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This is a question specifically in regards to the law of attraction. It's a small revelation I just had, and thought I'd like to share it in hope of someone correcting me or giving me another point of view, as it does seem overly simple.

As you already know, There's a hundreds of different methods for manifestation (@stingray has 5 on this site alone), a host of teachers and hundreds of books written on the subject, so thats why I'm saying this revelation seems overly simple.

And that is: Gratitude

If I wake up every morning, spend 20 minutes feeling grateful and getting into the state of thankfulness for everything I currently have in my life, and that feeling is sustained throughout the day, is this all I really need for an abundant life?

alt text

I get a bit overwhelmed with all these methods, not sure what to do, which method to take, which book to read, who to follow etc so this simple revelation is enticing for me.

I can wake up in the morning, instantly kickstart my day feeling grateful, getting into that feeling place, release any thoughts and feelings that say I shouldn't be grateful, and keep looking for things to feel grateful through out the day, is this enough? Where would this put me on the emotional guidance scale?

I know it's harder said then done, but I've gotten pretty good with the sedona method and getting into a state of non resistance and generally feeling good, so I want to see if this helps with LOA.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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I actually think that's enough, yes. Because if you feel grateful, you will feel happy, right? And that's all that matters; everything should line up, nothing should go wrong Thanks for pointing that out, freedomdude!

(05 Aug '15, 05:59) Marin
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I think you might want to see this answer What does 'detachment' truly means in the Law of Attraction? in case you haven't seen it before:

Step 1. Get out of the way of your part-time job coming. Neutralize any negative emotion you feel regarding the lack of it.

Step 2. Now find anything in your life to feel good about and keep using that thing (or things) as an excuse for staying in that good-feeling place.

Also, if you strip down the manifesting "methods" to their very bare bones.. you can actually see them almost all of them is to help you feel "relief" or to feel better.

It's probably hard to believe it sounds so simple.. but it isn't actually that easy to put it in practice.


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@kakaboo When you say "get out of the way", is that the same as "Neutralizing any negative emotion you feel"?

(09 Aug '15, 05:42) freedomdude

Adding to what @kakaboo has posted...

If I wake up every morning, spend 20 minutes feeling grateful and getting into the state of thankfulness for everything I currently have in my life, and that feeling is sustained throughout the day, is this all I really need for an abundant life?

Yes, that is all you need for an abundant, or happy, or healthy, or anything-else-that-feels-good, life.

Three points worth considering though....

1. There is a difference between appreciation and gratitude

Gratitude is tinged with a subtle resistance. Better to stick with appreciation where possible.

For more information, see Is there a difference between gratitude and appreciation?

2. You need to be already (almost) feeling good to write a list of feeling-good things

If you are not already on the verge of a good-feeling place when you write out your list of things to appreciate, you won't be able to write them. The words will feel "hollow" and insincere.

You'll just find it annoying to write the list and it will feel like you are lying to yourself. You won't feel like you are "locked into" the words, emotionally-speaking.

Try making such a list when you're not feeling good and you'll get an idea of what I mean. It will feel like trying to smile through gritted teeth... :)

alt text

That leads us to the somewhat annoying paradox that if you are in an emotional place where you can genuinely write out a list of things to appreciate, you don't actually need to write out a list of things to appreciate :)

That's why I only use a "Rampage of Appreciation" as a test of how good I'm feeling and a way to prolong the good feeling, not as a way to induce the good feeling itself. For more information, see Should appreciation be forced?

It's for those cases where you are not feeling appreciative that the multitude of other manifesting methods come into play. The genuine ones help get you close enough to a feeling-good place that you can genuinely write out a list of things to appreciate.

Methods like Advanced Focus Blocks exist only to move yourself consistently and systematically from any emotional state into an appreciative one in a short period of time.

However, your idea of making such a list of appreciation immediately after waking up is a good one and will often work because in that short period of time after regaining consciousness, the momentum behind any usually-resistant thoughts has yet to be re-activated again.

In essence, you are "sneaking in" through the vibrational back door and moving yourself to a great feeling place...for a while. Approached in a systematic way, you can still make some profound life changes during this post-awakening golden hour of the day for vibrational work.

And if you get yourself to a great feeling place often enough every morning (30 Days is usually enough to get the ball rolling), you can transform your emotional state to a habitually good-feeling one and thereby transform your life.

3. If you don't believe it can be that easy, it won't be

If you don't believe a great life can be as easy as finding ways to feel good every day, you won't let it work for you. You'll just end up sabotaging yourself before you get going enough to see the results.

I think this one trips up a lot of people.

We often buy into Mind-based belief systems that say that life must be complicated and difficult. And these beliefs will not be satisfied until some method comes along that has a satisfying complexity to it. It often feels too easy to just Get Happy

On the other hand, this is not a "bad" thing.

