I've heard and even read several instances where people have said that they "willed" themselves to do something. What exactly does that mean and how do you do it?

I have been on a quest to change myself, my outlook on life and how I view my circumstances. Six months ago I quit my job in the Finance industry (of 13 years), sold my home and moved to China to pursue a career in teaching. I've always wanted to travel and teaching/training has also been of interest to me. Well, now I'm here in China and I have discovered a lot about myself. Every problem I had in the US, I know have in China. At this point, I don't regret my decision as I am learning valuable lessons about myself. I am realizing how view things, how I view people, how I treat myself, how I think, etc. Now with 6 months left in my contract I need to make a decision about what to do next. My long term goal would be to become an entrepreneur, have a healthy relationship and continue to live abroad (NOT in China). However, I know I still have some personal work to do before expecting these things. So my questions are "What does it mean to will yourself to do things?" "How can I will myself to do these things?"

Also, any book recommendation on this subject or any other subject you feel would be helpful for my journey, would be greatly appreciated.


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In the traditional action-oriented sense, it means forcing yourself to do something you are not naturally feeling like doing.

So, if you have "willed" yourself to go to the gym and get fit, for example, it would mean that you pushed yourself using your "will power" to go and exercise. It's a kind of self-bullying. I guess the technical term is "self discipline" :)

In a Law-of-Attraction-style metaphysical sense, it means you are compensating for resistance within yourself to what you want with physical action. It's a perfectly legitimate of achieving things in your life if you believe there is virtue in hard physical effort :)

The downside is, however, that you haven't cleaned up your vibrational attitude (resistance) towards what you are applying your "will power" towards so the effect in your life of the physical action you are taking will be short-lived and eventually negated...because your dominant vibrational attitude will eventually assert itself again.

It would be like trying to swim against the tide...it only works until you get tired of being continually bashed by the oncoming waves :)

alt text

Most New Year's Resolutions are based around using "will power" and, while the gyms are bursting full of people in January, they are inevitably deserted again (by the New Year's Resolutions people) by March :)

In my opinion, application of "Will" tends to be a bit of a brute-force approach to life but it can still be applied in a more "intelligent" fashion by using the "Will" purely to establish habitual behavior which then eventually takes over and steers your life for you (without needing to use the "Will"). Eben Pagan's Wake Up Productive course explains pretty nicely how to do this.

The more elegant alternative (to using "Will" to achieve things) would be to clear up your resistance to what you want and use inspired action instead. Or else to use physical action as a way of feeling better - following the "thread of excitement" into alignment - rather than as a way of achieving results in the physical world.


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It means you have finally made a decision to do something and your whole being is after doing it.

But I've a counter question, if you have the power to force or WILL yourself to do something who can stop you? That's right only YOU can.

So tell me why are you resisting something YOU want so much that you've to will yourself to do it?

I agree with stingray, clear your mind first and as the energy becomes available you won't have to will ***. It'll happen all by itself. Love :)


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Pankaj Pal

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