What is the difference between mental state and (predominant) thoughts?

Can we define these two concetps which are used frequently?

How do they difference in effects?

Can we choose our "state" as easily (for some) our thoughts?

asked 10 Dec '10, 01:20

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I think we develop our mental state by the thoughts we choose to allow as predominant. When our dominant thoughts are negative, our mental state will be a reflection of that, and when they're positive our mental state will mirror that positivity back to us.

In other words what we choose to think will affect our mental state accordingly.


answered 10 Dec '10, 02:30

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I agree with that as well.

(16 Nov '12, 01:43) Crystal Lee Ouellette

well! predominant thought and your mental state is very different facts. the truth is you can identify both . predominant thought is the result of your own self talk with reputation and it hold believes of the thought and it becomes your master video tape on your head comes over and over again. but you mental state is not depend on your reputation or any other believe you are creating . it's just that the realty and your reaction to that . if same one bullied you on your way then your mental state may not be the same as you were before ,so that angry emotion is a current state of your mentality .predominant thought do not need a bully to make that angry emotion comes to you like commercial break , angry or happy dominant thoughts are your life.


answered 05 Sep '11, 07:38

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medhanie kiflom

@medhanie kiflom- welcome to inward quest

(05 Sep '11, 09:17) blubird two
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