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Hi all!

Before I begin I'd like to say that all of this information is not my original work; it is Stingrays. I just thought I'd share this idea that I thought was neat from this summary of ideas by Stingray.

Stingrays Clicker Counter Method

  • Purchase a clicker counter. It is a small object that simply operates via a tally; click the small button on the side and the tally rises by one.
  • Anything you notice through your day that you are authentically appreciative about, click your clicker!
  • See how many things you can appreciate throughout the day!!
    • at the end of the day, before bed, go back through these appreciative moments. Because it is just a simple instrument that tally score opposed to description, you'll force yourself to really try and remember (and, without knowing it, basking in good feeling) those great moments
    • if you want, you can now write these things down in a gratitude journal- over time the gratitude journal may act as a touchstone of happines for some
    • reset clicker for the new day

Some handy tips

  • This process works best when you're fairly high in the emotional guidance scale

  • By keeping a tangible, small device in your pocket to remind you to look for things to appreciate in the day, you'll be a lot more enthusiastic to open your awarness to those things, so you can supposedly score via a click (think of it as a point scored in a sports match!)

  • Before you 'click' on a piece of appreciation, try and bask in that feeling and thought for a minimum of ten seconds. Dependable on the experience, you may be blissful in that thought for a while. Click after you enjoy the thought.

  • You don't need a clicker to do this if you're comfortable carrying a pen and paper with you to tally up. If you love your mobile phone you could create a program for this if it suits you more
  • The point isn't to try and 'beat' yesterdays 'score'; it is acting as a castalyst to promote conscious decision to appreciate (it's only meant for fun, though, as you are aware of, if you're in high vibrations you're manifestations are on the way)

Well there it is, a short, fun little experiment you could give a go. This concept is similar to the idea of a gratitude rock promoted by the film The Secret. however I think it is better, as there is more intention to be aware of goodness knowing the goal is to 'click,' and not just physically touch a stone in your pocket (which you've probably forgotten about).

Please, all admin users, tweak this if need be (like this). And permission from stingray if this is ok to post?

asked 07 Dec '11, 14:30

Nikulas's gravatar image


Hmmm, nice approach...looks like there may be a world shortage of clicker-counters on the cards if this catches on :)

(07 Dec '11, 15:07) Stingray

I think it will catch on for I'm definately going to buy one for myself. Thanks Nikulas and thanks Stingray this is a briliant idea.

(07 Dec '11, 18:10) Paulina 1

Wonderful idea!

(27 Aug '12, 13:14) peplumen
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Excellent! Yes I think I could just use my cell phone. I have Note Pad on my phone I could just open it up and change the post adding a new number each time to the original note using the edit note function.

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answered 07 Dec '11, 15:15

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

Go for it Wade, I'm glad you are still here hopefully for ever.

(07 Dec '11, 18:11) Paulina 1

Thank you so much I was persuaded not to go and am happy I didn't. :-)

(09 Dec '11, 19:31) Wade Casaldi

A brilliant way of staying focused on good things and good things coming to you.And what you focus on you get more of. Well done Nikulas;)

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answered 07 Dec '11, 15:46

Satori's gravatar image


Enjoy cashing in on all the good stuff.

(07 Dec '11, 18:14) Paulina 1

Hi Nikulas thanks for a briliant idea. It is easy and doesn't take much to do it and yet it focuses the mind on the good things in life. Gratefullnes and thankfulness are the easiest way to get more to be grateful for and thats just great. Thanks also go to brilliant brain of Stingray, he is amazing. Thanks guys.

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answered 07 Dec '11, 18:20

Paulina%201's gravatar image

Paulina 1

Yes he's an amazingly intelligent and witty person.

(08 Dec '11, 15:14) Nikulas

You are using way to many words and philosophies to obtain a goal.


Love is all you need.

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answered 10 Dec '11, 07:14

you's gravatar image


"Love is all you need." Very, very true.

(21 Aug '12, 08:38) Nikulas

I like this. Fantastic Suggestion.... I look forward to being grateful every single day of my life.


answered 28 Aug '12, 03:01

mskityin's gravatar image


It sounds like the gratitude rock from the movie The Secret. I was just watching the Secret again, and he started talking about the gratitude rock that he carries around and uses it to remind him of all the things that he is grateful for.

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answered 09 Dec '11, 18:14

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 10 Dec '11, 00:08

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