What are effective affirmations leaving a situation (in a non-destructive way)?
a. Imagine people seeing me differently - and releasing me from a gilded cage
b. Praise my my situation lovingly - even if it's sarcastic
c. Imagine a benevolent event shifting my paradigm
d. Think in chess - several steps ahead with cunning

Things I've tried that have failed
1. Imagine everyone getting what they need (This vision has failed me, but it seems perfect!)
2. Imagine fame or wealth (This weakens my values which are already being challenged)

I'll stay awhile - The Universe wanted me to experience this - cool!
"Yes, if I was meant to experience this, I don't want to mess it up." I don't want to hurt my family and a huge business by getting out at the wrong time. I'd feel ungrateful if this was something I actually asked for.

I'm happy, and hope you're finding the answers you are searching for. I post these things, "not to wine, but to give witness to my dreams publicly." Thanks for listening, and may you manifest your dreams."

A huge JITC (job in the city)

WIth shortfalls, I ended up getting a huge JITC. Yes, maybe I'm scared of appreciating it! Yes, I appreciate it!! Yes, I do indeed!!!

Sharing this is kind of disgusts me! Imagine all the suffering and economic genocide that goes on. This is also why I'm resistant to basing my decisions on dollars, since I've suffered economic inequality before. Realize, I didn't consciously use LOA to get this mammoth JITC. It appeared?

With austerity squeezing me, and the damage to my creative time, I'm looking for a plan. I hope to scale-down and finding a good step-off point.

Sharing this also loosens the things that bind me. Thanks! I appreciate you listening.

"Small Artist"

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I like to think I can't see all sides at once, so imagine things turning out better than I can imagine. I also thank that situation for what it gave me and say that it's ok to change my mind and decide on something new. :)

(14 Jul '13, 10:37) clearheart

I came into this with established values and goals that make it a difficult future for me - but the opportunity is stunning!!! "I can't see all sides at once" that's so true! That's the way I see chess (Vulcan Chess LOL). Things will change, and maybe even take me abroad:)

(14 Jul '13, 23:43) AlicianFields
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I would love to help, but I'm not sure what you're basing your question on in "leaving a situation in a non-destructive way."

If you're hinting at leaving but fearful because it may upset others....I can help; stop giving a darn about what others think about you! It doesn't serve you, it's useless, and it's an unstable mindset that eventually you just drop once you've had enough. It soaks up waaaay too much energy to keep it up, you'll find a boost in your energy purely just by quitting this entire "oh, I hope I don't upset that person" game.

If you upset someone, realise it's their weakness. You cannot serve anybody remaining in a place of emotional leakage; you can only help the world by helping yourself, moving into a spot you feel emotionally better.

I praise your determination to win this challenge in your life (problems don't exist; everything is a blessing in the correct perception). These affirmations aren't doing anything for me when I read them aside from "the universe wanted me to experience this, cool"- I think that is ultra empowering and I'm adding it to my list of quotes!

So, I would just leave. You're doing your best to treat your current situation with enough "passion" and it doesn't seem to be working.

I would leave whatever this situation is......whatever the outcome, you'll learn something highly useful.

Again, if I could have greater detail, then I can go into more specific detail.


So you're highest passion doesn't lie in your job, so it seems. You still have beliefs attached to this reality that you need to hold onto the job in order to support yourself and/or family and/or lifestyle.

But I think you agree that your existence is much more than paying bills. If that is your purpose in life, well done, you have fulfilled your own self-created role to pay bills. Obviously, it's not.

There is only one obligation you should uphold in life: be yourself, as best as you can, as often as you can.

And in realising that, coupled with the idea to act on your bliss and give attention to your bliss, through time you'll discover your bliss can economically support you. I'm not even going to jot down examples here as to how that can happen, but jesus christ, let me tell you there are some miracles out in the world and the only thing that ever stops them from coming in is you! It's purely to do with what you feel is possible and not possible. If you feel things can only come to you through a certain means, that translates as cutting off all other possible roads to allowing abundance into your life.

As with the above point, check in and see if you believe your are worthy of having what you desire. If you don't feel worthy for it, there is some belief work there for you to do. Many problems in the world will disappear in lightning speed once you hold inner true confidence in yourself, I suggest you work on building up unshakable self-belief and determination.

To get to your question, as a broad equation; keep your job, you need it to support yourself because that's how you believe the world works. If you quit your job, you'll have no money coming out of there into your bank, and in the knowing of that it will make you feel terrible, and cause terrible emotion-copied-manifestations.

Ask yourself, what do you love to do in the day? If you had a day off, what would you do? When is the most exciting time of the week?......All of these reflections will show you where your excitement is calling you. The idea is not to amplify your appreciation of the job (that feels false anyways to you), but to take those areas or activites in your life you really enjoy doing, and get involved with them more, slowly slowly....Eventually you'll hit the mental gateway and discover a means by which you can conitnue pursuing your dreams or exciting hobbies and the universe looking after you. Why would the universe do that? Because you are being of best service to the world and to yourself doing something you love. Can you educate someone else on a subject you like easier than educating someone on a subject you don't pay attention to because you find it dull and boring?

Stop caring what others think as well. If you think something is exciting and fun, no matter what it is, that's enough validation to pursue it. The last thing you want is to talk yourself out of doing something because someone else thinks it's rubbish, or boring, or useless. Honestly, people like that can get screwed.

Any more help let me know. Give it 3-4 months you'll be amazed how you can change your life with raw determination to just do so. You, AlicianFields, asking this question sparked this response, and through this response you can check up on how you feel/what your beliefs are. The world goes round, add to it by being of service by doing something you enjoy :)


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@Nikulas - See the update I made "A huge job in the city"

(16 Jul '13, 08:01) AlicianFields
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