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Why are there imperfections? Or are there any?

We perceive that they are due to our limitations, not actually based on anything other than how small the capacity of our physical brain is when it comes to realizing anything about what truly is, which is perfection.

No one's fault, it is a temporary condition we all experience while traveling within a physical body. The overwhelming immensity of the design comes across as problematic to our senses and reasoning, basically because we all overthinking most things. It really is quite simple to comprehend.

Try not to value your own assessments of comparison and relative correctness of anything. There is no 'you' to begin with and convinced that there is just filters the truth further away from your consciousness. Acceptance and compassion are gateways.

There is not an answer we could ever comprehend, only experience. The path has no length, and if properly traversed will be where it started. We only know what we think we know, which is circular logic and self deceptive.

Love is the heat we feel from the friction of souls rubbing. Nothing in this world, physical, is of any lasting consequence, as it will all disappear one day from proton decay and the eventual absence of all matter, leaving just the spiritual realm.

May peace be with you always.

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things as they are created
that way have a place in the
picture that we see, but what
can we see


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