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I have become an avid follower of IQ and this site is a tremendous benefit to us without a question. There's something I 'discovered' or have been observing for a very long time, even from before I came on to IQ.

So, this is post is not a specific question per say but it'd be great to hear some point of views and so I have marked it as community Wiki.

When you read the following, please bear in mind that it is just my theory from observations from my own life. There's no judgement here, or right or wrong, good or bad. So request you to, maybe, treat it like collectively looking into the mirror...if that makes sense:) Maybe just a good read:)

EDIT:In this context, an event is something that's out of ordinary, something out of the norm. An exception to the rule. Like an alarm on a clock. An alarm is an event that's out of the norm of regular function of tick-tock of the clock. That's why it's an ALARM. By this definition, our daily brushing is an activity and not an event. What I am trying to say is, some of us will Over-analyze the brushing activity, decide best and only time of brushing is x A.M, with 0.02 grams of toothpaste, 20 upwards and 20 downwards brush strokes, rinse with salt water. Repeat thrice. This would be making an event out of something that need not maybe warrant it.

Do you feel like questioning EVERYTHING in your life?

My observation is that, in today's day and age we have become 'event monsters'and I use the word monsters in the sense of the hugeness of the appetite we have discovered to create an 'event' out of everything. These days, everything in our life seems to be an event or we want it to be so or we make it so. We create an event by questioning it. All types of questions for any and all big and small occurences. It is becoming a habit of ours (Human race) it seems. Somehow we find solace in this persual. Understandibly we have more outlets/forums etc. to indulge in these days and it maybe a result of that. But is that a good thing? I have observed this to be true across the cultures, countries and seems like a global phenomenon.

...I am just not sure it's such a good idea. That's just my observation. It is one thing to question something that over a long period of time may have validity in one's life but at other times and with certain people it is an obsession (for lack of better word). Somehow we have concluded that we should question everything, I mean everything that happens, we may think may happen, has happened, why it hasn't happened, why is it happening all the time, why is it just happening only to me and on and on it goes.

I mean from the smallest of the things to the ...let me give you a specific example and at the same time, let me warn you, its probably the weirdest one you have heard, but its a true story:)

I don't burp! Ever! I don't do burps! This came to light 8 years ago when my girlfriend casually observed it and I conciously started noticing it. Yep, true. No burps here. So a quest began. Sure enough, I am trying to force a burp here and there. No luck. Then I realized, I don't remember burping ever! Oh man, what was not an issue three weeks earlier now became an issue in my life. To cut a long story short, a point came (months later) when I stopped 'looking' into it. I didn't care, I didn't want to know why and, and because I was on a curve in my life where I was conciously simplifying my life and I am cheap:), I did not go to a pychiatrist or a physician to find out:)... but then, I noticed another strange thing... I don't do headaches either! I guess! hangovers sure, but no head pounding headaches, none! Maybe I am empty in my head, I don't tax my brains enough or whatever. This time it even became a joke amongst friends: What do you say to your GF when 'you are not in mood'?:) But this time, I didn't bother looking for answers. It's tiring. Its just is. And that's good enough for me.

The examples illustrates a tendency to over-analyze on my part. I am still guilty of that. But now, I restrain myself. Enough days later, its not even an issue. Moved on! In my experience, this type of questioning just takes the joy out of simple things in life. They are meant to be experienced and to move on. It maybe true that nothing happens in our lives accidently , but I don't think everything is meant to be dissected every which way either. That's my outlook.

Isn't it amazing that the most difficult tasks are taken care for us without us making an issue of them... like, for example, I don't make an issue out of whether I should put my right foot or left foot down first when getting outta bed. Or, I hope blood in my body is reaching safely wherever its supposed to. OR, wow, I can smell things, hope the smell thingies which are responsible for smelling things are working tip-top:)

It's amazing, how a curiousity can extend into a habit of exploring everything we do not understand. Maybe we are not supposed to understand it. Did you ever find yourself Googling the hell out of some medical symptoms you may have and go to the doctor and before he can, give your 'own' diagnosis of what you think is wrong with you?:) I know I am guilty of doing that. It just doesn't feel right to do so. Even for non-believers of medicine, a doctor is more qualified to at least diagnose. Whether one agrees to agree with that diagnosis is another story. An on and on it goes.

