At least one of the mystery schools (Rosicrucian Fellowship) teaches that some of the past masters, or adepts, were able to slow and then reverse aging, and that these people walk amongst us, doing good works, without our even knowing that they are hundreds of years old. Do you think this is possible? Can anyone elaborate?

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My parents studied Rosicrucian Fellowship , and I believe they really gave me a head start in life by that study. They did not teach us, yet no doubt they must have vibed us with it. I picked this as a random question today and so I decided to make a note of this in your question.

(11 Nov '12, 13:47) clearheart
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Yes, I think this is definitely possible as if you believe in the law of attraction, then you are only limited by your imagination. (Although I have not done it myself)

Those people had the desire to slow and reverse ageing and they devised a method that they believed would work for them and did not doubt it at all. According to the law of attraction, the universe has to deliver the goods if the expectation of the manifestation is without a doubt.


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I liked your comment that "the universe has to deliver the goods"!

(09 Nov '09, 21:49) LeeAnn 1

Thanks Lee Ann.

(09 Nov '09, 22:04) Pink Diamond

I remember a story from the one of the books The Lost Teachings of Jesus by Elisabeth Clair Prophet. The story went that there was a guy that was looking for this old man in Tibet. This man was supposedly the oldest man on earth. He did everything to get there and when he got there a middle aged looking man answered the door. He was asked by the searcher if he could talk to his grandfather, the Tibetan man said, "No I am sorry my grandfather is dead." The explorer said to him, "I am so sorry to hear this when did he die?", The Tibetan guy said something like 100 or 200 years ago, so the explorer said, "Wait a moment I must have your grandfather confused with your father, where is your father?" The Tibetan man said, "Oh he is dead too." The explore again said, "Oh I am sorry when did he die?" The Tibetan man said something like 40 years ago. At this point the explorer said, "Wait, wait, wait, there is something wrong here, I was told there is a man that lives here that is the oldest in the world!" The Tibetan man said "I don't know anyone around here like that, I am the oldest here in this village." At this point the explorer frustrated said, "Do you know where I can find Yan Motkoko?" The Tibetan man delighted and said, "Yes! That is me!"

This story is from my memory so it is like a retelling of the story the facts are not accurate the name totally made up but if you want the original story I have already told you where it originally came from. The point is that I did remember the explorer asking for the Tibetan's grandfather or father or both and the Tibetan man saying he died many many years ago. Also that the explorer had no idea he was talking to the oldest man because he looked younger than the explorer! lol


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Wade Casaldi


Nice story, thanks! And I am thinking that if one had the ability to affect the physical body in order to live an extremely long life they would also be able to affect the appearance of the body in order to seem in the prime of life.

(28 Aug '11, 17:31) LeeAnn 1

In other words, they would want to look 30 or 40 years old and not want to look 235.

(28 Aug '11, 17:32) LeeAnn 1

The more I think on it it may have been The Six Tibetan Rites book. But yes it was a little fun and funny story as well yes around 30's. I myself am always mistaken for being much younger in age

(29 Aug '11, 00:54) Wade Casaldi
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Yes, I believe they are.


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Have you had an experience to make you believe so? I am just curious!

(11 Nov '09, 00:00) LeeAnn 1

Well have you had any to believe there aren't? :) The thing is that what I believe is mine and anyone can believe anything they won't. Did I talk to any of them? Well the answer would probably be no. Would I know that I did even if I did? The answer is probably still no. You gotta folow your gut instinct. The more things I learn and experience the more possiblities I see opening up. So if we live NOW, and the only true moment is the NOW, i don't see why the NOW moment of the past couldn't coinside with the NOW moment of the "future". It's a way of saying, Hell, everythings possible :-)

(15 Nov '09, 19:51) wildlife

According to Bashar, there are quite a few living on Earth at the moment who are hundreds of years old.

Quoting myself from Is it possible to live forever, by manifesting that thought?:

At this time, on this planet...

  • There is one (only one at present) human being who is in excess of 1,000 years old

  • There are a number between 300 years-old and 500 years-old.

  • There are many more between 100 years-old and 300 years-old

  • There are quite a few between 100 years-old and 200 years-old

He also stated that they tend to live in remote locations and/or small villages though occasionally some may visit city populations.


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i am eternal. my body will decay and i will have to reincarnate. and that is life. that i am in this life or that i am for billion of life that i am a young master or a old master what does it change i am. experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Aug '11, 19:44

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