The covetousness in questions about manifestation has inspired this question.

Attachment and desire plant and sow seeds of suffering. Why not just let go of 'wanting' and enjoy the ride?

"If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires." Epicurus

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Hu Ra

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Actually, it is the resistance to your desire that sows the seeds of suffering, not the desire itself.

The universe is geared up to produce desire in your life. You cannot escape the continual generation of desires no matter how hard you try...and, indeed, at a higher level within yourself: you want desire

If you believe you have managed to let go of "wanting" yourself, please feel free to elaborate on the details as you will be the first person in the history of humanity to have done so. :)

The desire to "enjoy the ride" is still a desire.

The desire to "let go of wanting" is still a desire.

Epicurus' quote has been misinterpreted in this context, in my opinion. It would be better stated as:

"If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away resistance from his desires." Epicurus

One final point, you refer to covetousness in questions about manifestation.

It's an interesting choice of word, arguably a rather judgemental one, and you may wish to consider what it is within yourself that makes you view the wants of others in this way. Often what we dislike about others is really what we dislike about ourselves.

I only see people sincerely seeking to align their beliefs with their desires, and thereby manifest what they want within this perfectly abundant universe.


answered 08 Dec '10, 08:58

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Thank You, Sting, for pointing me back to myself. I presume that others come here with the same idea as me (enlightenment, etc.) but I realize that most folks here believe that 'manifestation' actually works. Perhaps next time I will keep the leading questions to myself. There is no desire to enjoy the ride, there is simply the enjoying of the ride. There is no desire to let go, there is only letting go. No dislike, only confusion at how so many could fool themselves for so long. But I fooled myself for 10 years with this manifestation game so I will act more patiently as so many did with me.

(09 Dec '10, 00:41) Hu Ra

@Hu Ra, do you think they did you a favor by acting patiently, or did they prolong the process? I suppose prolonging the delightful process could actually be doing one a favor... ;)

(09 Dec '10, 03:49) mr.g

No, that's the point. People don't actually want help and I don't actually want to give it to them. I enjoy playing the game of Rescuer but all of these victims created themselves. They are the only ones who can "save" themselves from their self-inflicted victimhood. I won't be contributing to their development by "helping" them.

(11 Jan '11, 03:58) Hu Ra

What you give never equals what is received. You don't get to decide whether or not you help "them."

(09 Apr '11, 16:52) Hu Re

@Stingray I like your answer very much

@Hu Re so what about the idea when "the student is ready the teacher will appear" Were you not seeking help in understanding when you posed your question :-)

I don't consider myself a victim , I accept full responsibility for the things/events that turn up in my life but I am open to learning from others experience else I would not be part of the IQ community Love and Light .... :-)

(16 Dec '12, 22:08) Starlight

@Stingray, resistance makes you suffer only in terms of not manifesting your desire. Attachment makes you suffer in terms of manifesting it.

Every desire's natural purpose is to fulfill you. It is thus direct product of lack of something. In its nature desire will always contain attachment to the desired thing. And it is through ability to consciously witness the act of your life and realize what's happening that you may let go of it...

And as for "covetousness".. that's just one way of....

(17 Dec '12, 02:55) CalonLan

...looking at it. Not necessarily bad, nor not fitting word to use.

You can't get yang without yin. And the more of yang you take, the more of yin will come along.

People will travel great distances to find their peace and they will never find it. It's in traveling nowhere that peace lies and all your desires and consequently their attachments are resolved.

And as Hu Ra pointed out, it's easier to live life as it is. Through conscious observation of now, all desires disappear.

(17 Dec '12, 03:05) CalonLan
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I believe that desire without attachment is the basis for manifesting from the Vortex. When effort becomes effortless "easier" is irrelevant.

I know I have to let go of everything I want in order to get more of it.

Love Michael


answered 08 Dec '10, 05:19

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jim 10

Effortless effort makes more sense to me than desire without attachment.

(08 Dec '10, 05:31) Hu Ra

To me desire without attachment means that I like, want and appreciate things but also understand the Impermanence of it. Knowing it will not last I can still enjoy my self with or without it.

The first lesson I think we learn as young men about manifesting is girls. When I could not care less about them, there they were, And when I wanted them, you now the rest.

(08 Dec '10, 05:41) jim 10

Agree with above. I will add this " whats life without desire" . I cant imagine a more joyous occasion than when a desire is manifested or when the desiree realises that the manifestation is near and experiences the feelings before the desire manifests.

Desiring IS creating.

God /source/us create.

Desire is Godly,it makes common sense,its natural,it progresses the race and its fun to see the desire come.

Happy days



answered 08 Dec '10, 09:07

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Monty Riviera

I do believe though feel free to correct me if I am wrong Abraham said we came into the world in a physical body to experience the physical nature of it in all it's varied aspects

If we wanted to just be back with Source we wouldn't have left in the first place . This is not a direct quote but I'm sure you get the drift ;-)


answered 16 Dec '12, 22:24

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Well,many people I talked to tell me their soul has been waiting for a long time to get here to enjoy the experience.In that light,many label it as a gift.Then again we could look in the opposite direction and say it's a punishment for crimes unknown to us.Or maybe it's a test.Or an experiment.

Your innermost cravings will make you cling onto the version that most appeal to you.

What Abraham said is nothing but Abraham's wishful thinking of how s/he want to reason out coming to this world.

(17 Dec '12, 02:46) CalonLan

@Starlight, there's only one side of my bed to get out of. It must have been wrong all along then.

I didn't make any judgement concerning your way of living. Where does, then, your feeling of being threatened, calling out for respect of your ways of living, come from?

I never asked for respect either, I find it rather meaningless, silly and dull form of oppression our society invented. Just another tool to control and shut everyone up. :)

For now, we may agree to disagree.

(17 Dec '12, 07:06) CalonLan

Yep Abraham Hicks teachings work for me and many many others , as for wishful thinking , thats only your opinion, experience and enjoy

(17 Dec '12, 07:38) Starlight
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I think attachment and impermanence are the key words here. There is nothing at all wrong with desire - it is a natural expression of being human and participating on this physical plane. It's only when we become attached that we suffer, because there is no way around the fact that everything on this physical plane is impermanent and we will lose it eventually.

If we can desire and enjoy the desire when we attain it, and then freely let go when the time comes for it to pass, we will have mastered the art of desiring.

I know the word wanting is almost the same but for me this word has connotations of yearning which implies needing which we all know causes problems :)


answered 08 Dec '10, 12:24

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problems that will inevitably be transcended :)

(09 Apr '11, 16:58) Hu Re

since when do people know what they want? often they get what they desire and find out that it is not what they need. why not experience and enjoy?


answered 17 Dec '12, 04:46

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white tiger

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