I am making some major life changes, and things are going very s-l-o-w-l-y...

I found myself today questioning my own existence, which is unlike me. I feel low on energy, and am frustrated by all the health setbacks I have encountered along the way. For example, I woke up yesterday with a torn cornea...I did nothing to cause this...but it meant two days blown at Geisinger Medical Center, getting it treated- not to mention the pain.

I am beginning to feel a bit depressed about the slowness of my pace, and am wondering if it is age or something...:) I feel this tight heaviness in my chest, and sometimes I also feel like my Heart Chakra is shattered, which is an odd thing to feel.

So I figured out I need to be more patient with myself, but could use some advice on this.

So I am asking my friends here at IQ to embolden me, and encourage me onwards.

Friends? What do you say?



asked 17 Aug '12, 19:54

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Hahahaha age be quite young lady before I give you a whack once with my cane... where is my cane ...anyone seen my cane? j/k ;)
Anyways Jai move your focus.
Hows your big toe?
Whats for dinner?
Doesn't Wade have a cute smile?
Don't you just love this song on the radio!
Tolle talks about going inside and finding whats right.
And going slowly what a blessing all the more to enjoy the scenery. Flying is great but I wouldn't trade a minute of the jouney through the woods and valleys of life to fly by them. Look at all that is right add light to your darkness..and watch it fade.


answered 18 Aug '12, 07:31

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