How on Earth can anyone say with honesty that small children and even babies somehow have attracted horrors such as being dumped at birth, sexually abused at age 3, raped or worse at age 7 (at any age, for that matter)? Wade and I do not think that the LOA can adequately explain such atrocities. I personally also cannot accept that someone would actually choose at some mysterious point before birth to experience this when they are not even wholly sentient while the abuse happens.

In "Conversations With God", Walsch says that people agree before birth to be victim and perpetrator- this also seems to take away the fact that people in Heaven, where evil cannot be, agree to do evil after birth....

We really talked about this, and decided that The LOA fails here.

Do you agree? Or do you have an explanation that is both logical and good? I need this explained to me, so I can truly embrace The LOA. My childhood was the stuff of nightmares. Wade, too, needs to understand this because he was raised by a super-critical father. Neither of us feels we "attracted" such events.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom in this matter.

Blessings, and prayers for all children who suffer, Jai (and Wade, too!)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes Jai this is serious, I think of my problem as tinny compared to some of these terrible problems. It seems the baby born that gets killed and thrown in a dumpster somehow feared it would be abandoned and murdered by the LOA standards. I just don't understand this part of LOA and hope some that are more into this do.

(20 Mar '11, 02:26) Wade Casaldi

Wow I am impressed with all the answers, for a question that started out as a joke between Jai and I, we were talking and I said something like you would never see a question like that on here. She said I'll post it, I said no don't post that it will be closed in a heart beat she said no I believe it should be posted. Wow one thing I can say Jai does go for the more risky hard ball questions than I do! lol I love the replies! Thank you! :-)

(23 Mar '11, 03:29) Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade & Jaianniah. I am looking at this question and the answers only today (14May2011) & I haven't read Eddie's answer yet. But I have a feeling that between the two of you, there must be an extensive knowledge base regarding the truth about humanity and the limitations of the subject matter we discuss here. I recall Wade mentioning the Rosy Cross very briefly in past comments and this must give you a perspective that is wider that the scope of this forum. I see the validity in the perspective from which you ask this question and that it cannot be properly answered within the LOA.

(14 May '11, 21:34) The Traveller

thank u 4 using my answ er as "the "accepted answer ,,, love n light

(22 Jun '11, 22:36) TReb Bor yit-NE

well ,when we changed to this format i went to all my old ones and re did who the "answered" questions were. i found for some reason the old ones didnt stick,

(12 Sep '12, 21:12) TReb Bor yit-NE

i love coming back to this question when i begin to feel as if things in life are bad, such as this school shooting, it is somthing we need to remember that even though it is sad, the kids choose to be a part of this.

(20 Dec '12, 07:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

Rob, is this you, or Treb's answer? What does Treb say about it?

(07 Jan '13, 08:26) Fairy Princess

@Jai @Wade Wouldn't Laws of Reincarnation and Karma answer the question perfectly? :) - Food for thought!

(07 Jan '13, 14:50) mastermind2

@Jaianniah @Wade Casaldi Wouldn't Laws of Reincarnation and Karma answer the question perfectly? :) - Food for thought!

(09 Jan '13, 08:57) mastermind2
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No it does not. I am a channeler and my guide explains this to me. My son has C.P. (cerebral palsy); the law of attraction doesn't have to explain this... this is his life. It goes to what the soul needs... the soul needs all experiences!!

My son was a warrior (in his past life). He used his body in his whole life; he NEVER used his heart to love. In this life he is handicapped but he loves unlike any other can. Those who have a loved one with this understand, he NEEDED to do this, his soul REQUIRED this experience so that he could feel lack of body and an overabundance of love. I used to HATE the fact that he was handicapped until I adopted my new belief system from my source. It applies with child abuse, murder and all other "bad" things to kids.

I see my 8 years of HORRIBLE deep depression and violence that went with it BUT now I understand that if I would have never experienced this, no matter how horrible of a time I had in it, I now know that my soul required it so that I could help others. How could I have EVER helped those in the deepest darkest parts of their life if I didn't know how to get out of it???

It is my path and this is my life's work... to channel and help others learn... to teach. I could have NEVER walked this path unless I had these "bad" experiences. After you realize that a "bad " experience is only a point of view and 99.9% of all "bad" experiences you can find either good, a lesson, or experience out of these, then they do not seem so they ???

I hope this helps.

