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The reason you do not get your desire you have launched, whether it be using a law of attraction tool, method, process, trick, or game, comes down to actually only one thing.


I think a huge and epic dysfunction with society today is how we are all commonly trained with the idea that it's ok to be lazy. Too often do I see geniuses, top atheltes, high level business men toss their entire lives away through succumbing to the addiction of laziness, with the thought that "it's ok to be lazy. I'm being chill and relaxed."

Are you kidding me? Why is it every single day there is a new law of attraction question of IQ all about, "Man, like, please, tell me the secret method on how to get what I want!! Cant I just visualise what I want and it just pops up!! You know, life is too hard. Im just going to believe things will work out, and they just automatically will. Why cant I fly? Like why cant this person just fall in love with me? What stupid little cheap process do I have to do to lose weight? Why cant I just be muscular and slim now without any work!!"

What the heck ever happened to hard work, working really hard and putting in lots of time and effort for a small pay off?

If you're not familiar, emotions are addictive. I personally think that laziness is a lack of cognitive mental functioning as well as a physical emotional-body addiction. Ever heard of Eckhart Tolle talk about a "pain body"? Laziness is having a strong and tight relationship to being in the oppositve direction of being busy with life. People just dont want to do things.

And trust me, it has nothing to do with your lifestyle, or life circumstance or your little biographical story. While a Buddhist monk has practically abandoned the western world and 'the system' to live an alternative lifestyle, they are no way lazy. The have to work epically hard, every single day. Hard work.

Once the laziness kicks in, people will do whatever it takes and make whatever lies to themselves they need to make in order to remain lazy. Through laziness, people actually create bizarre stories for themselves that reinforce why they should continue to remain the same lazy self. Their RAS (reticular activation system, a part of the human brain)attaches to half-truths and builds upon lies.

You need to work your brain. You need to be active in life to get what you want. Working hard is actually not even that 'hard' to do, its very fun and enjoyable, getting started is the hard thing.

I will tell you right now how to get your desires. Let's take the example of losing weight. Here's what you do:

  • You beat yourself up about letting yourself get to xyz weight, due to a lack of good habits and work. There is no other reason.
  • You study and learn about nutrition, foods, weight loss, gaining muscle, how the human body works, how the human brain works, how habits are formed.
  • You impliment that information into you day to day life. You join a gym and you go every single day. You eat good, green foods and cut out alcohol.
  • You reduce stress and you impliment processes designed to do that; you meditate, you get quality sleep, you exercise
  • You keep up this hard work until you get your result.

Done. Work hard. You'll feel good. Don't take the easy path, take the hard narrow path to get your desires and goals.

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nikulas, what if it is other than desire satiety that this life is about, how many are sent on a detour. the constant reflection over what is done though, holds

(22 Sep '14, 18:24) fred

@Nikulas - As a sort of retrospective, I would draw your attention to all those "lazy" folks who consciously used the law of attraction to their advantage:

(23 Sep '14, 21:09) lozenge123
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The hardest work that exists is that of controlling your own thoughts :)

...many men and women have found to their sorrow that it is easier to control a kingdom than to control themselves.

But when you have learned to control yourself you will have found the "World Within" which controls the world without; you will have become irresistible; men and things will respond to your every wish without any apparent effort on your part.

Master Key System, Part Four


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@Stingray - As a somewhat successful man named Henry Ford once said, "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it."

(23 Sep '14, 14:18) lozenge123

Sometimes we don't get what we want because we don't truly want it even though we think we do. Our Spirits (Inner Being/Higher Self) knows what we truly want to be happy, and as Bashar says, will give you something even better than you imagined so why not just let go of your idea to allow even better to come to you?


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It's true that we are an emotionally stunted people, but it's important to remember that this was DONE TO US. Parts of our brains were forced to atrophy in mandatory public schooling. We were intentionally guided away from understanding that we have minds. For at least 13 years (including kindergarten) we were prevented from learning how to think (cognitive thinking) or use our minds.

Johann Fichte, the first N azi and the one who established a new kind of mandatory public schooling that governments around the world love said:

"He must not even hear that our vital impulses and actions can be directed towards our maintenance and welfare, nor that we may learn for that reason, nor that learning may be of some use for that purpose. It follows that mental development should be produced in him only in the manner described above, that he should be occupied with it unceasingly, and that this method of instruction should on no account be exchanged for that which requires the opposite material motive"

the idea was to make us incapable of acting independently. It made us into children. that was its purpose. Afraid or unwilling to do anything unless directed to by an authority figure.

When you know the truth of our history, it's hard to blame people for being what they were made into. It's hard to tell someone who doesn't know what cognitive thinking skills are that they should begin using them.

Part of the requirements of the "new education" Fichte gave us was that it should destroy the child's self-esteem and any sense of free will. With no meaningful self-esteem and no belief in free will, how can the adult understand what the adult can not remember ever having?

Though I do hear your frustration, and recognize the truthfulness of your post, I have great sympathy for those who haven't escaped that mindset.


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