As someone who has used EFT quite effectively for some years, I was quite intrigued to stumble across Faster EFT

What is FasterEFT?

Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation or FasterEFT is a methodology developed by Robert G. Smith after many years of study and practice. FasterEFT integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding and the minds great ability to transform.

FasterEFT has a healthy and logical belief system about how and why we have problems. FasterEFT uses simple protocols that can produce profound results and create deep changes in less time than other tapping methods.

Source of information

A testimonial quote from the "Faster EFT" website...

"...we came across your Faster EFT approach and feel it could be more effective both in dealing with the “feelings” as well as establishing new assumptions. This, I believe, is a critical piece missing in Gary Craig's EFT approach"

Has anyone here tried "Faster EFT"?

If so, how did it compare with regular EFT?

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Its on my to do list Stingray. But ive got a lot to chew over with the Ester/Abraham thing.

Very interesting stuff.Ive spent a bit of time on it and it seems to be bearing some fruit..

Best to keep an open mind ive learned!


(03 Dec '10, 09:49) Monty Riviera

there are over 330 videos on youtube

(05 Dec '10, 18:11) ursixx

Thanks. I've now obtained the course for myself and am working through it. So far, I'm quite impressed

(06 Dec '10, 08:05) Stingray

I'm waiting for MuchFasterEFT.

(06 Jan '11, 18:15) Vesuvius

So, what is the difference between EFT and fasterEFT? Thanks

(06 Mar '11, 05:09) Fairy Princess

@Stingray-I went to that link and did not find any kind of breakdown on the difference between EFT and FasterEFT. Thanks

(17 Mar '11, 15:20) Fairy Princess

Although I went to Smith's site and could tell you the difference now. I just thought that if you were studying it, you could give us an idea how it differs from EFT.

(17 Mar '11, 15:23) Fairy Princess

@Juniper - That posting highlights the main difference. Robert Smith works on eliciting the state without using words and neutralizing it ("Release and Let it Go"), rather than concentrating on any particular words or sentences.

(17 Mar '11, 22:29) Stingray
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Since no-one else seems to have had experience with Faster EFT, I guess I'll answer this one myself :)

A Review of Robert G Smith's Faster EFT

Faster EFT website link

Overall, I found the training course to be highly rewarding, valuable and genuinely ground-breaking.

I've studied a lot of metaphysical, spiritual, NLP etc types of things over the years - I also have several years experience with standard EFT - and this information certainly ranks as some of the most life-changing I've yet come across.

Over a period of months, I worked my way gradually through Robert Smith's Mind of the Healer Series, Training Collection Seminars I, II, III and a few others. In all, that's probably well over 40-50 hours of videos.

His videos are basically just recordings of his six-week seminars and often the teaching gets sidetracked a bit as participants ask questions, share stories, or he works live on participants' emotional problems.

For that reason, the training could be massively shortened without losing any content.

However one bonus of sitting through so many training videos was that I had already built up considerable experience with seeing the processes applied practically before applying them myself.

After finishing the three training seminars, there would really be nothing (apart from complying with any legal requirements) to stop you setting yourself up immediately as some kind of life-change practitioner and bringing about fast (and probably amazing) emotional changes in others.

Robert Smith's general approach to EFT is to forget about thinking about verbal statements to tap on and just focus instead on directly eliciting the troublesome emotional states. I've previously mentioned some of his ideas in this answer.

His brilliant insight with Faster EFT is that that every emotional problem usually has many causes, not just one. And each one of those causes is enough to cause that emotional problem just by itself.

So even though you may have cleared up what you consider to be the cause of the problem, the problem might still be there because there are other causes yet to be cleared up.

To explain this more clearly, imagine a table with many legs...

alt text

The table top represents the emotional problem in your (or someone else's) life and each table leg represents a cause of the problem (an emotional driver).

As long as a single table leg still exists (an emotional driver), the table top (the emotional problem) will still be able to be supported. Obviously, it will be a rather unstable tabletop with so few legs :) ...but it will still be there.

Because of this structure to problems, people can think they are not making any progress towards an issue, despite lots of clean-up efforts, when really they are making significant progress i.e. they are breaking off more and more of those table legs.

But until that table-top is finally brought crashing to the ground, the problem is still there.

Robert Smith has a single, basic question he asks in order to discover what those causes (table legs) are...

