I want to manifest a house. In all honestly the house I dream of in the location I want... I have never seen on the market. There is a really underpriced house next to my sister's house that I can realistically imagine affording or somehow manifesting.

There is however still my dream house. I want a home with a big yard for Gardening (with raised beds) that is wheelchair accessible for my Mother to visit me, with an indoor pool so I can swim in privacy even in the cold of winter.

I found a house that has an elevator for my Mother to use, a big yard, an indoor pool, with greenhouse and many other things. Yet, the location is not my favorite as it is far from the bus line and I have a phobia of driving. Also, I love the outside, but the inside needs a good interior decorator before I would feel at home. It is a little too blandly modern with white carpets and white walls and little in the way of color.

The main thing is that the price tag of the mansion is over a million while I am having trouble getting a $7900 down payment together for the house next to my sister. Yet, when it comes to dreaming, the house next to my sister is a bit too realistic. I'd love to live next to my sister and the thing about my dream house... is I wonder what it would be like to live in such a big house all alone.

I know that Abraham says that you can manifest one house after another, but I really want to put my roots down for a while. With this realistic house, I see myself realistically living there for the next 30 years or more. On the path of being realistic, I would never be able to afford my dream house.

I don't get what I am doing wrong. Why shouldn't a person in poverty be able to Manifest a million dollars in a week? In the lottery, they can manifest it in a day even more too. Once the person in poverty goes down the realistic road, won't they be on that road attempting to be realistic for a very long time?

I don't want to be realistic. I want to dream big. Yet, my gains have always been small and realistic. Yes, I can manifest used furniture, I can manifest signs.

I have a manifestation journal where I write down what I want to manifest and check things off as they occur. As long as I am realistic a good amount of manifestations come true. Yet, the moment I ask for something big or bigger... nada.

As for needing to change my vibration. My vibration is perfect. My vibration is the vibration of me. I am my own signature vibration and suggesting I am not getting what I want because something is wrong with who I am, is not sitting with me. My vibration is fine. I am a positive, kind, caring, loving, talented, smart person. Yes, something appears to be between me and my dream house, but it is not my vibration. It is not a great many things. It is not a lack of imagination. It is not a lack of belief.

Why must I manifest realistically and why have I been watching this million dollar house for three years. Don't suggest there is something wrong with me.

What is it that I am missing? How do I go from Disability Income to not having to worry about the payment on a mansion because I didn't need a loan to buy it? 

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Miracles happen, but they usually happen in practical ways.

What exactly is practical? Well, if you think it's practical, as in, you have experienced it and know it can happen anytime again, if you very, strongly expect it and therefore have no resistance- well, there it is right there.

The catch is that when you are ready for your manifestation it no longer seams like a miracle- it just seems like something you ordinarily do.

That's called growth.

There is no such thing as realistic- there is that which you know is possible, and there is that which you think to be out of reach. Those aren't inherent properties of the world, those are things that you think.

I received the most sage advice once saying that changing your thinking isn't like waving a magic wand- it's more like digging a hole with a shovel. You keep going until the job is done.

You can experience your dream house immediately- just be there, imagine it, and don't worry about your day-to-day house. You're an infinite being, and you have all kinds of experiences at once- to think your day-to-day one is the only one that counts is just a great way to get stuck and feel bad. Your imagined experience is real- right now. Be there a lot. Enjoy it. Handle things in the most practical way in day to day life, but do not resist it. Do not insist your vibration is perfect- you are resisting the idea that it is imperfect. If your vibration is perfect, you don't need to worry about mentioning that. Eventually the dreams will merge and you will have the large magical house, but it's not your job to figure out how that is going to work- that's the universe's job. Just keep being in the house, and by all means go for the tiny practical house- why resist it? It's just a near equivalent, those happen all the time. If you didn't want those you wouldn't be on earth. So you get to take your pick- go for the equivalent house, go for something different, start renting again- whatever you want. You don't need to move into your final house- work on the belief that moving is painful instead. But it's just not that important what's going on in your day to day dream- just handle it as best you can and that's that. But certainly remove negative beliefs that may cause you to resist it, and dream the dream that makes you happy.

