Hello everyone,

Thanks to this site, I've been looking into faster EFT. I've been getting a lot of use out of the videos on Youtube, and I find the method much more effective than traditional EFT, as well as faster, obviously. It's already helped me to clear out a lot of resistance on several big issues.

But, I noticed this video, on the "Metabolism Tap", or how to use affirmations with Faster EFT.


I'm visually impaired, so I can't see how he's doing the taps, which points are being tapped for this technique, and so forth. Can someone explain in greater detail how this works and how to do it? I understand the theory behind it I believe, but just can't see exactly how it is being done.

It sounds like it could be very effective, according to the stories shared in the video. I'd really be interested in knowing how it works, as well as any experiences with it.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the help in advance, Brandon

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The Magician


interesting video @The Magician especially the first phrase "what happens when you go to an emotional experience, positive or negative, when you go there you automatically drop into the trance"

(30 Oct '15, 07:33) jaz
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Can someone explain in greater detail how this works and how to do it?

The tapping points aren't really that important. It's the intention behind your words that matters.

You could just tap on one (or all) of the many meridian points and say:

"I want to have x. I have x."...


"I want to be x. I am x."

That's all it consists of. Tapping and saying "I want to be/have x. I am/have x."

This technique is intented to help you be or have something that you want (emotionally) so you feel that it's true for you.

There are three aspects within this technique.

  1. The intention to be or have something
  2. Tapping to soften resistance to being or having something
  3. Phrasing/wording to soften resistance to being or having something

The intention to be or have something is, in theory, sufficient to be or have it. However, often when one intends to be or have something that he isn't or doesn't have in physical reality, it activates resistance (also known as limiting beliefs).

By tapping the meridian point(s), it lessens and softens resistance to one's desire a little bit. So it helps to find alignment with one's desire.

The same is true for the phrasing/wording in this technique. Usually one feels less resistance when he first states "I want x" instead of "I am/have x". So by beginning with "I want x", it acts as a ladder for the real intentional phrase of "I am/have" x".

alt text

So it's all about helping you make your intention feel true to you.


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Thank you so much. That makes a lot of sense. But I'd still like to know the points used in the video, for my own references. I understand it doesn't matter, but would still like to know which were used.

Also, so the process is to first tap out the resistance in the intention, and then to do the I want ... I have technique for the intention itself?

Thank you for your answer.

(30 Oct '15, 19:04) The Magician

@The Magician These are the points Robert Smith uses: 1. Between the eyes 2. Beside the eye 3. Under the eye 4. Collarbone

alt text

(31 Oct '15, 11:29) releaser99

@The Magician "Also, so the process is to first tap out the resistance in the intention, and then to do the I want" This technique doesn't so much focus on tapping out the resistance first. You just tap and say your intentional phrases. This (superficially) releases some resistance so you can (hopefully) bypass deeper resistances within your belief system and make your intention work without having to dig deeper...

(31 Oct '15, 11:41) releaser99

...Robert Smith teaches "digging deeper" also where he gathers painful past memories and neutralizes them. But that's a whole different approach. The "Metabolism Tap" is just a traditional affirmation with two additions that soften resistance a little bit on the surface.

(31 Oct '15, 11:42) releaser99

Thanks @releaser99. That helps a great deal.

(31 Oct '15, 11:59) The Magician

@The Magician You are very welcome.

(31 Oct '15, 12:02) releaser99
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Hey, I've been using Faster EFT for a couple of years in combination with other things. A Faster EFT level 4 practitioner that I worked with told me that Robert has sort of moved away from the affirmations because he believes if you clear the resistance and the beliefs that are in the way of the affirmation, then your affirmation will come a lot quicker. That being said, for the affirmation part do as Releaser99 said. Another thing that I would recommend is to look up Stingray's Manifestation Experiment 4 and if you want to remove something negative from your life, use the How do you know you have a problem? If you want to manifest something and you have resistance to getting what you want then use the question Why don't I have want I want yet? I would recommend that you use the Super Power Tap to clear your list quickly and effectively. Manifestation Experiment 4 is basically the same questions that a Faster EFT practitioner would ask only it's simplified. You will get huge results from using it. I use my own version of ME4 that is slightly different than Stingray's


answered 03 Nov '15, 11:52

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