First, a big thank you to @PERFECT GOOD for mentioning aging, and to remember that age is no limit to anything...

But it is hard to ignore the PAIN. Arthritis is challenging me in many ways. Since I am allergic to NSAIDS, I am particularly challenged. No ibuprofen for me! I even have arthritis in my feet, of all things. When I wake up, it feels like there are shards of glass in my feet. This is rather hard to ignore. My back, too, is rather a mess. I can no longer stand to cook. I am also losing the use of my right arm- they are trying to figure out why, but it is slow going. My local medical center has so much red tape and is PCP-oriented, so everything has to be seen by the family doc first, even when I already know she cannot help me, and i will be referred out to whatever specialist is required. And wait up to two months to see that specialist...

I know, I is a state of mind...but when I am chopping onions for my famous chicken soup, and suddenly, my arm quits, I cannot ignore it. I must ask Wade to finish for me. A solution, yes, but it is hard not to mind- to have to be dependent on him even to push my wheelchair. UGH!

So, I would appreciate hearing from you do you face your aging challenges???

BTW, I have already found that prayer and meditation help. But they do not fix permanent limitations. I cannot seem to know what to pray for at times.


Jai ♥♥♥

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Jaianniah I'm asking you the you who is in mirror, why she looking at you as old, wrinkled:: Is that she mean the her (outside image) is not she.

When she belief the her is she that definitely she see herself inside and outside.

Hold your belief on me. I'll get you the answer that recover your pain (your true image back to yourself).

Kiss to you Jaianniah...

(19 May '14, 00:58) PERFECT GOOD

Do not up vote this question, please.

(19 May '14, 01:17) PERFECT GOOD


Every thing is me. There is nothing that harms me.

Communicate with your pain.

Arthritis is painful OK, though I love you. I want to listen to you. I give them what it want. Please tell me whatever you want I'm ready to give you all. But please be happy be happy. I feel your happiness in my heart.


(19 May '14, 05:36) PERFECT GOOD

You will be OK where ever you are. The world is very large, you can leave me and enjoy you freedom. You like freedom I know it. I'm sorry to trouble all this days holding you with me. Now you can go off from me and feel freedom that is all over the universe. Remember where ever you go I love you. Enjoy your freedom.


(19 May '14, 05:39) PERFECT GOOD

I also feel good without you. I want independence, please go away. Die yourself within me. I like you being dying, because I'm Ok without you, Yes it is true I'm OK without you. Please die die die.

(19 May '14, 05:44) PERFECT GOOD

Arthritis is left me, Thank you God.

(19 May '14, 05:44) PERFECT GOOD

Jaianniah Have my message reached your heart.

(19 May '14, 05:50) PERFECT GOOD
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Practice is the secondary part but first of all I want you to understand what I mean.

With cheerful please read the answer.

Arthritis OK considered pain. What does it mean to you. Some kind of pain that makes you helpless. OK stay at helplessness and try to observe around its circumstances.

Keep you observation continued....

After some time you see that helplessness itself is package of power. You actual want that power to win your weakness.

Instead you always making rival with that power. In the sense you do not want to accept it. If you do not accept the power that want to friendship with you. No medication will be helpful without that power.

Jaianniah believe me. You can win. The only thing you need to do is SEE POWER IN ALL.

Do not compare your pain with scriptures. Pain itself is the package of all confused scriptures. It has to be embraced. Embracing by means focus on silence.

Silence releases your scriptures in the silence itself. Released scriptures turn towards you as a health. After turning something that make you feel good. Do not try to apply your explanation to it. Just continue to quieten the sense. It will recover all.

I believe you, you can do it.

With well wishes the answer. Thank you.


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IQ Moderator ♦♦

What we love, we have to give it GOD. If we hold it by saying no I love this. I don't give to you GOD. Then GOD will wrap us within and make us dead.

I mean, to experience change, we have to give away something we most love it.

(19 May '14, 07:43) PERFECT GOOD

Although I want go on and on and tell you lot more. But after all we have to make corrections in our very close activities.