How do you know you have a problem?

As you (or your subject) come up with responses to this question, Robert elicits the underlying emotional drivers and taps them away without the need for the emotional states to even be named or verbalized.

Indeed, one doesn't even need to know what someone else's emotional problem actually is. All they have to do is just feel it themselves at the time of the tapping.

One of the biggest insights I received from the course was his approach of tackling many emotional problems all together in one go (The Super Power Quick Tap). In effect, it's a way of stacking up multiple tables with multiple legs and, in just a few moments, collapsing all of them.

Instead of emotional change taking years (through standard therapy) or even hours (through more high-powered methods), his methods can bring about permanent large-scale emotional change in minutes, sometimes even seconds.

You can see many, many examples of Robert Smith and his Faster EFT in action on his YouTube channel.

As I implied above, I think Robert Smith's insights into the way that emotional problems are structured and how to tackle them are genuinely ground-breaking.

I've felt for years that EFT is the future of human emotional transformation and, as far as I am concerned, Faster EFT is the future of EFT :)


answered 25 May '11, 08:17

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One person I asked about it after I read your question, said that they do like the fasterEFT, but they prefer Matrix Reimprinting for deep issues.

(25 May '11, 17:45) Fairy Princess

Thanks for this review Stingray. I have watch a few videos and it is quite impressive. I enjoyed my small experience with EFT so I'm excited to try fasterEFT. In your experience with both EFT and FasterEFT which course would you suggest I start with? Although I do beleive the course are definalty worth the money, the price is a slight deterent at the moment. Any suggestions of where to start would be great. Thanks again.

(25 May '11, 18:23) Chris 2

@FP - I haven't had any experience with Matrix Reimprinting but I'll check it out based on the recommendation. Thanks

(25 May '11, 18:25) Stingray

I have also tried the "release and let it go" EFT technique you mentioned in a previous answer and I've notice some change also. How does this enhance the technique as it seems very simular. Elicit the feeling--tap--release the emotion. At least that's how I understand it. what's the difference?

(25 May '11, 18:27) Chris 2

@Chris - Personally, I would just completely ignore regular EFT and focus on FasterEFT. What you really need are just the three training seminars for the basic approach. The really good stuff is in Training 2. Training 3 is how to use FasterEFT without doing any tapping. Yes, it is a bit pricey if you are short on money, and it will also be time-consuming. It's a shame there isn't a more compact form of this technique. I struggled at times just to get through it all :)

(25 May '11, 18:30) Stingray

@Chris - That "release and let it go" is part of Faster EFT

(25 May '11, 18:32) Stingray

Hi, I saw a few of youtube videos on FasterEFT and Mr. Robert Smith says that you pay attention to the feeling in the body to tap it away 'Let it go, its safe to let it go', you continue doing it untill you do not get pain from a previously painful memory. Is that all you have to do for clearing? I know it may take someone many rounds, but is this how you start? I would not be able to get a full course on it at the moment, so any pointers are really healful. Could this be used in ME4? Thanks

(10 Jul '12, 00:25) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles - I haven't watched Robert Smith's YouTube videos - I just watched his 40+ hours of training DVDs - but assuming his teachings are not that different on YouTube then, yes, that's all you do to get started...just tap the body feeling away without getting yourself caught in the trap of trying to name the body feeling. Most "stuff" just drops away in moments. Yes, you can use it in ME4. It's what I would use, even today, but I also have years of experience with standard EFT also

(11 Jul '12, 05:24) Stingray

@dreamersmiles - If it is working for you (and this applies to any method you try, especially these energy therapies), the results should be noticeable very quickly. If you are not noticing near-immediate results then something might be wrong in the way you are applying the method. Or, if not, it may be worth trying a different method that might suit you better. You may also find that you are attracted to using different methods at different times. Just go with it :)

(11 Jul '12, 05:27) Stingray

@Stingray, I have found your comments really helpful. I wish I had found them sooner because although I had seen FasterEFT before studying Gary's EFT tutorial in depth I just presumed it was based on EFT and figured would be best to get training direct from the source first, then delve into the derivatives. Now I am at that point I have returned to learn what FasterEFT offers, only to discover there are fundamental differences. Oh well, it all goes in the tool bag I guess. You referred to Level 2 training DVDs being of particular use, but since I don't plan on being certified, what key points of the DVD training should I search for YouTube? In your post last July you hadn't looked at YouTube, but just wondering now if you have any basis for comparison? Also I am interested to know if you continue to favour FasterEFT over EFT basically for every client or found your EFT training often/seldom/never useful? Thanks again for all your insight thus far.

