I asked a very similar question almost 2 years ago (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/69782/according-to-bashar-can-we-know-anything-that-we-need-in-a-specific-moment-without-learning-it-beforehand) and the conclusion we can draw from that question is that we indeed can know something without learning it beforehand. But now, having very much to study in the university, a question popped in my mind: why would I need to study if anything is possible and we already stated that we can know things without learning them??

I would really like to have knowledge about relevant subjects without needing to study. I mean, who wouldn't? Ideal scenario would be to leave a book under my pillow and wake up in the morning knowing its whole contents. Or atleast know everything after only reading it once(some people are actually born with that ability - photographic memory).

Ok, now maybe someone would tell me: "try studying not because of gaining knowledge but because of studying itself". Or maybe: "if you really love those subjects that you are studying then where's the problem?" I understand those perspectives and I love the subjects that I study(atleast I think I do) but the thing is why would I "waste" my time studying hours for something when I can know it without studying :) Instead of spending hours in front of the computer or a book I could be out living life doing other things that I love.

If anybody has heard of someone who has done this or if they had done it themselves please offer me some processes or advices. I really think this is a theme worth exploring a little deeper. Maybe I should develop a belief that I memorize everything I hear or read only once?

Typing this question I was thinking how naive I am: if anybody knew how to do this why would he share if publicly with everyone? But that's only a negative belief talking, need to replace it.


asked 06 Dec '15, 13:44

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Take a look at PhotoReading.

I used to use it a lot years ago when I had things to study (which I don't now).

Metaphysically speaking, every moment of your life is "memorized" automatically at non-conscious levels as you live it. The issue is not one of memorizing but one of recall of what you have memorized i.e. being able to consciously access that material.


answered 07 Dec '15, 00:36

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Thank you! I will!

(07 Dec '15, 03:14) Marin

You can also recall what you have not personally experienced and memorized, that's what self discovery and "channeling" is all about :)

(08 Dec '15, 01:58) jaz

@jaz yes, thats similar to what @LukeWonders said below

(08 Dec '15, 16:13) Marin
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Stop worrying about collecting knowledge and trust that when the moment presents itself, you can handle it! Knowledge is overrated.



answered 07 Dec '15, 17:31

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Luke Wonders

Hmmm I think that I actually can't believe that, I dont know... I just think I can't, atleast not yet. I need some kind of a permission slip for now. Maybe I'll reach that state later, in a few years, who knows

(08 Dec '15, 16:08) Marin

it is knowing knowledge that is truth that matters, the universal laws providing order to creation

(08 Dec '15, 17:38) fred

Hi Marin, it would be nice to have that superpower :) but, the truth is, your mind is just a tool that, with training, can be honed to read faster, retain information longer, and connect the dots much quicker. But there really isn't a short cut to practicing.

Maybe a better question is, why does the process to attaining that knowledge seem so burdensome to you?

There is a good video series you might find interesting. This is a channeler I study with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POGJiMUrPso

(09 Dec '15, 17:14) Luke Wonders

@lukewonders Because why would I want to spend so much time, especially now when I'm young, attaining knowledge if anything is possible? And so, if anything is possible I would like to choose to know things I need and want to know without spending hours in front of a book.

(10 Dec '15, 10:58) Marin

@Marin I see what you're saying. Well, are you actually living by that statement, that anything is possible, or are you just talking about it?

I'll put you on the spot here: it sounds like you're not walking your talk, and instead puzzling about something silly like studying instead of actually living a life of "anything is possible." If you were, would you be sitting on IQ asking a question like, can I attain knowledge without studying? I doubt that question would even be on your radar!


(10 Dec '15, 12:49) Luke Wonders

Of course I'm not living by that statement, I don't know if anyone is truly living it! I think I have a belief that anything is possible but I don't know how strongly am I invested in that belief, maybe 2%, maybe 3% maybe something else... The question is IS truly everything possible? Channeled information suggests we made certain agreements before incarnating here on Earth, so how do we know building that belief wouldn't be a waste of time and energy?

(10 Dec '15, 13:24) Marin

What if we incarnated here just because everything is NOT possible here? :D

(10 Dec '15, 13:25) Marin

What channeled information do you listen to?

(10 Dec '15, 16:13) Luke Wonders

Mainly from Bashar(Bashar directly stated we made certain agreements, I'll try to find a link if that is of value to you), Kryon and I love Treb bor yit ne. Abraham too of course, altough I prefere others better

(11 Dec '15, 07:55) Marin

Cool, thanks for sharing that. I've heard quite a bit of Bashar. I study with The Wonders!

(12 Dec '15, 17:25) Luke Wonders
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