The very close activities such as breathing, food & sleep. If we have full control over this. Then definitely health and happiness will come into life.

Jaianniah I suggest to read The Science of Being Well written by a great soul WALLACE D. WATTLES

(19 May '14, 10:11) PERFECT GOOD is the boon to human world.
For all Inward Quest questions, answers can be found in every book that we open and read.

(19 May '14, 10:24) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD, To embed YouTube videos, you only need to put the YouTube link in your answer. Don't turn them into picture links otherwise they won't show up

(20 May '14, 02:20) IQ Moderator ♦♦

@PERFECT GOOD yes this is a question about beliefs rather than the aging process ... love Sadhguru ♥ ♥ ♥

(20 May '14, 04:17) jaz

Got it, Thanks Inward Quest

(20 May '14, 04:28) PERFECT GOOD
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it is interesting that
when young the wish is to be
old, now with age the wish is
to be young, accept the present

how to use wisely the gift,
creative life force that makes
you human and fulfilling
your design and assigned

how that is known becomes a
search and the drive to rise
early daily to learn more
of who it is that we are

otherwise the corner one
paints themselves into is what
becomes, the unconscious
leading towards futility


answered 19 May '14, 20:43

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Thanks @fred .reminds me of a song. "Wouldn't it be nice"

(20 May '14, 00:14) ursixx
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Pray for a better diet!......

I go on a juice fast twice a year and every time I am absolutely amazed at how juicing heals the body. Juicing is where you require a "juicing machine" (not a blender) and drink the juice of vegetables and fruit. When I 1st started juicing it was a little difficult because I didn't realized how addicted to garbage food I was. After juicing for a week or 2 I watched rashes disappear, skin start to clear up, lost weight, and watch my stomach shrink and the bloated feeling go away. But juicing goes much much further than heals!! it is the most natural form of natural medicine.

Here is a video that describes your condition:


answered 17 May '14, 20:58

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3.7k218 @Eldavo me and my wife did a juice fast too. It is as you say very healing. We in the western world eat a lot of ****. The USA is known for its obesity problems and much of that can be linked to a over consumption of fast foods and junk food. @Jai the old adage "you are what you eat" A juice fast will as the link I put in will be a sort of "reboot". so ask your self Jai when was the last time you rebooted?

(18 May '14, 08:02) ursixx

Yes ursixx, Joe Cross is a perfect example of someone going from "fat, sick and nearly dead" to being healthy and full of life and he helps so many people. "BUT" there is the "old mentality" that is hard to break. I tried to get my mother to start juicing but she refused because doctors don't prescribe "juicing."....and her quick reply is always "That's nonsense!" Ok?? All these people are healing themselves and becoming healthy again with natural foods...."is that nonsense?"

(18 May '14, 22:03) Eldavo

@Eldavo worst answer that I never read on IQ. Hope I could down vote ten times. I'm Sorry.

(19 May '14, 00:38) PERFECT GOOD

@Eldavo yes I know. We have the same experience with my wife's family. Old habits and beliefs die hard

(19 May '14, 07:30) ursixx

@Eldavo as a person I respect you the most, as I respect myself.

You know I always appreciate my ignorance and foolishness. That make me to go on.

So please do not consider my comments or answers as final. The life is a infinite process.

After all I Love you.

(19 May '14, 07:54) PERFECT GOOD

@ELdavo I got something to say

You forgive me by appreciating the right one.

I forgive you by appreciating the right one.

After all we are both right.

So we both forgive ourself to move on, to forgive others.

(19 May '14, 08:26) PERFECT GOOD

Your comments are very well accepted Perfect Good. If you don't say what's on your mind then why say anything at all!? If you ask 100 people to look at the sky, you will have 100 answers when you ask "what do you see?" Is one specific answer the correct answer?....absolutely not!! You just listened to 100 different perspectives.

(20 May '14, 10:18) Eldavo

Your comments made my soul feel more liberty, more open minded. Thank you @Eldavo.

(21 May '14, 10:46) PERFECT GOOD
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