(24 Jan '13, 23:08) simquero

@simquero - Sorry for the late response. I still haven't looked at the numerous YouTube videos...I felt I got everything I needed to get started from watching the 40+ hours of Robert Smith :) start acting like him after watching him for that long :) Faster EFT still remains my most used tool after the Manifesting Experiments on IQ so it was worth the time investment and there are so many golden nuggets of information on those DVDs. What I especially like about Robert Smith is that...

(06 Feb '13, 15:08) Stingray

@simquero - ...he is someone who clearly understands why his methods work and can explain why they work rather than someone who has stumbled across a method that works and then insists that others follow it religiously. This means that if you are willing to invest some time in understanding his insights, you can take his own discoveries and incorporate them into your own techniques with a clear understanding of the effects they are going to have. I haven't returned to standard EFT at all

(06 Feb '13, 15:13) Stingray

@simquero - As for the key points to watch for without getting the training DVDs, I would say check out any video that demonstrates or refers to the "Quick Tap" or "Super Power Tap". That's FasterEFT at its fastest :)

(06 Feb '13, 15:17) Stingray

I think the U tube video 306 FINALLY brought it home to me the " why" of faster EFT. The fact that were " creating" a body response and then using this very fact to re programme a new one is amazing. Ive finally " got" the fact that we "block" the troublesome reaction soothe the "body" and this returns a new association. Wish i had looked at video 306 first.

(22 May '13, 03:51) Monty Riviera

@Stingray- my question is about EFT.while saying statements mind is focused on negative feelings and not this installing or reinforcing negative beliefs.What if we focus on positive beliefs while tapping?

(11 Jul '23, 02:29) Zee

@Zee - "mind is focused on negative feelings and not this installing or reinforcing negative beliefs" - No, because you are activating a positive state simultaneously with a negative state. In this situation, the mind will automatically redirect/recalibrate to the positive state instead, since the universe is positive by default.

"What if we focus on positive beliefs while tapping?" - It's a valid approach. Search for the "EFT Choices Method" in your favorite search engine

(14 Jul '23, 04:04) Stingray
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I just want to share an insight that I had recently. It may help those who are familiar with Faster EFT. It's about a faster variation (for me at least) of Faster EFT's "Quick Tap".

Robert Smith stacks up emotional states by using words and taps away many of them in one go. This works fine. Here he explains it himself.

However I do a "kinesthetic Quick Tap" which works more efficient for me, since I seem to be more of a kinesthetic person these days.

I basically stack up several specific body sensations directly that appear on a regular basis. Robert Smith uses emotional words instead (which indeed lead to cleaning up body sensations that the brain associates with those words).

Robert Smith Quick Tap goes like this:

  1. I release and let go of all sadness.
  2. I release and let go of all fears.
  3. I release and let go of all emotional traumas.
  4. I release and let go of all anger, abandonment, betrayal, rejection, hopelessness, helplessness, loss of control. (any or all is okay, whatever comes)
  5. I release and let go of all guilt, shame, blame, grief and everything else.
  6. Deep breath in/out, say PEACE.
  7. Repeat steps 5-8 under Basic Procedure.

The "Kinesthetic Quick Tap" goes like this:

  • I release and let go of all pressure sensations, pain sensations, burning, tightness, heaviness, stickiness, sharpness, throbbing and everything else... in and around my head, in and around my neck, in and around my shoulders, in and around my chest and stomach area, in and around my back and everywhere else.
  • Deep breath in/out, say PEACE.

That's it. You might want to add one or two other sensations that you experience. Because my list of sensations is what I feel on a regular basis when I have a problem. It may be a little bit different for you. But the basic structure of this should work.


answered 24 Oct '13, 11:16

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@releaser99 - Great idea...cuts out the left-brained (verbal/logical) middleman and gets to the heart of the issue.

