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My latest studies have lead me to see that happiness is a choice. Happiness is not something attained, it is not an artificial feeling, it is actually a decision in attitude.

Do you want to feel happy in your life? Do you finally want to 'get there' and stay in that good feeling of reassurance that everything is good?

I can tell you right now, there is no secret to life in terms of what I can do to be happy. You don't need to meditate an hour a day to reach enlightenment and you don't need to slave yourself at a job you temporarily hate so one day you'll be rich and ready to play golf in your retirement.

Stop looking for reasons to be happy. Quit looking for excuses to feel good, stop looking for 'items' to add to your appreciation list. To me, this is a silly mindset that still encompasses the ideals of seeking happiness. Chasing happiness. Trying to find some little reason, no matter how small, to feel happy, whilst I can applaud you for the effort, it's still following an equation deemed for failure eventually.

Outer physical things + the satisfaction of it = happiness.

I'm sorry, but this is just plain wrong.

Happiness is actually something you put into the equation:

Happiness attitude = Generation of even more happiness.

Yep. You slot in happiness. It isn't attained, it isn't earned, it actually isn't even necessarily learned.

It is a choice. And you can decide right now to take it or you can decide to feel some other way. Funny enough, when something 'bad' happiness to you, you may tell me you feel bad and your happiness is gone. And I'll tell you, you are immediatly labelling something as bad and manifesting your own corresponding emotions into it. It's a tricky process to intelectually grab and it makes little logical sense, but yes, you can enjoy your life right now.

So here is my trick to entail vortex entry more frequently: smile.

Smile more often to start with. Not a grin, not something fake, not something you feel is not a real smile. Go into a mirror alone, and force yourself to put on the best smile you can for a few seconds.

Would you prefer to be a smiling, happy person, that is in the state of mind even when things are bad? You can be charismatic, warm, genuine, enthusiastic, in an automatic state of "life is good" more than you think.

When you are in bed nodding off to sleep, smile like you mean it. Perhaps you can play some music, but put on a smile that translates as "things are good, things are getting better, things are always becoming greater and I'm glad about it."

When you wake up in the morning, in the bed, manifest a smile. Put it on, and get on with your day in a happiness mindset.

There are some characters I've kept in a journal for the past year of people whom are eternally happy and are cool. Follow them:

Kronk from The Emporers New Groove

Mr Magarium, credit to @CalonLan for bringing this to my attention, from Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium.

Johhny Bravo, from Johhny Bravo.

Chuck from Are We Done Yet?

Marvin from Wall Street (same actor as Chuck from Are We Done Yet)

Juglio Iglesias, the singer.

Zohan, from You Don't Mess with The Zohan.

I really hope this helps shed some light in your life and it changes your life. You'll find that life is about experiences and relationships, and being the most enthusiatic, happiest person with the most optimistic and fun attitude is the person people want to be around. You'll find an entire chapter dedicated to happy people in the book, The Luck Factor.

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What a beautiful way to start my day, smiling! Thank you very much for your post I appreciate every little reminder that keeps me in the Joy of now. I look forward to more of the same in the future.


answered 11 Sep '13, 08:12

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So nice it's helped you out :) Now do the favour and spread the expression!

(11 Sep '13, 20:05) Nikulas

Yep, good post. One of the many facets to putting LOA into practice. It's all about having the feelings that things are currently ok and perfect, no matter what.

"I will one day be able to afford this car, although I am happy and content with the positives of not having a car";


"It would be great if I was able to buy that detached house, but I am pleased and grateful to be able to afford to rent my current accomodation as at least I have a roof over my head";

Feeling good about all aspects of your current situation is the key here and yes, smiling like you mean it is just another extra tool we can all use when successfully putting LOA principals into practice.


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colino green

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Hey Nikulas! And it's been shown "scientifically" that smiling releases hormones which do change our moods. Going many steps farther, using info taken from Bashar, our hormonal state effects the state of all other beings around us and out into the universe. One of my favorite quotes from him, and one I remind myself of often, is: "Its not the circumstances that matter; it's the state of being that matters". Which also means that your state of being influences matter, therefore the reality you are experiencing. Long time ago I recall reading a study done at a university where the object was to see whether facial expressions affected mood states significantly. Student volunteers were not told the nature of the study, but participated in exercises which induced a smiling expression, such as holding a pencil in their mouths a certain way, etc. There was a strong correlation between the students who smiled inadvertently and elevated moods. One last thing: my dog is such a GREAT smile inducer every morning, actually all the time. My goal is to be as happy and in the moment as my dog is. With heart, Charlotte


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It's a pleasure to read your positivity!

If you were to take a labelled 'happy' character (say for instance a character I outlined in my list) and chuck them into prison, initially they may be distressed, but very quickly they will rebound into the same style of 'happy attitude' and it's not going to matter much to them. Instead of remaining upset over it, they decide to accept it and make the most of things regardless. Soon the prison guards will blossom smiles :)

(11 Sep '13, 20:05) Nikulas

If you are in pain, "smiling" is not going to help you. You need actual help.

Honest is Truth. Truth is Honesty.

Looking at things from a happier perspective will make life happier, but to denial any unhappiness, pain, and suffering, will just leave all of that growing in the background until you learn to actually deal with it to TRANSFORM it into happiness. Not just putting on a smile and ignoring it .

If you work for someone and they tell you to do something and that makes you unhappy, putting on a "smile" and ignoring what they said will not help the situation. You need to be honest and talk to the person that you do not like and will not do "that" but prefer "this" instead.


answered 11 Sep '13, 18:52

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@arpgme- Yes you've highlighted some very big points that I hope are going to help many people in need; smiling and being enthusiastic is not designed to 'cover up' any negative issues in your life. The idea is to look at them (when they pop up, don't search for them), accept it is in your reality and then, as you've said, transform it.

(11 Sep '13, 19:58) Nikulas

Personally, I think 'positive thinking' and 'being positive' can remain, for many, in the shadows of unrealistic thinking. I am one of them. To me, it's far more efficient to be as 'realisitc' as possible in my thinking and accept everything here is going to serve me.

What's great is LOA is on our side when we decide to apply an attitude of happiness.

(11 Sep '13, 20:01) Nikulas

And if everything is going to serve you, how can you not smile?

(11 Sep '13, 20:01) Nikulas
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I "got" this instinctively from a young age, that smiling into the mirror sent a message to the subconscious that "all is well" and that would be reflected in circumstances.

My ex, son's dad, thought it was weird that I would smile at myself in the mirror, in fact he asked me not to. Of course, I ignored his request.

Abe did say, "Don't put a happy smile on your gas gauge." IOW, don't try to pretend there aren't issues that need to be addressed. But you can be aware of the readings on your gas gauge and keep smiling, whatever they may be.


answered 08 Oct '17, 04:43

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