I am very happy to see this had so many reactions but ui need to add a link form my source

love n light



answered 20 Mar '11, 05:08

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 14 Nov '16, 08:37


Quite agree with you rob! thank you for sharing, namaste

(20 Mar '11, 11:51) daniele

Thanks, Rob! Thanks for sharing your unique perspective!>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Mar '11, 13:52) Jaianniah

thank u all 4 accepting me as a member to ur group,, love n light 2 u all

(20 Mar '11, 14:31) TReb Bor yit-NE

i am glad that this comment has gotten a great responce. i hope that all i have to share hear that i have learned not just from my source, but also in life can help others !! this is my path. i also have gotten some great answers to questions that i have,, this is a great place to learn and to teach!! love n light, rob

(22 Mar '11, 12:46) TReb Bor yit-NE

This was really helpful to me. Good luck on your path.

(14 Jul '11, 11:11) Asklepios

thank u my freind,, i hope it did !!! love n light 2 u

(15 Jul '11, 01:14) TReb Bor yit-NE

I have found lately that this statement i made is more true than ever. wow it is so great to have a better understanding of this. Treb has given so many new examples, and when i find them i will pass them along.

(05 Sep '12, 17:02) TReb Bor yit-NE

I was deafened when I was seven y.o. and I also experienced abuse of all kinds from a relative. In fact, physical abuse was the cause of losing my hearing. I think the LOA IS involved with these kinds of events. In my own case I think that on subconscious levels I was carrying feelings of guilt and unworthiness into this life. Of course, that wasn't the only reason for how things transpired, but those feelings were a strong factor. Agree TReb, the label of "bad experience" is only a pov.

(18 Nov '16, 16:57) Delphine
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I’ll go through your post one piece at a time and offer insights and solutions which you can contemplate, research, explore and adopt if you wish to. I’ll be brutally honest with you and won’t use flowery words to conceal what’s being said. Then maybe you’ll give yourself permission to crack the hard shell you insist on hiding behind and carrying around with you…

Even though not all will agree, it’s the most compassionate thing I can do. After all, there are no mistakes or accidents and I’ve observed that these themes keep popping up in your posts, so let’s address them thoroughly and get to the root.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Jesus of Nazareth – (5 BC/BCE - 30 AD/CE) – obviously knew about the law of attraction.

Why I’m doing this

People ask questions and I feel inspired to answer. Spirit, through the Universal LOA has called me to answer because, apparently, I have the capacity to provide answers that people asking questions may want to or may be ready to hear. If that wasn’t the case, Spirit would not call me and I’d be on the beach or playing video games :)

In every day of my life there is happiness, feeling good, joy and ecstasy; there’s very little, if any, pain and suffering. And who I am is not different from who you are. Understanding that at the root we’re all one, I want all parts of me to live life in happiness and joy; to live in a world free of confusion, pain
and suffering.

So now from my perspective, which is my current point of view, one of an infinite number of Universal points of view and of which your point of view also is a part; I’ll begin.

My childhood was the stuff of nightmares.

Yes, we all (every facet of the one) have our story and we all have free will and can decide and choose to either hang on to it or to let it go. By continuously repeating your story to yourself and to whomever else will listen, you’re keeping your story alive in your mind and perpetuating your own misery and confusion; it’s an endless cycle.

Your story only exists in your mind; it has no reality outside of your mind. By your continual attention to it, you make it real; you give your power to it. You Love It!

Could it be time to let it go now? Do you even want to let it go now?

I wasn’t at the scene of the earthquake in Japan. Many were, but that’s their reality not mine. I have compassion for them and I donated towards their cause, but I’m not upset by their story. Observing another’s seemingly negative reality or story and offering assistance is not the same as taking their negativity onboard. Because...

By not taking ANY negativity onboard my being vibrates at a high rate. This causes vibrational resonance and in turn affects those around me; thereby naturally assisting them to Step Up their vibrational frequency as well.

Alternatively, by taking another’s negativity onboard, I unavoidably lower my vibrational frequency and feel bad. Pain and suffering has now begun. Then the LOA automatically brings more of the same to me and the cycle continues, until once again I choose to Step Up my vibrational frequency.

Furthermore: I know that those experiencing negativity wouldn’t have chosen to experience that unless there was something in it for them or that provided benefits, either individually or collectively and even if only exclusively on a soul level. Either way, it’s neither my business nor my concern!

Another's story is not your story and right there is a clue that will allow you to release your pain and experience far more happiness if you so desire it. Heaven, where evil cannot be, agree to do evil after birth....

Here you make a faulty assumption. In truth there’s no such thing as good and evil. Someone told you or you’ve read it somewhere and have incorporated it into your belief system and now you believe it, but it’s not true per se!

Who will be the judge and the overseer that decides if something is good or evil, or right or wrong as an absolute; you, your church or your bible? And who will enforce that judgment; you, your nation or your army? Do you see how insidious it becomes?