Now, I understand there is an individual obejectivity involved here. Who decides what's an 'event' in my life or not and I think that's fair. There's also an element of abundant resources on the Net. So, all the answers are out there:) But, are we becoming more aware and exploratory as a human race? I know, those who are on spiritual path are, but over-all, generally speaking are we becoming over-ananlyzing, a generation of 'there shouldn't be no mystery or wonderment to my existence' race? A whole lot of over-sensitive, formulaic, existential bunch? We even want to know 'how much to think', 'How good a good feeling should be', Maybe even 'had a good feeling while praying, but also had an equally good feeling while having beer! What gives? Which one is better?':)

We may have gone to the moon and may go to Mars, but unlike an automobile, there's STILL no one who can take our physical body completely apart and then put it back together better than it was. At least not yet. That's still reserved for the Big guy (or woman..ahem). And that's just our body, lets not even go into dissecting thoughts/emotions/feelings. We are constantly patching up, healing, moulding, coercing, repairing those. Maybe its supposed to be a mystery, maybe not. I don't know.

I am curious to see your take on this 'event monstering' phenomenon:)

PS: BTW, I sneezed three times consecutively while writing this...gotta go check on that:)

asked 22 Jun '12, 02:50

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edited 23 Jun '12, 01:02

@Xoomaville, you'd better Google those sneezes....

(22 Jun '12, 13:37) Grace

@Xoomaville,....and you need to write a book.

(22 Jun '12, 13:48) Grace

@Grace, you are just being kind and grace-ious:)

(23 Jun '12, 01:03) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - I don't know the answer to your question about event monstering but surely questions about thoughts and feelings are appropriate to a LOA/spiritual website?

(23 Jun '12, 10:07) English Rose

@English Rose - Of course the questions about thoughts and feelings is what this site is about. Also the reason I posted this question here:) It's something to wonder about that's all:)

(23 Jun '12, 11:37) Xoomaville
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Personally I don't believe in questioning every single thing unless its something specific like a limiting belief or something you want to change.

I just don't think you could attain harmony in your life this way.

There is something Bashar says which I like "Until your change your beliefs RESPECT them". Eg Your in bad health and you have 2 choices.Take the medication or cure yourself with your mind/ positive affirmations/ meditation,because the body knows how to cure itself.If your core belief deep down is that the medication will benefit you the most ( common belief anyway)then it will benefit you the most.:)


answered 23 Jun '12, 04:01

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I agree, we can get ourselves in big trouble asking the right/wrong questions.

(23 Jun '12, 10:17) Fairy Princess

@Satori, I wonder how I missed your answer. Just saw it. I like what you mention via Bashar "Until you change your beliefs RESPECT them". That really is a wise advice. I think over-all, I have been on both extremes (not asking at-all, go with the flow as well as over-analyzing, all consuming) but once the new excitement settled down, I am much more aware of my tendency to over-do and am pacing myself:)

(24 Jun '12, 12:12) Xoomaville

@xoomaville-Glad I could help in some way.On reflection though I'm sure it's fine to question everything if it feels good to You:) I  just enjoy peace and harmony in my life.Yeah that statement from Bashar was a real breakthrough for me :)

(24 Jun '12, 14:59) Satori

@Satori, Yes! I have always thought I needed to be tough and fight anything and everything I percieved as "wrong" with any aspect of myself. I am learning now to respect each of these, maybe gently ask how they have served me in the past, and allow whatever is there to come up naturally, in their own good time, to be healed. It's about losing the fear of them, isn't it?

(24 Jun '12, 15:21) Grace
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I think the important thing is to ask the right questions to get the answers we want. Sometimes we have to ask the 'wrong' questions that get us the 'wrong' answers, but it guides us to ask the right questions.