But it's not here yet? Sure it is. As mentioned, your dream is real, just as real as your day-to-day dream. That's the whole point- your day-to-day dream is a near equivalent of your dream dream from yesteryear. So unresist yourself to it so you are free to dream your day-to-day dream and just enjoy whatever changes come.



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The vibration statement was responding to an Abe quote I saw. Anyway, I can imagine a lot more than a house. I spent my childhood daydreaming till I had a breakdown because no matter how much I could imagine my ideal world, I couldn't touch it.

Imagination is great, but limited. The difference between imagining what a strawberry pie might taste like (when you've only ever heard tales of strawberries yet never tasted one) and eating strawberry pie are great.

(04 Aug '17, 17:21) Igot7

I wonder, sometimes, if we came to this Earth to forget what Strawberry Pie tastes like and dream of what it might be until finally at the perfect moment we get to taste the most delicious pie in all existence. Pie all the sweeter because we dreamed of it so long.

I re-read your reply (I will re-read many times in the future I am sure) to hold the vibration of your viewpoint in my mind as best I can understand it. It reads differently today, the vibration of the words.

(06 Aug '17, 21:44) Igot7

Yes, I agree. Compared to when I was sick and living in my parent's house most days hardly ever leaving the room. When I was so tired all I could do was watch music videos on repeat. When I was afraid that this would be how it was for the rest of my life. Now my life, in a nice apartment, able to visit coffee shops, and walk long distances with ease... is better than my dream from yesteryear. So wonderful it is to not be tired all the time. What a blessing to be well. I made it!

(06 Aug '17, 22:40) Igot7

@Igot7 In order to improve your sense of power with regards to your imagination, I recommend to keep your feelers open to a specific, sharp, unpleasant tension-like feeling with slight undertones of desperation. Imagine what it would look like as an image- and then throw it into the trash can, where it will disintegrate into nothing in a spectacular blaze of light. Then, speak, with confidence: It is gone. Repeat literally whenever it comes up and observe any differences in daydream feel.

(14 Aug '17, 05:41) cmc

@Igot7 Also, in order to improve the physicality of your daydreams, you may extend them into a full-blown "Haipule", or Hawaiian manifestation prayer. While you are doing your imagining, affirm that it is real with words, breath slowly and deeply, and when you are done, say, with confidence: High self, take this idea, and make the unseen become seen. (Three times). Then clench your fist and call out: It is done! The strong ending and physical movement reinforce the intention to physicalize.

(14 Aug '17, 05:44) cmc
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You said your belief isn't in the way but if you're calling your desire unrealistic it probably is about belief.

When the house starts feeling realistic to you it will start forming in your life somehow. I remember how long I wanted to live in a certain house but it seemed unrealistic to me. Then a friend ended up living somewhere I had dreamed of, and it didn't seem so far-fetched anymore. My desire was to live in a house exactly like it. It was cool what the universe did in the end because she ended up moving out and doors opened up for me to move in straight after her. It wasn't quite what I wanted so I threw a new desire out there and the universe gave me something a little better. Now it feels totally normal to me to live in a house like it and I am already dreaming about something else.

Of course there is nothing wrong with you, our beliefs just depend on our environment, and individual experiences. I don't think there's anything too personal about it


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Things could start shifting more quickly. I have been looking for dream houses on and off for about 10 years. I still remember the first few I dreamed of. A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house in the woods overlooking a huge park with elevators/craft room. Than their was one that felt like a cabin. And another that had lots of space. Later their was one with a guest house in prime location. ETC. Yet getting my hopes up and watching them slip away. Is hard. All the times I believed it could happen.

(04 Aug '17, 18:37) Igot7

Simply, because the universe always needs a plausible mechanism to realize the target event.

But from your post, I think the actual reason is that you're still there, wanting it. For successful manifestation, there can't be any "you" there. No personal vested interest in the outcome. Ever notice how as soon as you give up wanting something, it comes along?

Enter the silence, remove yourself, and simply see the image of the target. Then, let go. Truly forget about it. Give up. The degree to which you perform each of these step is the degree to which you are successful.


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