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. (Gospel of St. Thomas)" Jesus of Nazareth – a very wise man, but still only a man!

I need this explained to me, so I can truly embrace The LOA.

Are you sure? If you really wanted to understand the LOA you’d review every single LOA post on this forum and you’d read many of the excellent free eBooks on the psi site You can obviously read and you have an excellent command of the English language, so understanding is not the issue for you.

In my estimation, the issue is you’re coming from the perspective of a fixed belief system and trying to fit the LOA into that. And when it doesn’t fit, you say, oh, the LOA can’t be true, it must be wrong. Put differently, you’re only looking for evidence to support your already existing belief system and therefore, you probably only vote for answers when they confirm what you already know to be true. I can truly embrace The LOA

Why would you want to embrace something that you don’t understand and you don’t believe in? Saying that you want to embrace the LOA is the same as saying that you want to embrace gravity. There’s nothing for you to do. Thankfully, both gravity and the LOA are here and are continuously working in our reality without any conscious effort from us, the end users.

Only Now I Can Begin

If I may suggest: forget about the LOA and find out who you really are. Then all of this stuff will become easier and your life will be one of happiness and joy.

There’s only one step on the path of awakening to the knowledge and truth of who you really are. That step is the desire and the willingness to begin examining and observing your own mind. That is conscious awareness and that one step leads to all others.

And so I ask you: what is it within you that’s hanging on to a fixed belief system and hanging on to an old story and to being right? And are you truly ready to allow yourself to move beyond that and get to the truth of greater reality? Go to the root of your storyteller, really examine it and you’ll discover that it isn’t even real to begin with.

"Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." Jesus of Nazareth.

And of course, this work can only be done in the present moment; not yesterday or sometime in the future, it has to be done right here and right now. Start becoming aware of your thoughts, words and actions in real time as they arise and see where that leads you.

Buy ‘The Power of Now,’ by Eckhart Tolle. Read it over and over and then you’ll understand all you ever need to know about pain and suffering and you’ll be able to move beyond it easily.

Wishing you peace in your every here and now ♥

Disclaimer: everything I just wrote may be wrong, so find out for yourself :)

EDIT. In response to the comments and for clarity, rather than edit the text I’ve added everything below:

I sincerely thank you for asking me to meet the challenge of answering your question in full and
here’s why...

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." Ralph Waldo Emerson – 1803 – 1882

Isn’t it true that The LOA fails to explain childhood trauma, birth defects, the abuse of children, and murder of children, etc.?

I arrived at my understanding by inquiring deeply into the nature of reality and by joining many dots. To satisfy your curiosity, I’ll attempt to explain my understanding by using as few words as possible in my answer. You may like to watch The Red Pill before you begin:


At the root there is only vibrating energy in varying degrees of negative/fear = low frequency through to positive/love = high frequency. The LOA works at this level and as end users we control our personal vibrational frequency (the only power we have and need to have) by our thoughts + beliefs + words
+ actions.

Kind of like the layers of an onion as in this image.

Hence remaining positive is residing in the state of love and wallowing in negativity through pain, suffering, judgment, blame, guilt etcetera is residing in a state of fear. The LOA manages all vibration and attracts more similar energies to us by matching our current vibrational state or our state-of-being.

For example, while you may say “don’t worry about it :)” to a friend, while secretly harboring anger and blame towards them; the LOA doesn’t care. You can’t hide your true vibrational state from the LOA and it will match your vibration and bring similar people, things, events and circumstances to you through your experiential reality.

Thus, we may never know why another is attracting what they’re attracting because we cannot enter their minds to see and to change their thinking, but we do understand that, YES, every being attracts ALL events and circumstances to themselves and the LOA manages all of that vibrationally.

However, we can get an idea of what someone’s thinking due to their actions, words, beliefs and thoughts and we may be able to assist them, if they are asking and willing, from that level.

Why does it matter to you what others are attracting? People are born and people die every second on this planet. Do you believe you have any control over that? Obviously you don’t. The only control anyone has is in how they’re personally vibrating and that is determined by our thoughts, so that’s the only place to start – the first step.


Using the channel of imagination we decide upon the future reality we’d like to experience. Our higher self, which is our vibrational counterpart that only exists in non-physical, goes forth and vibrationally prepares and becomes our future reality for us. Again, through the channel of imagination, our higher self calls us towards our already existing desired future through inspiration, intuition and feeling etcetera.

"Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves." Bill Hicks – 1961 - 1994


We all have an emotional guidance system built into our being. When we vibrate in the vicinity of our higher self we always feel good and all things wanted are near and then manifestation is imminent. When we’re feeling bad, it’s due to the vibrational difference between what our higher self, our source, has become and our current thoughts which are out of alignment to what we say we want.

