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hi..friends... here is small gift i wanna give to all of u..on "INWARD-QUEST'S BIRTHDAY". these are the wonderful 10 law of attraction affirmations for all of u,mixed with love,light,positive vibes n lots of blessings.they work instantly.., they work "NOW"...

  1. I am the blessed child of a generous and loving Godfather whose spirit is my spirit. thank you!

  2. I am receiving abundant blessings now through all channels, expected and unexpected.thank you!

  3. I am acting with confidence on the inspirations spirit sends me.thank you!

  4. I am contributing more light and goodness to this world through my life and my business.thank you!

  5. I am attracting more income daily with the help of spirit – I thank spirit for all that I receive. thank you!

  6. I am giving to others generously in thought, word and deed. thank you!

  7. I am a giver and receiver of love. thank you!

  8. I am taking care of my body with adequate rest, relaxation, exercise, and good nourishment. thank you!

  9. I am taking care of my mind through right thinking, rest and renewal. thank you!
  10. I am always successful because success is a divine quality of spirit, and spirit is what I am.thank you!

thank you!!! love,light n blessings to all of you :)) keep smiling..:)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@supergirl- Thankyou

(14 Oct '12, 07:10) Nikulas

Thank you. I will try them with Two Hands Touching.

(14 Oct '12, 08:07) Fairy Princess

@nikulas n fairy princess.., ur welcome dear..:)))

(14 Oct '12, 12:54) supergirl

Love this, @supergirl, thank you!

(14 Oct '12, 19:48) Grace

@grace- i am glad that u all liked it...:)))

(15 Oct '12, 09:46) supergirl

@ Supergirl, these are wonderful affirmations, thank you! Think I'm going to be using them all....

(16 Oct '12, 11:17) MoonWillow

@MoonWillow...- ur most welcme dear..:))) love,light n blessings ur way.

(16 Oct '12, 11:31) supergirl

What a blessing, this is a wonderful gift you gave for everyone here. Very useful affirmations.

(16 Oct '12, 11:47) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi- thank you so much..:))) n i am so happy that u all liked it. i have a beautiful collection of affirmations..,in regarding all areas of life.., i will soon share all those affirmations with all of u.., i l post them as soon as possible.:))).. ,love,light n blessings to u wade..

(16 Oct '12, 11:55) supergirl

supergirl, you present yourself graciously. he does ask on #10 if successful is predetermined and yet held as devine

(17 Oct '12, 19:36) fred

@fred-thank you..:)))

(18 Oct '12, 06:48) supergirl
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@gumnaam-thank you fr the info. :))

(15 Jan '13, 02:15) supergirl
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