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Hello my dearest friends!

I want to tell you all one of the secrets of Laws of Attractions that I experience during the doing of the "Dynamic Thought". This will help you to get immediate attention of people towards you. People look at you and leave a beautiful smile.. that fill your circumstance with a great bond of love.

So please listen. Look straight into the eyes of the person and breathe deeply. (That's it you are done, you played your part).

By doing this, you feel like you are eating him/her directly.

The person feels so much freedom then ever before in his life. The person doesn't understand what happening. This moment directly get stored in his memory.

The person always try to look at you to feel the same as he felt at the time when you performed that action.

In better words, "the person will become the tool in your hand. And you should know how to use that tool".

If you tried to hide your sight from them. That means you are not making the most of it.

Like it so do it.

Apart from it please remember to remain Cheerful always. It is very Powerful. That attracts much.

Please remember my love for you; Perfect Good.


Disclaimer : I had experienced it after so much of practice such as meditations, affirmation etc. If you directly attempting the act., may lead to slightly head heck. Do not attempt it until you have regular meditations practices.

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Leave your stomach half hunger for better performance.

(09 May '14, 13:10) PERFECT GOOD

@IQ moderator thank you for an extra 800 reputation points.


(11 May '14, 10:47) PERFECT GOOD
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I like this very much........thank you Perfect Good. I have a couple of questions:

1) Why do you have to do meditation 1st? Is it because some people have difficulty holding eye contact with others?

2) Does this also work if you imagine the person in front of you and mentally perform this technique?


answered 09 May '14, 14:24

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@Eldavo imagination is difficult then looking at the person in front of you.

Imagination prepare the outer world beautiful. So never forget to imagine for the beautiful life.

(11 May '14, 10:57) PERFECT GOOD

Yes it is true the thought always disturbs the eye contact. Meditation is the practice that improves eye contract.

@Eldavo thank for your questions.

(11 May '14, 11:11) PERFECT GOOD
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