Allowing the Flow

The flow of our life is created by our perception of the contrast of that which we’re currently living and our wanting of and choosing of something different; which is expansion into something new. The speed of the flow of our life increases exponentially as we experience more contrast and more wanting.

And the only things that keep us from what we want are our resistant thoughts and beliefs. And that’s the primary reason for all dis-ease as well. That’s why examining the nature of the personality construct of the physical mind enables us to release all resistance and reside in a constant state of well-being.

Both imagination and emotions are feedback loops between our higher self and our physical self. Using different words, we can say that your imagination and your emotions are the steering mechanism that You and You use to navigate through infinity and to create the vibrational manifestations which feel good to you.

That’s why it always pays to feel good no matter what; no one helps anyone else by feeling bad!


At the root there is only vibrating energy... All realities, including life on Earth, only exist as potential until and unless a conscious observer is present; nothing is real per se. When we pay attention to something, we appreciate it and make it real by giving it our love; we Love It!

This image represents my idea that we choose which version of two probable Earths, represented energetically, that we want to experience. Focusing on either positive or negative ideas, is deciding which version you want to experience. However, after a certain time frame not all probabilities will be available to us…

Now Love Time Space

At the root there is only vibrating energy... which really, is Love. Time is only used as a tool for us to be able to experience any reality sequentially in a linear fashion. Our past and future only exist in our minds. The only real time is Now.

Space is inseparable from time; one cannot exist without the other. Therefore the only true place is Here. Whatever idea you have about life after death, that reality already exists right here and right now; it always has and it always will. You’re free to believe what you want to, but I believe we all return to heaven after this life experience :)

Each of us obviously exists and we exist right here and right now; there is no other time or place. There never has been and there never will be; thus we’re eternal beings existing in the Now forever.

Birth and death, Beginning and end; Another dream? An eternal trend?

If you see the above: why choose to focus on past negative events, non-realities, when you can choose to experience passion, joy, bliss, ecstasy and love in every moment that you’re actually aware of and are living in the Now or the present moment?

Does It Really Matter?

With the idea of any ending or any real death out of the equation, life being eternal and heaven being the only real place to return to after this life experience; does it really matter what other people
are experiencing?

The LOA is impersonal and its job is to reflect back to us who we are currently being through the Universal mirror of our life. It doesn’t matter what you say to another or what action you take in any direction to try to conceal who you’re really being. Vibration has no way of lying, it’s your true state and it just is and the LOA will reflect that back to you through your life experience, no matter what.

So while you may believe that by comforting a depressed friend by agreeing with and buying into her reasons for her depressed state; you can’t fail to lower your vibration by sinking to her level. And the LOA has no choice but to reflect more of that back to you and before you know it, you’re surrounded by depressed people all feeding off of each other’s pain. (sorry about that, but I wanted to get this
point across.)

See those abused children and those people in Japan as eternal beings of light, who, from the perspective of their souls know exactly what they’re doing and know exactly what’s best for them at this time and in this place (God doesn’t make mistakes). In other words see them as the highest possible version of them that they actually are and don’t see them as anything less than that.

Believe and/or know that at some level of their being they’re fine and that they don’t need your help and they don’t want you to suffer on their behalf. Anything else is due to your own ignorance, or your arrogance - which again is fear; so look into that and explore that :)

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves."
Galileo Galilei – 1564 – 1642

It seems to me that some people want to be at the end where they’ve really understood much about life on Earth, without having done the mental work necessary in order to get to said end. Ironically, from the end perspective these kinds of questions do not need to be asked or answered :)

I love exploring the Big Stuff so much that I created a website devoted to understanding it and going into much more detail than I can cover here.

Ultimately, it makes no difference what anyone else says and believes, because unless each individual starts with the first step, which is the only step as indicated earlier in this post, the truth will probably remain elusive to them.

