by a friend. I wrote a letter to the universe, an actual letter. In the body of the letter, I described the job I wanted with all its attributes and signed and dated the letter. I placed the letter in a secure place and then completely forgot about it. The idea behind this process is to make a request to the universe and then completely forget about that request. Sort of, hand everything over to the universe and let it deal with my request.

Guess what? I got my dream job! I suppose the reason this process works is because after I made my request to the universe, I completely forgot about it which meant that I was in a state of pure allowing, without any resistance, and I got an exact manifestation of what I wanted.


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Pink Diamond


Wow! Congrats on getting your desired job. I had never heard of this method, so thanks for sharing it with us.

(27 Dec '09, 18:05) LeeAnn 1

At my previous employer, I was still without a college degree. As that employer had pretty much capped my salary (telling me that he could essentially hire anyone he wanted at that salary with my qualifications), I decided to go back to school. The school I went to has an after-work format, so you can go to school while you are working.

My goal was simple: to increase my income by $15,000 per year. I went to school at night, worked in a team, wrote papers and gave presentations. When my first degree was completed, I decided to go for a post-graduate degree, and I changed my income goal to an additional $30,000 per year.

One night, I did a presentation on one of my assignments. One of the members on one of the other teams was particularly impressed by one of the assignments I presented, and he told me as such.

A couple of years later, this team member called me and asked me if I wanted to apply for a job at the local military installation. At the time, the one thing I didn't want to do was to commute to the city to work, as this would have been at least 1 to 2 hours each way. But the military base is only 35 minutes away.

I sent in a resume, and it turns out I was a good fit for what they wanted. My new salary was exactly $30,000 more than what I was making at my previous position.


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It should be noted that the payment on my school loans is about $800 per month.

(27 Dec '09, 17:30) Vesuvius

Sometimes we are planting seeds without even knowing it, right? Here's a good example of that! Glad to hear it worked out and you got a good job within driving distance. Did you write your income goals down? What was your method of keeping them before you?

(27 Dec '09, 18:09) LeeAnn 1

The number was easy to remember. The school loans made it easy to leave my last job, as my employer would not have been willing to pay for them. I was fully prepared for an extensive job search, but that turned out to be unnecessary. As for school, I just kept showing up until they gave me a piece of paper that said I graduated.

(27 Dec '09, 19:41) Vesuvius
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My adventurers in manifestation and attraction began in High school when I stumbled on the book "Seth Speaks". This stumbling on this book, itself, was an event that can only be described as a miracle. But that story is not relevant here (maybe for a diff question).

Because if how this book came into my life, I completely trusted in the knowledge within it. But in spite of this trust, I started applying the principles from a position of Hope & skepticism rather that confidence & faith.

So my observations as well as the application became almost scientific. I always wanted to impress my parents with at least one achievement in sports, because I was always seen as the un-athletic one in the family.

I decided to win a medal in a sports event using the power of focused consciousness (my terminology for the law of attraction). I didn’t want to aim too high because I completely sucked at all Sports activities. So I decided to win a bronze medal. When I focused on the "Having" of this medal I focused on it without any doubt whatsoever. There was no second guessing at all, it had already happened in my mind. But whenever I came out of this "Focus" & contemplated how I am going to win this medal, I couldn't figure out how it would happen & doubt always accompanied my analysis.

Somehow, I was able to keep the two states of mind separate, depending on the moment of focus. I tried various sports events at school in preparation for wining this medal & was rejected from each group & team. Fortunately, by this time I had stumbled on this "Inner guidance" phenomenon & had learned to always ask & trust this inner guidance.

So I kept trying different sports until I stumbled on hurdles. I was not good at hurdles either. But the inner voice told me to stay with it, and I did. I was constantly guided to do everything possible to become the best I could be at the task. So I got books from the library, & applied all the techniques I could learn, & practiced & practiced endlessly as often as possible.

None of this actually improved my skills a great deal. Because I would train with other athletes of a different age division (I was a senior, & the others were the next level below) & they always left me in their dust.

The race day came & I lined up at the starting line with the other athletes. The gun went off & we ran. I only cleared the first two hurdles and knocked over practically all the rest. On the last hurdle I had to run back a bit & re-try. I remember being booed by practically the entire stadium. I was so embarrassed; I grabbed my things & wend home without waiting for the medal ceremony for the winners.

The following day there was an announcement on the school PA system announcing my name & congratulating me on my winning of the bronze medal. The Principal wanted me to come to the office for the medal ceremony. SO WHAT HAPPENED?

You see, the universe had done its job. There were 5 athletes who qualified in the senior division scheduled to run the race, but two didn't show up due to some accident. There were only three athletes running the race. I was guaranteed the bronze medal as long as I crossed the finish line. This is exactly what I did! My performance was absolutely disgraceful & shameful (according to myself). However, my school coach & other athletes saw the effort I put into practice day after day & didn't see me as a failure.

Looking back I am glad it happened that way because it really made me understand how the power of focused consciousness really works. Besides, it had become a much more interesting story to share. There are many more stories of manifestation since this experience, but this is the one that started the understanding of the "manifestation" Phenomenon, and was very specific in its intent, application, and outcome.


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The Traveller

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always wanted to learn and play piano. It was the desire of my heart. I began "wishing" as hard as I could, but my parents did not get me a piano...This did not stop me. My aunt had a piano, and when we went to her house, I could usually sneak in a half-hour of playing before the adults kicked me off the piano...but I didn't stop there...

In high school, I got a job, and paid a friend in chorus who was already a good piano player to teach me. I asked my orchestra director if I could borrow the piano in his office during lunch; he said yes. So I practised about 45 minutes per day...but I still wanted my own piano, which I volunteered to afford, but again, my parents said "no".

In college, the dorm had a piano, a grand piano, in the common room, and I continued practicing there...

I ended up marrying...and my husband had a piano! But we lived in an apartment! and I could not have the piano there...

So I began picturing a house where I could put my piano...after seven years, we got the house (which was another miracle) and my in-laws paid to have the piano moved to our new home...I signed up for piano at the local college, and took lessons again..

Right now, I am working on Beethovan Sonata No. 14, and can play fairly well...all from the dreams of a little girl who did NOT give up!

Blessing, and Happy Manifesting, Jaianniah


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so far i manifested having a lovely girlfriend and forgot about it. one year later i met her and she looks and behaves almost excactly as i manifested it. she told me that she did the same while she was daydreaming often. but she didn't know about loa etc. you see there is sometimes another part that also manifests so the universe gives you what both of you are wanting:)


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