Hi All,

My parents have lived a life full of struggle and after learning some of what we all have been discussing on this website over the past few months, I can understand and relate to why all this happened to them.

They are old now, they are on the verge of giving up mentally, physically and financially. They are probably in one of the worst points in their lives where nothing is working for them and I know why. Apparently they are depressed, and even not in a mindset to listen to anything.

Since the time i have started learning about this subject, my life has started improving drastically and I want theirs to improve too. I had spoken about this to them but they are not willing to understand any of this. They have completely closed themselves and they get irritated every time i encourage them to understand what i have learned.

Now the challenge for me is that I want them to learn about this, but do not know what is the best way for them to adopt it especially since they are not in a receptive mode. Also concerned that if they continue this way they are bringing more of misery to them selves.

Need your help. Thank you so much :)

asked 30 Oct '10, 20:09

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Keep using the good that's working for you. They are noticing your improvement. Yes their watching. So don't think your not making a difference and not helping them. You are. In the mean time you will continue to improve yourself. Let it be their idea to look at new ideas. And finely, how do we know what is best for someone else? Remember when you wanted to be left alone. May you didn't want to hear about all this. Maybe not that long ago.




answered 30 Oct '10, 20:53

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I agree with you Tom, this makes sense. Thank you so much :)

(01 Nov '10, 10:31) Sourabh

Welcome and all the best.

(02 Nov '10, 03:01) Tom

It is hard to try and persuade someone about something new ( even though you know it would be beneficial to them) if they're not in a place to hear it. You will in fact only cause frustration both for yourself and them if they are not ready to hear what you're trying to teach them - "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

I know when we first learn something that we are enthusiastic about and we know works, we want to share it with everyone, especially those closest to us. However, unfortunately it's just not realistic to expect everyone to be on our wavelength and in actual fact we are really only annoying them by trying to push something that they're just not in a place to hear.

The best thing you can do is to continue letting all this material improve your reality and they will begin to see the changes taking place with you and may even begin asking you what you are doing differently.


answered 30 Oct '10, 22:59

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Yes Michaela, I have experienced this many a times and I have ended up getting frustrated. Your answer makes things a lot clearer. Thanks so much :)

(01 Nov '10, 10:32) Sourabh

You're very welcome :)

(01 Nov '10, 11:15) Michaela

yes, we have no right to make someone do something,
setting the example and responding to any questions asked.
and keep them in your fondest thoughts


answered 31 Oct '10, 01:51

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Yes Fred, I will do what you have suggested. Thanks a lot :)

(01 Nov '10, 10:32) Sourabh

I am big on the fact that we learn from each other, and when the student is ready the teacher will appear! Also we rule by example, so in my opinion, you should continue to be the role model, and the teacher, and wait on your parents to come to you to teach them the secret to your success.

If your life has turned around in a big way, I am quite sure they will be curious to know what brought about these changes, and I feel that they will be lining up to hear your secret. So continue to do what you are doing, and wait, and allow your parents to notice your prosperity, and they will want to join you eventually. It is just a matter of time, and for some people seeing is believing. Hope this helps!


answered 31 Oct '10, 07:29

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee for the wonderful suggestion, now I know how to move forward. Thanks so much :)

(01 Nov '10, 10:34) Sourabh

If what you have and have learnt is real,and by that i mean that it works and produces ,then you will convince people to seek after what youve got.

Jesus produced results,he DID things that made people take him seriously.

An ounce of DOING is worth a sheaf of writing. An ounce of DOING is worth a lifetime of theorising. An ounce of DOING is worth more than any doctrine or belief system.

Carry on with the path your on. Seek after whats real and apply it. When it works youll have no problem convincing anyone of anything.



answered 31 Oct '10, 10:27

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Monty Riviera

edited 31 Oct '10, 13:20

Yes Graham, I am sure they will be inspired by my life. Thank you so much.:)

(01 Nov '10, 10:35) Sourabh

well do not make them believe in annything because it becomes a hindrance. but simply be example by applying what you know in your life.(Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country.)Matthew 13:57 And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor."

Mark 6:4 Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor."

Luke 4:24 "I tell you the truth," he continued, "no prophet is accepted in his hometown.


experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Sep '11, 05:27

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white tiger

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