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Money is the only aspect every mind hang on., by this I feel very disappointment; I have seen with my eyes every individual with great and honor whom ever I met irrespective of their profession and dignity the every individual possess to themselves

But finally I left behind considering myself as foolish innocent ignorant person which is nothing but the vulgar pleasure pity the people enjoy showing towards me. I feel all alone in that evil moments No motive remain to act smart strong

I feel no angry towards them nor do I feel anger towards me but the only cause remained to myself is disappointment towards the existence of such sense of humor in human being without even being thinking to stop for a while and think themselves for that evil moments that they have come across.

I staying with people enjoying the film shoot and for what I have paid nothing except for the opportunity to work as assistant director. All the enjoying and knowledge is not strong enough to hold on with money. Or in other words knowledge built the bond with money without which knowledge is considered as coward act. I feel like go **** yourself with all duties and responsibilities first give me money so that I hold your interest that gives room to breathe and complete the task.

Now No man or woman remained any part of my interest...

Money is honor and Man is a banner

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perhaps there is other than
accumulating earthly
treasure that brings us to this
life, what is let go of.


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Money is men invention. there is nothing physical to hang on to in this world that will not eventually go away. you are a passer-by in this world so use the time imparted to you wisely. all the rest is vanity and self praise, and men do many darkness to them self and other to have some money or power all stuff made by them self, and many are ready to kill or harm other to get some invented stuff thinking it as value, poor fool I tell you! they do not respect them self or other for invented stuff that as no value only the one that we give it to play this game in this world. you see money as no value only the one that we give it you can look at it by country the value fluctuate from country to country on money and different asset. who decide this human by their own choice. is money important or the one that invent money and give it value? or money that as no value if their is no one to give it some value or invent it? and if you value money more then anything else what will happen when you go to a country and try to buy your way in and they say to you your money as no value here?


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white tiger

I read the answer and liked it but it's not complete (still there is far more to happen to me) Thank you.

(15 Sep '15, 02:23) PERFECT GOOD
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