Is it possible for the human mind to seperate the spiritual essence from the physical body and travel the cosmos without harm?

asked 26 Sep '10, 21:30

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Randal Brown

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Well, I don't know about traveling the cosmos without harm. I have never been bothered to do that when I have experienced it - and I couldn't possibly verify it was genuine if I did do that. But there's no reason why it should come to harm - since it isn't physical.

Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a method that can consistently allow me to experience out-of-body or astral projection. So most of my experiences in it are when it randomly occurs beyond my conscious desire.


answered 26 Sep '10, 22:09

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My answer to both of your question is, yes! Given, our spiritual essence is separated from our physical body, no harm is done. I have had many experiences whereby I am some where else having a live interaction, but then suddenly I would realize that I am laying in my own bed.


answered 27 Sep '10, 04:20

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Inactive User ♦♦

maybe travel your specific perception comprehended of the cosmos but....... not to sound negative I would think not. then again anything is possible so I should be more open minded.


answered 27 Sep '10, 05:03

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Since the human body is purely a physical entity and therefore has no "spirit" that can leave the body - then astral projection can only be seen as an imaginery or dream like state.

Nobody has yet scientifically proven astral travel/projection within a lab environment.

I understand James Randi, and other similar institutions offer cash prizes to anybody claiming to have super natural or spiritual powers, (mainly focused on "mediums" but I'm sure being able to leave your body would also interest them). So there is some good money that can be earned for anoyone who claims that they can do this kind of stuff. Alas, all cash prizes are still unclaimed.


answered 29 Nov '11, 10:32

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believeme, when an impure tool is used to measure a scientifically proven fact you have an impure fact or relative truth. but you are correct in saying that unless you have consciously experienced the phenomena there is no scientific verification, but that does not mean it cannot or does not happen

(29 Nov '11, 12:15) fred

Hello BelieveMe ... your claim "since the human body is a purely physical entity" is intriguing me ... do you have evidence that humans are purely physical and are without spirit ? ... welcome to Inward Quest :)

(29 Nov '11, 16:07) blubird two

well done blubird.the army did it russia and usa. they add program for those things. from 1970 to 1995 if it did not work why did they let it run 25 year?

(30 Nov '11, 03:50) white tiger
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