I came across this quote in a lecture which I found pretty interesting :

In the fifties, it was predicted that in 5 years robots would be everywhere.
In the sixties, it was predicted that in 10 years robots would be everywhere.
In the seventies, it was predicted that in 20 years robots would be everywhere.
In the eighties, it was predicted that in 40 years robots would be everywhere.

Marvin Minsky
1969 Turing Award Recipient, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Pioneer, MIT A.I. Laboratory

With respect to robots everywhere, it mainly means that almost everything that could be done by humans would be able to done by robots. So it would seem that humans have been trying to creating a robot which can function like a human for the past 50 years, but every decade they found it more difficult and difficult to do so.

Is this actually a result of an eternally expanding universe?

And it was discussed that there is one thing that scientists up till now have problems modelling or creating....and you probably know what is that - consciousness. So are these scientists just chasing after something which would never be possible (provided the LOA is true and the universe never stops expanding)?

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I'm inclined to agree with Vesuvius.

Often when people are new to a subject, they under-estimate the complexity of it. It's not until you start to study it seriously, that you realize just how much you don't know.

And when you eventually reach expert level, you probably have already come to the realization that you'll never know it all anyway :)

The other point I'd like to make is that robots (well, machines really) have already replaced humans for many tasks in today's world.

It's just that they are not shaped like humans.

Instead, they are shaped like this... alt text


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umm..no okay maybe I didn't express myself clearly. The discussion that followed that quote was that would it ever be possible for robots to ever replace a human being, meaning robots which can behave exactly like a human.... which means they would be able to apply the LOA!

(30 Oct '10, 14:52) kakaboo

So you're actually asking if machines can become conscious?

(30 Oct '10, 15:23) Stingray

Well, probably something similar to that. The quote should have went "In the fifties, it was predicted that in 5 years robots which can think and behave completely like a human would be everywhere." Doesn't make sense if it was the original quote since some robots were already available in the 80s right ? :)

(30 Oct '10, 15:58) kakaboo

And the thing here is they found it more and more difficult for to create a robot which can think like a human or to duplicate the consciousness of the human brain as the years go by..which makes complete sense if the universe was eternally expanding. Oh well, I guess it was a lame question in the first place :p

(30 Oct '10, 15:58) kakaboo
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It simply means that scientists have underestimated the difficulty of creating such robots, and as they learn more, they realize how much more knowledge is needed than they thought, which is why they keep increasing their time estimates.


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In general, a lot of things are easier said than done, so it does not surprise me that the Robots have not taken over humans roles and jobs completely. Even though scientist would like this technology to take full control to replace humans with Robots, I doubt very much that they will be successful.

Personally I do not think that Robots will be able to perform every task that a human is capable of performing, since in my opinion, we are a unique creation, and race of people, and cannot be duplicated totally. Furthermore, if scientist were able to do this it will have many defects that will run up the cost of living to keep these Robots functioning properly.

Now if it is done is on a smaller scale the cost would be more reasonable and manageable to maintain, and up keep the Robots in the work place, and that is why the production, and the promotion is limited to date. Also in my opinion, can Robots really replace humans in the work force? And my answer would be “Yes” to some degrees, and “No” because there are some things that a human would be able to do that a Robot will never be able to do, and that is a fact of life! So, we will probably see an increase in Robot’s numbers in the work place in the near future, but that is all it will amount too.


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I believe that, given enough time, robots will replace humans.

They will be overall better than humans, given time. The fact that they are stronger than humans could ever hope to be, more durable than thay could ever hope to be, and once reaching the pinnicle of development, last longer than any human could hope to.

Their only downside is their inability to understand. But than horizon is becoming closer as technology advances. I also feel the AIs of science fiction with their 'logic over emotion' is more of a point in their favour than a downside as many will probably point out.

I also think that a computer that would behave, look and function like a human would not happen. As creating yourself in mankinds image is an illogical thing to do, since we are far from perfect beings, with our soft bodies and remenants of evolution pulling us back(e.g. appendix). A machine would create itself to function better than any human and create itself to be more suited to the task it requires.


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Not exactly I once saw an early 18th century robot that could play the piano! It had moving hands and fingers the head moved the body moved, everything worked perfectly!

Now back farther Leonardo Da-Vinci made a robot guard he was a knight fully automated!



It seems when I read things like this (and I have seen them too, maybe on Riplys Believe It Or Not), that these people that made these were more advanced than modern science is! I mean look at prosthetic hands they make a claw that can grip! Give me a break this guy had a whole mechanical man that could play the piano! It seems we need to relearn what these guys learned to move forwards and create some real life like robots. I'd be happy to see something that can vacuum and floor mow the lawn and get me a cold drink from some pour spout on its head or what ever you want to call it. It would not have to look human as long as it could function in those ways. In other words as long as it suits the purpose who cares what it looks like, if it has to have wheels I can live with that.


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