Following on from my previous question What does moving from the 3rd to 4th density actually mean?, why will the Earth ascend into fifth density without spending too long in the fourth density (70 - 100 years according to differing reports). Why have we spent thousands of years in 3D and will only spend a mere 100 years in 4D?

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@Catherine - Thanks for asking another great question. I know I've wondered about this myself, but didn't really think to ask. It does seem strange, doesn't it?

(11 Oct '12, 11:58) Grace
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It's worth re-emphasizing that the definition of a 4D stop-gap between 3D and 5D is an interpretation from The 9D Pleiadians and as explained by the link in your question, those interpretations of where density/dimensional borders exist are pretty people trying to decide where the color Turquoise ends and the color Blue begins.

But bearing in mind that subjective interpretation, the 9D Pleiadians are saying that the ultimate target for the current transition is 5D anyway so we're not going to hang around in 4D no matter what.

I think the amount of time we are spending there is just the minimum that is required to make it a comfortable switch.

They are saying that the transition straight from 3D to 5D would be too harsh. 5D has, for example, fundamental changes like parallel realities all occurring (being perceptible) at once, rather than serially (in 3D)...a fairly mind-blowing shift if you think about it :)

So they say that 4D - which we shifted into within the last couple of years, I think - allows the best of both worlds as a transition level.

4D is malleable enough to allow the continued projection of 3D "rules" upon it, for those who still want that experience, while also simultaneously allowing the projection of 5D "rules" for those who want a more 5D-like experience now e.g. with time being more "fluid".

As our experience of linear time goes on, more and more humans will start to experience 4D as 5D anyway and eventually I think there will then be a natural easing into the 5D experience.

The 9D Pleiadians have emphasized that the timescale they are giving of about 70 years is really just a broad guess. There is no linear time in 5D anyway and they have no idea themselves about the details of how the shift will occur (since there is no fate) so this is just a figure given to satisfy our 3D mental perspectives that demand facts and figures.

The timescale could change as we (as a collective) change.


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@Stingray Thanks for answering the question - in general this is what a few channellers are saying. I just wondered whether all planets transition through 4D in this way or I think I read somewhere that some planets are sort of odd numbered planets - 3D, 5D etc and so therefore wouldn't stay long in 2D, 4D etc Or, is it as I now understand from Treb - there is just less to work through in 4D than in 3D?

(14 Oct '12, 12:08) Catherine

@Catherine - What I'm quoting here is purely the perspective of the 9D Pleiadians. Treb defines the densities/dimensions differently as does a being like Bashar. Just because the same terminology is used, it doesn't mean that the words are being used to mean the same things and it's possible to generate considerable self-confusion by arbitrarily mixing and matching terminologies :) I don't believe that either Treb or Bashar mean 4D in the same way as the 9D Pleiadians do.

(18 Oct '12, 17:49) Stingray

@Stingray I missed this answer - thank you for it. Basically the only thing that matters is raising your vibration anyway but I find my character has to sort it all out intellectually as well - I'm working on that! Anyway, thank you for your patience.

(25 Nov '12, 05:19) Catherine
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From what Treb said there is no set time for any density, it is all very individual for every race and every density. there are thousands of years in 4th and 5th also, Treb described that the 4th d and 5th d are many generations and many existences in each density. in fact he said that there are ( for example in general ) 500 incarnations for us here , 100 in 4th, 20 in fifth, and 5 in 6th. so i don't think there really is a specific amount. Here is a guide for help.

love n light


alt text


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@TReb Bor yit-NE Are you saying that it will take as long as it takes to get through the different densities but it sounds as if 3D is the real long haul density? On the chart are we at the top end of 3D/bottom end of 4D?

(14 Oct '12, 12:13) Catherine

@catherine yes, we are at end of 3rd before 4th, and the "ghost zones" is where we go in between lives and incarnations.

(16 Oct '12, 07:53) TReb Bor yit-NE

I know in scientology or is it mormonism? there is a huge aspect of "becoming a star" or owning a planet after death and after your soul gets to a certain level. I'd be interested to see how that all comes together..


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