When you are in an coma, and sometimes they say you are brain-dead, where does your conciousness and subconsciousness go? For you are deprived of it except for the bare minimum.

Or maybe I should say what happens to the conscious and subconscious mind of yours while you are in an coma?

They say you don't dream it is like your conscious is not there but it is and it is just performing on the lowest and minmium level of just enough to keep your alive. Sometimes they even have to hook machines up to help breathe for you. So, that mean the subconscious is not even doing what it suppose to be doing.

Or does the conscious and subconscious uninterlace with your brain near death and gets prepared to move on with the spirit when it leaves the body for good?

There have been people who have been in a coma for years and than they come back to conciousness.

So what do you think has happen to your conscious and subconscious mind? Has it been short circuited?

Did it just decide to go on Vacation or take an Holiday? Where did it go? What is it doing? Did it just get deactivated? What?

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You're welcome - I made the title into a specific simple question because it makes it easier for people to know exactly what the question is about without having to read the whole text of it.

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Thanks for edit.

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Good question.

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Your subconscious keeps your bodily functions going, that is one of it's duties. You don't have to remember how to breathe, or your heart how to beat, for example, because your subconscious does that. The same as learning to drive a car - it's a lot to remember at first but after a while you don't have to think about it, it's an unconscious act performed by the subconscious. You just have to think about where you're going and why and so on. However, in a coma, the unconscious abilities to breathe and so on may also be affected by the degree of disrepair of the body that is causing the coma.

Absence of apparent consciousness in a coma isn't so much that it decides to go on holiday or is absent but the body is damaged. I don't think I have heard of any stories of people coming out of a coma saying they have had the same experiences as those that have had near death experiences. (See this not too complete article but it might help understand coma and the degrees of coma http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coma)

Treatment for a coma includes talking to the patient and stimulating their senses. It is accepted that coma patients can hear what is happening and have some awareness, if not full bodily and brain function http://www.nacd.org/journal/article5.php

You might also find this of interest - brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor's talk about how she experienced a stroke http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html


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I know what the subconscious mind does for the bodyly fuctions. If you are not breathing on your own than the subscious is not doing what it suppose to do. That why I want to know what has happen to it? Thanks for the link to the woman that was an brain scientist who had an stroke. I have been looking for her and thanks to you I have found her. That link does not apply to this question for she still had her consciousness and subsciousness her different right/ left brain was going in an out but she still had them. Clarify below with thiw link: http://cogweb.ucla.edu/Abstracts/McGinn_99.html

(20 Oct '09, 03:32) flowingwater

I didn't say there were people who had the same experience as near death. When you are in a comma you don't dream. Your consciousness is gone. Your subsconsciousness is at the barest mimium level of keepin you alive sometimes machines are what is keeping you alive not even the subsconscious is doing its job so than where is it and why is it not working. Yes, there have been people who have come out of commas I had an relative who came out after 3 months. I read years ago about an woman who was in an comma for over 20 years and cam out and hadn't age any. If i find the link I was let you know.

(20 Oct '09, 03:46) flowingwater
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