What one thing would help a newcomer to our site find useful towards feeling inner peace?

I am a friend of Bill W. I have learned from him that acceptance is the key to peace...but I have never really read anything here (or I have missed it) about the practice of utterly accepting one's circumstances. What do you think? What makes you feel good inside?

Blessings this Holiday Season, 2009,


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Remember your first crush.

Who were they? What sort of clothes did they wear? What did they like to do?

Can you recall the spark of life - the twinkle in their eyes?

Their cute smirk, or sheepish smile they sometimes put on?

The thrill to your body by just being near them?

How about their laugh? What they looked like when they were surprised?

Even the cute look they put on when something annoyed them?

What was the image of them, that sometimes peacefully lulled you to sleep at night?

Do you remember those dreamy nights?

Dwell in the feeling.

Press your index fingers against the base of the thumb on the same hand, remaining in the feeling.

Repeat the vision and finger pressure a few times over a week or two.

Whenever you want to access the feelings, press your index fingers against the base of the thumb of the same hand. :)

Keep the memory alive - and find others that give you similar feelings.


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It feels incomplete...Were you going to say more, perhaps something like "Now hold onto that feeling for the rest of your life?" Don't leave me hangin'!

(29 Dec '09, 00:45) Vesuvius

chuckles I was actually going to say something like that - but must have got distracted. What you said gave me an idea though, so I extended it a bit. Props to you. tips his imaginary hat

(29 Dec '09, 01:16) Liam

<giggling madly=""> Love it! Great answer...odd...but great! Now- I have the feeling....but I live alone....guess what problem you created for me....<giggling madly="" again=""> Jaianniah P.S. Don't worry- I will think up yet another question that will require you to resolve my problem....LOL! Jai

(29 Dec '09, 01:52) Jaianniah
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Einstein once said this about life:

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

I think what he meant was that whether you live a fearful life or a joyous life is your choice, and not someone else's.


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The Traveller

Yes this is the key of E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique, accepting what is or what has been.

When we accept things that are as they are, we release the worry over things this releases the problems bothering us. If we see these as just things that are or were and have nothing to do with us personally then they lose their power over us, in this is a key to freedom and peace being released from what we have no control of.


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Wade Casaldi

I feel good inside when there is: unity, Family bonding, when everyone in the family is spending time together, sharing, loving, giving, and respecting each other for who they are, when there is no judgment, jealousy, or dysfunction in the family. I feel really good, and proud, when I feel this peaceful energy all around me with the great laughter, fun, joy, and harmony coming from everyone in our family circle.

I feel good when I volunteer my service to help others. I feel good when I am successful, in my achievements. I feel good when I express my point of view, and it is well taken. I feel good when I give respect, and receive respect. I feel good because I am loved by my family, and friends. I feel good when I get the help that I need from my doctor. I feel good because I love God, and he loves me. I feel good talking to all the people on PSI TEK Inward Quest Website.


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