Edit to address your comment. We ask questions differently. Some people hardly ask questions at all. Some people are taught by their parents and teachers not to ask questions. Then there is the other extreme of those who compulsively ask questions and analyze everything. I can get carried away to an OCD extent if I don't temper myself. I have a scientific mind, so I analyze everything. But for some it really can be excessive. I think ultimately we want peace. The less peace we feel, the more we search and ask questions.

We as humans have the need to control everything. In order to control it, we need to understand it. Fear is the driver of need to control. So if one eliminates fear, they won't find the need to control everything, to over annalyze everything.


answered 22 Jun '12, 13:47

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Fairy Princess

edited 24 Jun '12, 08:58

@Fairy Princess, of course, I am not questioning the intent behind questioning, I am questioning the extent behind questioning:) Agreed that asking the correct question is half of the battle won:) Thanks for the answer:) btw, I envy your ability to be short, precise and still make a point in your answer:))

(23 Jun '12, 01:07) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville thank you for your kind words.

(23 Jun '12, 01:13) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, I can totally identify to your added observation. I have been on that path before. few years back, while in a difficult situation, alone and away from my support system, I reached out for spirituality and discovered Wayne Dyer, 'Conversations With God' (a book lots of people told me comes into one's life when most needed), Carl Segan and others. My life's first foray in spiritualism, but I had to go overboard. From morning till night, I was over-consuming any and all...

(24 Jun '12, 11:57) Xoomaville

...that within months I was fatigued with the whole subject. Then I just stopped. Totally turned off. As I mentioned on this site elsewhere, this time, when I discovered IQ, I want to pace myself. Amazingly, on positive note, although back then I thought I wouldn't retain any of it (as there are lots of parallel theories,processes etc.)I learned a lot and am amazed some understanding of it has stuck. So, it is good if one knows themselves and feels they need to pace it, I think!

(24 Jun '12, 12:02) Xoomaville
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I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say, but events occur every single day. The act of brushing your teeth is an event, waking up is an event, washing your hands is an event, etc.

Googling for medical symptoms before visiting the doctor is probably what a lot of us are guilty for, especially when most of here know that doctors only help to a certain extent, sometimes your body is able to heal on your own much more rapidly then visiting a doctor.

The ability to think and the thirst for curiosity is what makes the human race so powerful and different from the other animals and species on this planet. Without curiosity, the plane would not have been invented, the computer would not have been invented, and phones would not have improved over the years so rapidly.

You just got to accept the fact that there are some things in life which you can never get an answer to...


answered 22 Jun '12, 07:26

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@Kakaboo, appreciate your answer. I have edited my post to add another point. I understand that the beginnings of inventions/discoveries/progress lie in the questions asked, it's when we start questioning menial things is what I am questioning:)

(23 Jun '12, 01:19) Xoomaville

You are questioning the fact that we question everything. I think we need to. I think questioning is the beginning of all original thought.

Think about what would happen to us if we did not question everything. If we just accepted the status quo. Worse, if we let someone else tell us what to think. Sounds like a history lesson... Shudder. I agree, we may not always need the answers, but we do need the questions or we stagnate.

And questioning brings so much more than answers, it brings more questions. Better ones, like "Why do you ask?" There's treasure in that one. It is, essentially, what you have asked here. :)

I also think we are bored, and need something better to do with our brains. I do find solace in this.

Great subject. Thanks for bringing it up.


answered 22 Jun '12, 13:38

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@grace lol, I did realize the irony of questioning of the whole questioning phenomenon, but someone had to:) Plus, thought I may fly under the radar on that one point:) There's tremendous power in questioning no doubt. And we should be asking questions but I guess the times have changed and now we want to know NOW about everything. There's expectation of instant gratification as well:) All the answers here are great and fun to think over. More questioning maybe?:)

(23 Jun '12, 01:55) Xoomaville

...totally agree on being 'bored'. I think being bored has got a bad rap. Its unduly underrated. It can be a blessing. It has led to many a discoveries I believe. That's also a powerful thing about the human brain. There must be a reason why we get bored with routines, seek variety, crave newer experiences. Its a good journey, we just have to remember to live it without all-consuming questioning all the time:)

(23 Jun '12, 02:04) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, I've never thought of boredom in that light before. We must be hardwired for it, as you say, for good reason.... Why?