Peace – Love – Understanding – Forever... 8-)


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Wow! Thanks, Eddie! Great Love and Peace from me to you!>>>>>>>>

(20 Mar '11, 13:47) Jaianniah

One of the best answers I've read on this site, I think we can all find value in it :)

(20 Mar '11, 14:35) Michaela

I am also WOWED Eddie! You really know how to make one think! And thanks to you, I know now why no one comes to me when they're in pain even though I am always there ready to offer myself! namaste

(20 Mar '11, 15:07) daniele

That is a very nice answer Eddie but I do not think you answered HER question. I think she is asking...Did these children 'attract' their situations? You did not go through her post one piece at a time. You seem to have skipped the first and in my opinion the most important part. Do you also feel that the people in Japan attracted this event. Most LOA-ers say yes

(20 Mar '11, 17:07) you

Good answer Eddie

(20 Mar '11, 18:30) Susan 1

Michael, I liked Eddie's answer, but you have pointed out what I was trying to ask! I just cannot believe that the LOA does a good job of explaining these problems- the LOA seems, at least to me, to put the blame on the children...Thank you! Love and Blessings, >>>>

(20 Mar '11, 20:04) Jaianniah

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. I've expanded my answer to answer the question in full. Thank you :)

(22 Mar '11, 06:35) Eddie

wow eddie, this is realy great stuff !!!! thank you for sharring !! love n light, rob

(22 Mar '11, 12:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks for a beautiful answer Eddie.

(22 Mar '11, 14:38) Nikki777

Thank you Eddie for putting the extra information onto your answer

(22 Mar '11, 18:27) Susan 1

You're all welcome, I love it :)

(23 Mar '11, 00:24) Eddie

It is a lot of good information about dealing from now about stuff that happened in the past but it doesn't explain why stuff happened or even right now is happening to children all over the earth. is it the LOA that these children fear being sold into slavery, raped, murdered, abused in every way we can not even imagine? I am say ing this not just out of curiosity but maybe as a way to change the world and save children.

(23 Mar '11, 03:41) Wade Casaldi

Like I said Wade, unless you've taken the first step, answers will remain elusive to you. I'm doing my best to help people understand the LOA and the nature of reality. Think of it this way: I get it, so am not concerned with paths other parts of me have chosen and I exist in happiness. For whatever reason, you apparently don't get it, and so you focus on unwanted things and then seem surprised by their continued presence in your life and at your unhappiness that’s caused by said presence. Can you see the cycle? Peace...

(24 Mar '11, 04:02) Eddie

Hi Eddie. I just glanced at this response from you today (14May 2011) I will have to come back to it later and read it with the attention that it deserves. I am so happy and impressed to see you put forth this effort in your answer. I can see that something stirred deep within you and the flood gates opened up. I am going to enjoy reading this answer slowly and I will add another comment later on.

(14 May '11, 21:14) The Traveller

I have a quick comment for Wade & Jaianniah because I do see the perspective that they are coming from. Since I'm not planning to answer this question, except through comments like this, I have added it in the comments section under the main question.

(14 May '11, 21:23) The Traveller

Much appreciation Eddie for this amazing in depth answer , I love it and I get it ♥♥♥

(05 Sep '12, 23:13) Starlight

Thank you for this wonderful answer @Eddie

(11 Sep '12, 08:25) Fairy Princess

@stingray... man,. all of this is so true, and i am graetfull for ur time and love.

(15 Sep '12, 21:49) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb, wow, Stingray even gets credit for other people's writing now :)

(19 Sep '12, 21:26) Eddie

@Eddie this is the most awesome answer and i know comment above was pure tongue in cheek ♥♥♥

(20 Sep '12, 02:04) Starlight

@Eddie - "wow, Stingray even gets credit for other people's writing now" - We are all one, StingEddie :)

(20 Sep '12, 05:56) Stingray

Sting-Eddie What a combo! :) Stingray and Eddies answers do feel very similar sometimes:)

(20 Sep '12, 06:27) Satori

lol, when u roll ur mouse up n down, the earths come together and then u can see the worlds spiting apart in real time. lol,. srry, i am bored....

(11 Nov '12, 14:59) TReb Bor yit-NE

The Red Pill link doesn't work @Eddie was it this one ? "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." saw that at the end of the description

(07 Jan '13, 05:05) ursixx

Dear eddie, your precious reply is astounding...and your depth of wisdom and understanding of life and humanity is very instrinsic. beyond reach or infinite. My heartful wishes, is to get what really you'r in need of, in this form of life, at the earliest.....

(07 Jan '13, 11:08) marathisend

@ursixx - yeah, that's it thanks mate. This post is certainly doing some mileage :)

(07 Jan '13, 19:24) Eddie

@marathisend - thank you :)

(07 Jan '13, 19:25) Eddie

Yes, that's a similar link, thanks ursixx :)

(08 Jan '13, 21:27) Eddie

"Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." I'm really feeling Eddie or the answer made me to experience myself. Thanks to Jaianniah for the question and to Eddie for wonderful answer. Love you Eddie.

