I am unclear about the subtleties of concentration when I have a desire: - I read Hannel say both be specific and imagine the details and I hear him say there is no place for the who's what's and where's in my attention.

  • Abraham Hicks says focus on the feeling of the desire fulfilled and go specific when i am feeling good, and go general when feeling bad.

  • Napoleon Hill is pressing for a very specific and clear detailed statement to be imagined.

I feel resistant to attaching myself to visualizing specific times and dates and number and people. How can my objective mind have the capacity to know the highest outcome? This attachment to specifics creates tension in me. Is that fear or wisdom? And then there is knowing when to take action: pushing and persistence versus letting it go and allowing. And what of inspiration and impulse. These are subtleties that create confusion for me. And often I feel analysis-paralysis.

There seems to be a distinction I am missing.

Also, I'm hoping to find a master mind alliance who is studying Hannel's Master Key System. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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In Seth's new books he talks a lot about the need to develop your own system for manifesting, one that is fine-tuned to your personality. So he gives his students many different techniques and strategies for them to try out. You take what you need. You use what works for you personally.

In Seth's theory, he says that we come from different families of consciousness, each with a different orientation to physical reality. Each of us has different needs. The idea here is to see what resonates with you, as an individual human at your particular stage of awakening and Soul Evolution, and add that to your manifesting program.

And as far as holding on or letting go, Seth refers to that dynamic as assessing and going with the flow of consciousness. As a Scientist of Consciousness you are continually and courageously studying your process. In assessing, you are seeing how you are doing and always taking notes about improvements you would like to make. After you take your notes you let go with Loving Intent and a positive expectation for an improved Personal Reality Field, per the notes you have just written down.

When you experience positive change, you express gratitude. When you experience negative change you also give thanks for the helpful data that will assist you in improving your technique. It's all good. It's all data for the regimen. Hope this helps.


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"When the wrong person uses the right system, the right system works in the wrong way." ~ Taoist saying

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