If you think about it, if we focused into a Mind-perception-based physical reality to play with ideas of creating that reality (which we all did) then you don't want those creations to just pop out of nowhere. Instead you want to feel involved with your creations.

Any kind of artist will tell you that it is in the process of the creation of their art that the joy of it lies.

Life is never about the end result, it's about enjoying the process of getting to it.

In that sense, "manifesting methods" that force us to engage more with our vibrational creations are actually serving us at a broader level, not hindering us.

So even though, yes, all you need for an abundant life is to make a list of things to feel good about every day, it is so much more satisfying for us vibrational artists (all human beings are) to feel like we had some part to play in molding our life how we want it to be.

But, as always, there's no right or wrong.

Sometimes, you'll want to just step back and let life take care of itself (just making lists of things to appreciate and getting out of the way). Other times, you'll want to feel like you are the master-creator of everything in your reality and you'll want to use methods that give you that sense of getting involved in the nitty-gritty of things.


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@stingray thanks for your answer, the way you've laid it out makes a lot of sense. With the Focus Blocks, is that the same as what Bashar calls "Changing definitions of things to the way you prefer?"

(09 Aug '15, 05:46) freedomdude

@freedomdude - Yes, different terminology but broadly similar ideas. With Focus Blocks/Wheels statements, you are redefining how you naturally think about the subject so whenever it reactivates in your life, the new definition (or vibrational setpoint) is the one that you gravitate towards.

(09 Aug '15, 09:21) Stingray

Hi freedomdude, you say "there are hundreds of different methods for manifesting" ... I ask myself, "what does manifesting mean to me?" and things become clear as crystal.

As long as I attribute the responsibilty for what I'm receiving to something or someone outside of myself I can never consciously choose to receive what I really want.

The bottom line is that I can more or less follow others using different methods and get half way there but I have a unique way that only I can see through my eyes, no one can do that for me, however much I may appreciate someone, be it bashar, tolle, servranx or anybody else. The only thing that really changes anything is to "experience" what they're saying.

My inner guide, my inner path is unique to me, it is not the same path as freedomdude, so at some level when I look inwards and I truly place my trust in myself then I know.

"the living knew themselves just sentient puppets ..." Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence


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Thanks for your reply. I like the part about experiecing things through your own eyes, having your own process. thanks!

(09 Aug '15, 08:45) freedomdude

Revelation; "the living knew themselves just sentient puppets", what does this phrase mean to me? when I feel that my death is about to happen then "fear" becomes a powerful pushing emotion. Definition of push in the Free Dictionary; to urge forward or urge insistently. My conclusion; fear is a natural powerful driving emotion.

(10 Aug '15, 00:14) jaz

Anything that raises your vibration works:

  • Gratitude
  • Finding something pleasant in your environment like a plant or art
  • Pick something in your environment like a chair and appreciate how many people put thought into creating it.
  • Keep things light and playful
  • Make believe
  • Curiosity, like "Wouldn't it be neat if...?"
  • etc.

Anything that opens your heart will do it.


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you said: It's a small revelation I just had, and thought I'd like to share it in hope of someone correcting me or giving me another point of view, as it does seem overly simple. acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. you can find it simple because it is very short to read and sound simple. but lets start by the word acknowledging; To admit the existence or truth of: To express gratitude or appreciation for or to: To report the receipt of (something) to the sender or giver: Law To accept or certify as legally binding:

then if I ask you in truth what you should appreciate or have gratitude about or who you should acknowledge that send or give something to you or give you the chance to do the same? do you know it all? did you ever took the time to think reflect or meditate about it?

do you have the wisdom to know what to be grateful about? some people sometime are grateful about things that will not necessarily make them happy; and other are not grateful about things that will make them happy.

what is the good that you all ready have in your life?

what is the foundation for the abundance that you have in your life?

what is the link between the good that you all ready have in your life and the foundation for the abundance that you have in your life?

did you ever take time to think, reflect or meditate on it?

some have meditated over 40 day have solved their division cleaned the inside of the cup being lead by the spirit and got to know them self(born of water). you see a statement from the outside does not change things on the inside unless you work on it.

the overly simple sentence just got not so simple and taking more time that you first think it would take.

it will also be rewarding to move from the surface of things to the deep deep things, that your mind did not touch. who knows a person's thoughts except their own spirit within them?

are you still in the dark about this?

if it can help you in your understanding it was freely given to you. some are worldly and cannot accept what I said because they cannot understand it and they will judge it as foolishness.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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True appreciation = complete alignment/detachment, there is no better energies than joy/appreciation bar none, whether you're appreciating what is already in your life now, or appreciating what's to come, you are almost immediately drawn into alignment and can surely expect miracles. [positive expectation] While I believe following your joy is at the top of the scale, appreciation goes hand in hand with joy, and one seems to lead to the other. Appreciation is the key to opening the door to speedy manifestations in miracle fashion!


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