I work hard, perhaps too hard, at my spirituality.

I find it much easier to just hang out without caring (at times) about all the karmic aspects of life. But I tend to backslide, and I know I am not alone. "Seek ye first The Kingdom of God" seems to be a tough road to follow.

Am I alone in feeling this way? Or is it just part of being human to find it easier to be a couch potato than a Mother Teresa?

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Blessings, Jai

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Goodness is not something we have to work at or strive for it is an innate part of our being and arises spontaneously from within when we begin to cultivate compassion toward other sentient beings.

I think a lot of people become so engrossed with spiritual growth ( and I'm not meaning you personally Jai ) that they lose sight of the real reason for it... to realize their true nature and make that their gift to the world and genuine compassion and the desire to help will arise naturally from that.

We're all presented with numerous ways every day to help but we have to have our eyes open to see them. Sometimes it may be as simple as a smile or a friendly word for someone feeling down. When we spend too much time looking for the great purpose in life we miss the opportunities right in front of us to make this world a better place. I think once we master this if there is a bigger purpose in our divine plan... God or Whoever will show us. And don't forget to ask to be shown... sometimes we often forget that little step :)

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"I think a lot of people become so engrossed with spiritual growth ( and I'm not meaning you personally Jai ) that they lose sight of the real reason for it... to realize their true nature and make that their gift to the world and genuine compassion and the desire to help will arise naturally from that." Such wise words, my dear, and so true! Want a giggle? I just pictured you in a ratty robe, on a couch at home, hunched over your laptop, writing night and day for IQ...an IQ potato? Are we both becoming IQ potatoes? And what does it mean if we are????? Hope this is a giggle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+1

(16 Aug '11, 15:24) Jaianniah

@Michaela: Great answer!

(17 Aug '11, 14:11) Maria 3

@Jai...you did make me chuckle although I don't think the little bit of time I devote to IQ would be deserving of the title :))

(18 Aug '11, 00:04) Michaela

@Maria...thank you :)

(18 Aug '11, 00:04) Michaela
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The Church has caused a lot of confusion about what it means to seek the kingdom of God, what is the kingdom of God, etc... I see the Christian view of Christ as being so defined by man's standards that it has become idolotry. The doctrinal packaging include rules like: you can't dance, unless it is in worship to God; women should not wear makeup or jewelry or pants; men should not wear jewelry or facial hair or long hair; you should not go to the movies or watch tv or go online without a filter; you must be vote for candidates who use prolife in their campaigns; you must not drink any alcohol; you must not drink caffein; you must have a pastor to be your shepard so you don't get lost; etc...

What Jesus said was to love our neighbors; pray for our enemies and those who mistreat us; not to hold anger in our hearts, equating it with murder; not to lust after another man's wife, equating it with adultery; not to make empty promises including ones of marriage vows; not to seek revenge, but to be giving; to ask and we will receive, seek and we will find, knock and the door will be opened to us; to treat others the way we would want them to treat us; and yes, He said that the gate is narrow and hard and few shall find it. He also says His yolk is light, so I think the gate being hard is that we have some affliction that causes us to seek God. We only seek what we are missing. It is when we are so pressed, that we realize we need God, that we seek God.

Jesus said that we are one body. We need to treat each other as if we understood that. When the nose itches, the hand scratches it, but the hands cannot curse the nose for itching, it is the source of the sense of smell. I noticed in churches that people thought they had a license to gossip and be exclusive and backbiting, ignoring the needs of others. They expect total conformation so that everybody looks the same and acts the same and thinks the same. No wonder so many are so confused about what it means be a Christian.

I have been out in the churches to see what they believe and now I am searching throught the words of Christ, to see what He had to say. I have been searching for the truth. The truth is in us, not in a box the Church has created.

So in order to be good, you have to first define what it means to be good. Then, we can examine why it is hard or not.


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Fairy Princess

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FP, I really like your post...BTW, my Christian Church neither believes and does not practice ANY of the stuff you listed...But! I guess I was looking for more about WHY it is sometimes hard to want to be good...I am assuming from your answer that you blame religion...Am I right? Love ya!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Aug '11, 16:57) Jaianniah

I am saying that you have to define what it means to be good. The church has confused the issue of what it means to be good.

(16 Aug '11, 18:07) Fairy Princess

I addeded a little bit. Does that make it clear? Thanks

(16 Aug '11, 18:08) Fairy Princess

I am glad your church doesn't practice any of that.

(16 Aug '11, 18:09) Fairy Princess

I left my home in Mississippi in part because of this church, its preacher, and the tremendous people there, of whom Wade is just one. It is a great church, completely different than any I have ever attended because Terry, the Pastor, is a true shepherd...and like Jesus, a full-time carpenter. The church absolutely rocks with Faith. I wish you could come! After being with Terry, you have no doubts about what God wants. He doesn't treat us like idiots- he also always gets the best from us all. He has that skill of making the Bible simple and clear. Thanks again for your answer. +1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(17 Aug '11, 01:12) Jaianniah

I guess what all that boils down to is that because of the Christian Center, and because of Terry, I now know EXACTLY what God wants from me and how to please Him. The trick is discipline and faith! I guess I still have a ways to go in the discipline area! LOL Jai

(17 Aug '11, 01:16) Jaianniah
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it is part and parcel of the complexity of being a human,
though existing from spirit ones lives in matter,
and each with a pull towards its end.
our gift of mind is constantly presented with choices for action


answered 17 Aug '11, 00:50

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I just realized that your answer is a sort of lovely poem...I get it! I like your answer. Thank you!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+1

(17 Aug '11, 01:03) Jaianniah

What you are describing is "temptation" ;) Temptation is a by-product of free will and choice. It keeps us on our toes (or couch) and reminds us of our imperfection, to stay humble.


answered 17 Aug '11, 14:16

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Maria 3

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