Hi everyone I have a particular odd question regarding manifestation It’s about sex

I m not sure What do I have to do,like feel better about myself all the time? Think sexy and sensual thoughts?

Walk around thinking about the satisfaction of sex and hope it will come to me? Or a lady will just walk up to me and smiling at me? Relax and let go?

What role would the Abraham’s scale play in this manifestation They say you have to get to the top of the scale

I also have heard them say that “it is changing your EMOTIONS that changes reality.”

But this may seem a good statement but I can’t really figure how to apply it to my situation

I’m particularly much more interested in what this statement means in a real life manifestation situation particularly an example which migh t shows how to work with my emotions and get to the top of this scale that they are emphasising

I really appreciate advice from experienced members who have greater understanding of LOA since I have been reading Ask and it’s given but I just don’t know how to do it

Comments appreciated.

asked 15 Nov '19, 01:20

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I assume you are talking about manifesting a sex partner. Just do a search. "Abraham Hicks manifest sex partner." I just did and it turned up a lot of results.

It is good to write out a list of the qualities you desire in a partner. Hopefully they would not just be about that aspect of a relationship.

(22 Nov '19, 18:16) Delphine
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Yes there is.

You simply do two things:

1- Think about sex as much as you can

2- Expect it to happen.


answered 29 Jan '21, 22:18

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