(25 Apr '14, 04:57) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD . you should check out Eddies website. There is a link to it in Eddies profile

(29 Apr '14, 23:57) ursixx
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unfortunately, we can't know the wisdom of the "All knowing" All things happen for the benefit of the greatest number. For example, a soul may choose to be born to a mother that needs to experience a situation where certain choices need to be made. She chooses to abandon the new born in a dumpster. This incident, affected a whole community of people and they came together with love and compassion, where prior to that, there was dicension among the community.

This is a crude example, but I think it gets the meanig across. The soul of the child provided a service for lessons to be learned for the whole. To begin to understand how our little lives affect the whole is beyond comprehension as an incarnated soul.


answered 20 Mar '11, 04:04

RPuls's gravatar image


Very well-crafted argument, and it really has made me think about things from a Huge and Universal Place. Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Mar '11, 04:13) Jaianniah

I think we do create our own reality BUT other peoples reality can spill over into our small universe.

If we lived on this earth on our own then all of our experiences would indeed be created by us. We would only ever reap the rewards of our own actions and thoughts. In effect we would 100% create our reality.

The last time i checked however 6500 million people were sharing this earth with me. No man is an island are they? Like it or lump it we are all,to a certain degree,effected by others. Sure we can stick to our guns and see great things happen in our lives,but there will always be another factor involved,and that factor is other people!

Does LOA always work...yes...but other peoples LOA works too and this effects our results in life.

You could be the best football centre forward in the world,you could play a perfect game and still loose the match. The reason being that your part of a team of eleven. And they will determine to some extent the final score.

Bit unfair i know, but who would want a perfect life on a world where only they lived?



answered 20 Mar '11, 10:40

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Monty Riviera


This answer seems most to explain why these things happen to children, but then it raises another question about luck and why some children are born into bad situations and others not, now I believe we are moving into karma and reincarnation stuff. But anyway I do like this answer you gave.

(23 Mar '11, 03:46) Wade Casaldi

We are not in control or to blame for other people's actions. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. That being said, we do attract people into our lives based on our own vibrations. Our vibrations are affected by events that happen while we are still in our mother's womb. The vibration is one that is not of our concious choosing, but by our environment. It is not until we have self awareness and conciousness that we can control our own vibrations and also the LOA. Most people are not aware of their vibration, or that they are attracting like vibrations. If a fetus is exposed to violence in the womb, hearing people fighting, even just giving bad vibes, etc... this affects the baby's vibration. Then this vibration attracts people with this vibration and the child keeps being in violent situations. Then they grow up and attract partners who are abusive, etc... It's not until they change their vibration that they will attract different people. This could be called a victim mentality. It is not their fault they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So the LOA doesn't just bring us what we want, it brings us what is in our vibration. If we don't like what it is bringing us, then we need to tune in to receive different people and things. We need to make our vibration match that what we want to attract. EFT or Two Hands Touching can help with this. I wish I knew about it before I ever got pregnant. It would have meant a whole different life for my son.( When my step dad said he didn't believe in the LOA, I didn't get into it with him, but later read to my son, "In the beginning... God said, 'Let there be light.'" So I hope he takes what he is learning and creates a wonderful life for himself. His children will benefit from what we are learning today.) So during pregnancy, our experiences start our vibrational tuning in to the LOA, determining the vibration we will attract.

Another thing to keep in mind is that disease is not a manifestation of the LOA, but a disruption in the flow of energy which is usually caused by emotional trauma. So the mother could have suffered emotional trauma that caused a birth defect.

Also, the mother attracts people into the lives of the mother and the baby. So even thought we are always attracting people and things, so are the people around us. Some manifestations around us are ours, and some are manifestations of others.

According to Bruce Lipton in this article, children take on the beliefs and vibrations of their parents to prepare them for that particular environment. So young children attract according to the vibration they inherited from their parents. Like @Satori said, "We are our parents until we conscientiously choose to change."

Edit 1/6/12 Here is a video I just started watching and Teal addressed this issue near the beginning.


answered 20 Mar '11, 05:18

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 06 Jan '13, 21:07

@ele I am sorry you found the video so disturbing. Did you watch it? I didn't watch the whole thing yet, but near the beginning, she addresses her own torture as a child and how she attracted it. I thought it very relevant.

(07 Jan '13, 08:25) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess There is a very interesting thing right near the end about water and self love - worth looking at, particularly as you seem familiar with Dr Emoto's work.

(07 Jan '13, 08:59) Catherine

Thanks @Catherine. I am watching it now.

(07 Jan '13, 09:12) Fairy Princess

@ele I am terribly sorry to hear that you were so close to the victims. I did watch the first part and posted right away, then finnished watching when I had the chance. Also, I don't see how I am blaming the 'womb' here. This forum is about reality creation and LOA, etc... This is to help us understand how we create these tragedies so that we can change our focus and change our results.