(23 Jun '12, 02:49) Grace

@Grace, I don't know but I do know that sometimes boredom leads to something exciting...sometimes. I was bored and was googling for 'Natural ways to fall asleep faster without medication' when, believe it or not, top search result was some thread from IQ. That's how I stumbled upon IQ. True story:) Had never heard of it before.

(23 Jun '12, 04:19) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, Perfect example. I guess boredom sparks a "Quest" to relieve it.

(23 Jun '12, 09:34) Grace
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Yes I can see where you are with this. We all want to be healthy and when we find something is off-kilter want it corrected.

Like for you with this burping thing, that means your stomach is working well, you don't have an ulcer apparently. So that is a good thing, I know that everything can always be improved that is just a fact. Even something that works fine can be tweaked to work even better. There is always room for improving things.

On the other hand there are people that say the opposite and say "If it works then don't fix it." I think that this frame of thought though is hindering, it is settling. Your stomach works well but it could work even better. Go to a health food store and you will see what I mean or better yet go to a herbal nutritionist that can tell you just what to buy, I go to an Irodologist myself.

Looking up symptoms is not a bad thing, none of my doctors even the Emergency Room could not tell what was wrong with me. My fiancee and I figured out our selves and with the help of looking up information I am very allergic to her E-Cigerettes. We thought is was some very bad sickness why my throat feels like someone is choking me and when I cough I can't breath for a while. All are symptoms of people allergic to those, I guess I just need to get detoxified and everything will be back to normal for me.

When I decided to fight it the answer came.

We all want to be in the best of health so there is nothing wrong with looking out for your health.


answered 22 Jun '12, 13:29

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, Of course nothing wrong in self investigation into something related to our health, I totally agree there. But, some people make a mission out of it, constantly, overly worried about their health (again not a good/bad...right/wrong in itself)in spite of the proof that they are as healthy as an average person. And one's health is still a considerate issue, I am saying, some people get over-consuming in questioning everything, which may not be healthy:)

(23 Jun '12, 01:30) Xoomaville

I don't know about all of this...I am a little puzzled by this question (maybe I am a moron) but I do NOT make an event out everything...I also seldom burp, but I never gave it a thought until you wrote about it....So what?? Should I Google why I do not burp or something?

I am reminded of my childhood. I had a gentle sprinkle of freckles across my nose and cheeks, which suddenly disappeared as I got into my teens. I was so happy...Until one day, I was at the eye doctor's office. He had put that orange junk into my eyes, and brought out that UV light to look into my eyes..lo and behold, there were all those darned freckles, quite visible under the UV light...Now that I am an "old lady" (ha ha) I am reminded that any day now, one of those hidden freckles could burst out into a full-blown age spot or worse, one of those big, hairy moles...But is that an event????

I figure that the biggest event of my day (today) will be killing Wade for revealing that I am resorting to E-cigarettes to soothe my craving for the real thing. Now...murder...THAT'S an event!

With a twinkle in my eye,


Hey, I'm a poet!


answered 22 Jun '12, 15:19

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@Jaianniah, great answer. made me smile:) Nope, no need to worry about 'no burping', there's no big reveal there. I think you make my own point (with the sprinkle of freckles memory) that somethings you have to wait till you reach the bridge before getting worked up about crossing it:) Also, let me congratulate you on at least taking a positive step of reaching out to E-cigarettes. Maybe @Wade Casaldi should not have revealed it but in his defense he used the info to make a good point.

(23 Jun '12, 02:16) Xoomaville

....So no Murder event. Please:)

(23 Jun '12, 02:16) Xoomaville

No, no murder....if I mentioned whips and chains, you'd get altogether the wrong idea about us...But it is all good. It gave me a chance to practice some humility...I mean, it is the truth...Tell the truth and shame the devil, right? Thanks for your comment...It made ME smile!<3

(24 Jun '12, 06:12) Jaianniah

whips and chains? Hmm....questions, questions...

(24 Jun '12, 07:38) Xoomaville

See? I told you you would get all the wrong idea! LOL!

(24 Jun '12, 16:01) Jaianniah
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