Hi All,

I wanted to know whether the vibration of 'knowing' has a thin line of difference from the vibration of 'positive expectation'. I want to understand the subtle difference between the two if any. Also which is more upstream and more desirable? Also does knowing lead you to have a slight feeling of arrogance or complacency, and how to tackle this?

Thanks in advance for all your answers and comments. :)

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Nice question, thanks :-)

(21 Nov '10, 12:49) Eddie

In my view, positive expectation falls within the area of belief, because without a firm belief that something will turn out as you want it to, it'd be hard to have positive expectation.

Whereas knowing, in the sense I think you mean it is beyond all belief and beyond all doubt. Once you absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that because you create your own reality, you can have, be or do absolutely anything that you desire; then what need is there for belief?

I don't think we'd need to discuss or worry about any up or down stream in the state of knowing. We'd just know that we are the life, the flow and the stream. I'll confirm this when I know :-)

Arrogance arises from an attitude of believing we know more than another or we're somehow better than another. Traced to its root, arrogance is action of the ego.

Have you considered the idea that everyone, due to the nature of who they really are, inherently, already knows everything? With that belief or knowing firmly established in our vibration, we automatically address and treat everyone as equals in every way.

I see young children in an entirely different way now and often wonder why they chose parents like those and what messages they may have for me :-)


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Hi Eddie,

That is such a beautiful answer, it surely does reinforces my belief and makes me feel so much better. I really appreciate your answer. Thank you so much and God Bless :)

(24 Nov '10, 05:47) Sourabh

Beautifully put Eddie! thank you, namaste

(26 Nov '10, 16:50) daniele

To answer your question yes, and Eddie did a perfect break down on all the points, and I agree with him! Great question!


answered 26 Nov '10, 08:07

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