(07 Jan '13, 13:54) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess

I understand what LOA is & I've known about it long before it became popular. Yes, your info is valuable. We all make mistakes - no one is perfect. Hindsight is always 20/20. You didn't bother answering the questions I poised last night regarding LOA. You may give an explanation or not. "blaming the womb" - mother's vibrations affect the fetus & until the child changes their vibration, they have their mom's. I agree, but doesn't explain the tragedies - twins, etc. (tbc)

(07 Jan '13, 14:38) ele

@Fairy Princess


I've deleting my comments & I'm not going to continue this discussion on this particular thread. I see no reason to continue bringing this to the top of the board; because in my opinion, it's in poor taste right now.

Thank you for your kind words & welcome back.

(07 Jan '13, 14:39) ele

@Fairy Princess

I would also appreciate it, if you did NOT turn any of MY comments from last night into a question. If you want to any a question, keep my name out of it please. Thank you & have a Great Day!

(07 Jan '13, 14:47) ele

@ele you deleted your comments from last night. I don't know how you expect me to answer your questions without bringing this back up to the top. I have some questions for you as well, regarding your deleted comments. However, you said you were not continuing to converse in this tread, so I really don't know how else to comminicate these questions and answers. ♥

(07 Jan '13, 14:50) Fairy Princess

@ele To address the question you asked me about why I don't teach THT to the Sandy shooting victims and their families. Well, I am not there to teach them. Since you are, why don't you? I think it would be great if they found relief.

(09 Jan '13, 08:55) Fairy Princess

@ele To address your concern about people finding my post after doing a google search and being upset by it because it 'blames the womb,' If people are looking for answers, they won't be helped by finding answers with holes in them so as to protect them from themselves. It is not a matter of blame, it is a matter of discovering how we created it so we can change the way we create. Change your vibration and change what you attract.

(09 Jan '13, 08:58) Fairy Princess

@ele to address the issue of finding another place to post side conversations does not sound like a good idea. It would make a horrible mess and confuse people. It is one thing to make a private comment or two within a conversation, and delete it for privacey, than to have random meaningless comments scattered about the site.

(09 Jan '13, 09:01) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess

I suggest you read my posts slowly & then read them again. You are assuming things.

I'm sorry you are so upset.

Actually, I had a perfect ? in mind.

(09 Jan '13, 18:05) ele

@ele I am not upset. What is your ?

(09 Jan '13, 19:34) Fairy Princess

@ele you deleted a lot of comments here and now I can't delete mine. Doesn't make a lot of sense any more. ?

(08 Apr '13, 10:48) Fairy Princess
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The LOA is in existence here on earth to help us consciously/unconsciously co-create in a positive/ more pleasurable or in a negative / more stressful way. We have a choice here...Wake up and reclaim our true Power through positivity or sleep with constant negativity. Either way the LOA will create for us, through our thoughts.

Each soul here on earth came in to this world to experience for him/her self some fundamental experiences and in some cases to use their lives to be the touch stone for others to connect in a more loving/compassionate/forgiving way. Regardless of other people’s choice of body/disease/circumstances, it is not our business to try to unravel why things happen that do not directly affect us , but to show empathy/compassion/non-judgemental to the things/situations we do not and cannot fully understand. Look from a distance and send Love and Light. If the experience is close to us ie:family/friend, then there is something here for us to experience. When the time is right and once we ask for guidance , we will get the information we need for US and not necessarily for the person that brought the challenge/lesson into our little world.

The difficulty and confusion arose when we grew further and further away from our true connection. We bought into beliefs /systems/religions in search of the Truth and looked to others to find the answers. We have access to all we need and can cope with... Within ourselves.

With the LOA in our outer world and access to the power Within, life has the promise of a more pleasurable journey.


answered 20 Mar '11, 19:37

Susan%201's gravatar image

Susan 1

The Law of Attraction cannot explain those things directly. It is a power that we have because we are endowed with the gift of destiny and freedom. The Karma that we bring with us is necessary for our journey and is more responsible for the conditions we find ourselves in. It is an accumulation of LOA actions. We chose this time period for our advancement, regardless of the level of suffering, it is a requirement. It was no picnic for me growing up either, and I could have cashed my chips in a long time ago, but I could have made it worse. We analyze things without regard to time outside of our reality. There are variables outside of our time that we are missing that would explain some of the suffering of innocence. Heaven and Hell is what you make of it. It is not some final resting place where you will burn or be saved. It is a part of you, and it is holding this Universe together. We Are Heaven, we Are Hell. We are all, and we are nothing. We are the Universe with the power of creation given to us by the creator.


answered 21 Mar '11, 01:43

The%20Knights%20Alchemy's gravatar image

The Knights Alchemy


Yes I believe we don't have all the pieces too, "There are variables outside of our time that we are missing that would explain some of the suffering of innocence." Agreed.

