iv'e seen glimpses of him he has a white shirt black skinny jeans and black hair over one eye. he also has freckles and is pale white but that has nothing to do with it. on the EVP he's either moody, or overly friendly, loving, sweet, comforting, but seems kinda sad at times. i'm asking on here for the reason that if I were to ask on yahoo they'd all tell me to go see a shrink that i'm schizophrenic. anyway one of the glimpses I seen of him is his belly and around his belly button was like 20 maybe 30 40 slashes in flamed red possibly infected when he died he tells me that's his go to spot when sad but I don't know. he also seems to be recent cause he wears converse shoes purple ones and he has purple in his hair. he tells me how he's super sensitive and about his love for rock music and that he use to play the guitar i'm just confused could he be emo I have no problem with it i'm just confused. oh and he wears black eyeliner and shadow seems like it be a dead give away but could he be emo cause I thought ghosts were from older time eras like 1880's and stuff like that.

asked 14 Mar '14, 19:18

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@mewtiffany - Based on your description, this ghost does indeed seem quite EMO...I would say he sounds a bit like a tortured Robert Smith, but, fortunately, he's still alive. "cause I thought ghosts were from older time eras like 1880's and stuff like that." I don't believe that there are any rules restricting ghosts to that era.

(14 Mar '14, 22:06) lozenge123
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I would say you definitely have a degree of psychic ability. I'm surprise it hasn't show itself before now . You are clearly dealing with a discarnate spirit or ghost if you prefer.You may be dealing with a recent suicide. Generally when a person dies they are met by a guide, who comes to help that person transition into the non physical reality. For the most part people are happy to go unless they feel compelled to stay for some reason. No one is forced to go, but most do, realizing that they are actually returning home. Many will remain long enough to help loved ones deal with grief. This is perfectly alright to do.

In the case of suicide however, the person may have been told or raised to believe that if you commit suicide you are sent straight to hell which is not a compelling reason to go. Another reason is because of an overwhelming sense of guilt that hits when they realize what they have lost and are afraid they will be judged or treated as worthless, more so than they already felt to commit suicide in the first place. Both assumptions are wrong. No one will judge him. no one will mistreat him in any way. He will find only unconditional love and healing release from the negative energy that is causing.

Do not let him bring you down. If he continues to visit, you probably shouldn't bring up the subject of how he died unless he does. Encourage him to to "go home" (spirit world). Keep your emotions positive when he's around. Try to learn to feel his vibration when you know he's nearby so that you will be able to sense his presence when you can't see him. Let him know you are aware of his presence an don't be afraid to send him on his way when necessary. Don't allow him to bait you into judging him, or make you feel guilty. He can only heal when he's ready to accept the help from his guide. Continually try to encourage him to do so If you are going to deal with him, you have to maintain control. regardless of your age in relation to his. Let me know how this all works out. And remember , he doesn't need to sleep and has no concept of time relative to you. Good luck!


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Ghosts are completely harmless vibrational entities and this one is capable of communicating with you so it is probably a real ghost, that is, it is the ghost of a once living real person. The fact that you can perceive him in great visual detail means that you have a highly sensitive visual sense that extends beyond the usual range of most humans and into the "invisible". Other types of ghosts are vibrations that are part of the environment and difficult to communicate with directly. Just calmly talk to the ghost, tell him your name and ask him if he has a name.

You could also ask him if you could take a photo or video, in low light without a flash is best and you can also use a sound recorder, with and without his presence so as to be able to compare the difference.

Other details of interest are the date and time it occurs, how does he move, does he float or walk ...

You could also ask someone to come with you and ask if they can see him too at the same time as you do

alt text

What it all boils down to is perception of subtle energies, and it is well known that in this domain cats are certainly gifted with psychic abilities.


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I have 10 ghosts all attached they attached at a newer cemetery I use to go to I have there names and they call me by mine Elliot just seems to be one of them I seen the clearest other than Elijah he's red hair, freckles, pale, blue jeans, and blue hoody, he's the first one I seen. I also noticed I have a goth boy named rick all I seen was his face he smiled at me he wears black eye makeup and lipstick his little brother reed's with him. those two brought up there death a fire started by reed.

(15 Mar '14, 07:59) mewtiffany

oh and I had a cat before she looked at something not visable but meowed and walked away. my rat got hyper and jumped down my shirt before. they walk iv'e asked before and they can read minds for some strange reason.

(15 Mar '14, 08:01) mewtiffany

these ghosts are in your reality for a reason ... my guess is that you are highly creative and imaginative and your everyday life seems so comparatively humdrum that you need to invoke these entities into your life to spice things up :)

(15 Mar '14, 09:09) jaz
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Demons or ghosts are mistaken entities. These are actually souls that may develop some extreme habits, rather than living with a guest-attitude considering themselves as "temporary residents" while on earth, wanting to 'return to their original home, a better place,' thus viewing the world as a drama-stage. (Hebrews 11:13-16, Philippians 3:20; 1 Corinthians 7:31; and 1 John 2:17). Such extreme souls may STUBBORNLY refuse to go forward, but may prefer to TEMPORARILY linger around in pursuit of their unfulfilled desires--helpful/harmful. They get attracted to only people who are not moderate in some of their habit. They all are allowed to use their free-will and are taken first to the Rehabilitation Process once they are convinced of the folly of their life-style, and then to the Council of Master Souls in the spirit world for collective review of their loves. Restore a balanced life style through meditation, then those misplaced souls will leave you. For more details, you may please read DESTINY OF SOULS, written by Michael Newton


answered 15 Mar '14, 02:02

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T D Joseph

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