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Gary Craig recently released a "new tutorial" on EFT at the link below. I haven't gone through it all yet, but it focuses a lot on explaining the importance of pinpointing and aiming the tapping at specific aspects of an issue to effectively use EFT, going into the whole tabletop and legs issue. This is the same sort of stuff that Robert Smith goes into with his FasterEFT and it really does make a big difference (in my experience) between properly resolving an issue, or frustratingly having an issue keep coming up again and again.

Robert Smith actually goes a bit further (such as "re-imprinting" and "make it come back") and I find his explanations more lucid and he has some different foundational ideas, but I initially had to spend a fair bit of time going through his videos to really piece the whole thing together properly for myself.

Now that Gary has this new tutorial out, I figure piecing it all together could be a lot faster for people and it might help those who have had some frustration trying to get this particular tool to work well, so I thought I'd share it. :)

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Thanks Liam.

(20 Jun '12, 01:59) Zee

This is great Liam, thanks!

(23 Aug '12, 21:36) figure8shape
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