(23 Mar '11, 16:16) Wade Casaldi

All the explanations here that I've seen could simply just be mere rationalizations or made-up unproven man-made's wacky theories only.

Occam's Razor principle, guys.'s_razor

alt text

Reality (everyday's reality) is often not as interesting & 'cool' as our imagination/fantasy


answered 24 Apr '14, 22:28

Niki%20Wonoto's gravatar image

Niki Wonoto

edited 25 Apr '14, 01:45

jaz's gravatar image



Rationalizations - no. Made up - yes. Unproven to you - yes. Unproven to me - no. It sounds like passion is missing from your life friend... Have you not realized that ALL reality first and foremost springs forth from imagination/fantasy? How cool is that? :)

(25 Apr '14, 00:11) Eddie

@Niki Wonoto ... occam's razor, well worth investigating; which system to you believe in, magic or science? lol

(25 Apr '14, 01:50) jaz

answered 25 Apr '14, 08:40

cafegirl's gravatar image



Bless your heart, this is "Hat Guy"! :D A clip that has come up around here before, because it is, in my opinion, so very important and valuable. Thanks so much for sharing, @cafegirl, and welcome to IQ. :) Sorry your link couldn't be shown before, I've shared some points so you won't have that problem anymore.

Have you seen this? Awesome:

(Whoops! Fixed the link! Sorry everybody.) :)

(25 Apr '14, 13:57) Grace

:D Thank you, @Grace! :D <3<3<3

(25 Apr '14, 15:39) cafegirl

I was just thinking about this last night and I think that you are right on the money. LOA does fail to adequately explain this, and a few other things as well. Is that to say that LOA as a thought system is untenable? I don't think so.

The line of thinking I concluded was this. We are in a plane of existence commensurate with the level of spiritual progress. That does not mean that everyone in this plane is evolved to the same point in the same way that not everyone who attends the same college has the same level of intelligence. Along with that we all have a karmic debt that we need to work off. I tried for a long time to get around this, but this is the only way (for me, if you feel different I respect that) to adequately explain and balance the idea that there is some form of higher power that is good and intelligent AND the fact that there are babies who are born with terrible diseases in terrible places to terrible people. I respect the fact that you can't accept that people choose these trial before they are born. Here is my take on that. Those people who are choosing may have perpetrated similar injustices in their lives past. The people who are in our life, those that shape our major life events both good and bad are not making their first appearances in this present life. Instead we have known them as they have known us in many lives and in many different bodies. We are intricately tied to them for better or worse. We go through many lives together not by chance.

Consider this as well, that baby has also had many lives and though you see them as tiny and helpless (which they are) their soul is another story, their soul is ancient and multifaceted and they are here, just like us to learn. Is it better to believe that God arbitrarily allows children to get cancer, be molested, be abused or murdered without the consent of the soul, OR that we, in collaboration with a power higher than us, chose the path of the life that would best help us and those incarnated with us (the parents would also have to choose to have the trial of having a child who is killed, has cancer, etc.). I think the latter is a more acceptable situation.

Finally, consider that this life is not all there is. Anything that happens to us here no matter how seemingly awful is just a blip against the backdrop of forever. LOA does fail here because in a way they attempt to say that we can have a perfect life right here right now when that may not be why you are here. Consider the fact that every single LOA teacher will die. Jerry Hicks got cancer. Is that because he was not true to his teaching? I don't think so. His cancer was something he agreed upon and it was not only for him, it was also perhaps for his students to learn from as well. I lost my own father to cancer when I was a child. Is it better to think that his cancer, my loss of a father was just a cruel and arbitrary quirk of the universe, or, that his cancer meant something? Did it serve a purpose or is he and my family simply unlucky? There is truth in LOA but as with any teaching if it doesn't resonate with you for some reason, there is reason for that. Dogma is accepting other people's ideas as your own without critical thinking. Is LOA dogmatic? Take what is useful and leave the rest behind.

If LOA, the way it is taught is 100% true, we should be able to never to be sick, really to never die. Yet we can see that this is not the case and that is alright. We live in this cycle to be reborn and to learn, not to find our comfort zone and exist there forever. We can only do so much here in these bodies because they are finite, and for a good reason. That is to say you can have the best Ford Fiesta out there, top of the line, but it's still a Ford Fiesta.


answered 30 Apr '14, 06:06

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edited 30 Apr '14, 06:18

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