Why are western and "less spiritual countries" (yes even in the east) better in education, health standards, economy, self defense, standard of living, fun etc than to countries that are more spiritual?

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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It is a question of what the people in these countries choose to focus on.

In capitalistic countries we focus more on the material aspects of life. The wealth this focus generates can (in theory) buy better education, health care, and so forth. But sometimes altruistic motives (like healing the sick or protecting the environment) can take a back seat to the desire to generate more profits.

In spiritual countries and cultures, the focus is more on inner guidance and a relationship with God. This is historically true (to a certain extent) in some indigenous cultures like the Native Americans. Arguably, their health, lifespan and educational level (by Western standards) can be inferior.

Which would you say is better? That is a matter of perspective. What is considered an acceptable standard in one country or culture (and what is considered valuable) can be different in other countries or cultures.


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Excellent response! Namaste

(16 Sep '10, 11:38) daniele
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