I started using Manifesting Experiment 4 on one issue - to clear up my sense of defeat and as I started working it threw up so many really deep seated issues and limiting beliefs that I was amazed. The issues ranged from my financial situation, to my home environment, to finding my soul mate etc.

So I started a separate sheet for each issue and each sheet drew out more and more limiting beliefs and painful statements. Mere EFT was not enough so I decided to first work on focus blocks for each statement and then clear up the feelings with EFT.

I found however that doing focus blocks and EFT on just 2 or 3 of the most painful statements brought an overall sense of relief. When I started doing focus blocks on some of the other beliefs I found that only after a couple of statements I was coming up with the best feeling statements and as I read the lists on the sheets again instead of feeling really negative I was actually replacing them in my mind.

My question is - have I done the clearing up properly or are my limiting beliefs resisting the cleaning up process and somehow tricking me into a false sense of relief?

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you seem to be saying that cleaning up some of the painful beliefs seems to have cleaned up "other" beliefs as well.

Yes, that is to be expected. That is the way it works. Many beliefs are driven by the same core issues which is what Manifesting Experiment 4 deals with head-on.

If you always target your most painful issues first, many other issues will get cleaned up at the same time. And so, when you get around to looking at them, they will seem to shift with little or no effort.

Like in the tower of cards example...

tower of cards

...removing that bottom card brings the entire tower tumbling down.

By asking if your sense of relief is false, I presume you mean you may be deliberately dissociating from the words in order to avoid the emotional "sting" behind them.

A quick way to test this - and the Advanced Focus Blocks Method ("Systematic Vortex Entry Approach") uses this test alot - is to try simply writing some Positive Aspects about the subject you are looking at.

If you try writing lists of Positive Aspects about a subject, it will either become very annoying to you very quickly - in which case, you are still some way from feeling neutral about your subject - or it will seem easy and natural to you.

The reason this works becomes clear from the following diagram:

Emotional Guidance System Processes Map

Click here to see this diagram at full size

In that diagram, process numbers from Abraham's Ask & It Is Given are written across the top and general emotional setpoints are written down the side.

The dots represent when you will feel comfortable using that process - it's a generalization only, because everyone has different labels for different emotions, but a useful one.

Process #8 on that diagram is the The Book of Positive Aspects and the emotion at which it starts to kick-in is Emotion #10, Frustration/Irritation/Impatience.

If you are writing Positive Aspects successfully, and not finding it uncomfortable and annoying, it is very likely then that you are "hovering around" neutral point (#8 Boredom) or above on the subject.

And then continuing to write those Positive Aspects will automatically carry you further up the emotional scale, right up to #1 if you let it, Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation.

Now it may become a little clearer what Step 8 on the Manifesting Experiment 4 Spreadsheet (below) is about.

Resistance Release Method example spreadsheet

Click here to see this diagram at full size

...Step 8 is both a test to check that you are really "almost there" with your clean-up and a boost to ensure your new default feeling is now up in the positive-feeling emotions.

Hope I haven't made all this sound too complicated because the basic ideas are really quite simple :)

To sum up...

To be sure you have really cleaned something up, write a list of Positive Aspects about it.

  • If you can, it's clean

  • If you can't, you're kidding yourself :)


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I came up with positive aspects for most of the statements on my spreadsheet and didn't seem to have any problems. Though there were some statements which were not generating any positive aspects but rather insights as to why this has come about in my life. So I guess I did succeed in clearing them up:-)

(27 Jun '11, 09:35) I Think Therefore I Am

From your description, it does appear that way :)

(27 Jun '11, 16:14) Stingray
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