(04 Nov '13, 03:46) Stingray

I checked out fasterEFT after you asked this question. I do really like it a lot! You don't have to say the phrases, just feel the emotion. I like it for right now stress. I combined it with what Karen Naumen refers to as one handed tapping. You use your thumb to tap on the finger points of the same hand. I don't tap on each one seven times, I tap from one to the next over and over until the stress goes away. It works really great! I don't even say let it go, because I am usually doing something else with my other hand or am talking or listening or something.


answered 25 May '11, 17:48

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Fairy Princess
(suspended) 6 - Single Hand or One Handed Tapping. Use the thumb of one hand to tap on or just press the points on each finger of that same hand. For the left hand the thumb would tap or press on the right side of each finger nail.

(17 Jun '11, 07:03) ursixx

@FP Thanks,,,,.

(17 Jun '11, 07:04) ursixx

Thank you for posting the link, Ursixx. Although, I can't find the article there. I have taught some of the kids at school the one handed tapping and they LOVE it!

(18 Jun '11, 12:08) Fairy Princess
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I use it reguarly. I started off having a couple of sessions with EFT and Matrix Re-impinting, and then I found Faster EFT on you tube. I was suffering from debilitating panic attacks and this helped clear it all up. I also had a severe permanent pain in my lower back that also got rid of with Faster eft. I did not get a quick shift like you see in Roberts videos. I had a lot to work on because I had so many past references. Here is more about my story: I would highly recommend it. And you can do it for free, just check out Roberts videos and tap along.


answered 11 Jan '13, 08:46

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EFT or faster EFT can be made even more effective by the use of crystals - according to Judy Hall, a crystal expert. She has developed what she calls CRYSTAL TAPPING. The idea is that you go through all the usual EFT/Faster EFT steps (with one additional tapping point) but use a cleansed and programmed brandenberg crystal to absorb the negative energies.

You first cleanse the brandenberg (various really simple ways to do this) and then dedicate it to helping you to transform and release your negative emotions, toxic thoughts and ingrained patterns.

"A brandenberg, in addition to absorbing negative energy, restores your subtle energy grid to the perfect energetic state it had before a pattern, thought or emotion became ingrained"

She adds one additional tapping point, the soma chakra (the centre of the forehead at the hairline) as this links to the subtle energy grid.

Judy's books - Good Vibrations (for info on crystal tapping) and great info on crystals is in The Crystal Bible.


answered 07 Feb '13, 04:02

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edited 07 Feb '13, 04:03

@Catherine - Sorry I missed this answer til now, I like this idea. Thank you for sharing. These crystals are beautiful, and the further description of their properties here are making me want to get one for myself. :)

(25 Nov '13, 18:31) Grace

Yes this I actually did last year on fear, I was getting into EFT because it was recommended on my Your Wish Is Your Command cds. EFT was recommended but more so the original TFT but I am digressing here, I decided this works so well why not just use it on all fear! So I used it on all fear, I felt like superman I felt incredible like I could jump off a roof with no fear. I had to at that time resort to logic even though I had no fear that is still a stupid thing to do.

I don't feel it was permanent because I don't feel like that today about testing my having no fear, I must not have rid myself of all fear as I still deal with Philophobia, that is the fear of falling of being in love.

I suppose when that bothers me I'll work on it, for now I feel great.


answered 28 Jan '11, 21:59

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Wade Casaldi

Interesting, Wade. Though I think the fact that you didn't go right ahead and jump off a roof - but had enough self-awareness of the situation to use logic instead - implies that you still had some kind of (helpful) fear remaining, even if the word fear would not be the appropriate one to use. To my understanding, these negative belief neutralizing processes like EFT don't turn people in emotionless zombies :) ...but allows instead them to see beyond imprisoning beliefs to a clearer awareness of their life situations. It makes them more in-the-moment

(29 Jan '11, 19:58) Stingray

No not emotionless zombies I felt incredible maybe like you said very in the moment, I felt like I was set free at that time. Like anything I wanted I could do at that time.

(29 Jan '11, 20:34) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - I've now finished working my way through all the Faster EFT training. Looking at your answer now, it doesn't sound like you are referring to Faster EFT but just standard EFT.

(20 May '11, 10:35) Stingray

Well when I did it I used it in that way as an experiment myself, not "Faster EFT" it seemed the same as what I saw on a video of saying all fear while tapping. When I did it I did not zone in on an one thing but said all fear. I'll take your word though since I did not train in "Faster EFT" but instead thought what would happen if I used EFT "this way" meaning my experiment.

(24 May '11, 05:22) Wade Casaldi
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