I've always believed in the Law of Attraction and have no doubt that it is a law and always works. But my understanding is that you can attract physical things to you - like more money, physical objects, people, etc.

What I am puzzled about is self-development and how we can apply these teachings to enhance our physical abilities. Let's say, for example, that a person wants to be a great mathematician, or a great chess player, or writer, whatever the person wants. I am not talking about being recognized as one by other people, which would be easy under the premisse that you can always attract people that will find you a great whatever you want to be. I am talking about really achieving an expert level on something, like being able to understand physics like an Einstein, or writing really well, as a Shakespeare. Is it possible to achieve that level of expertise using any Universal Law? If so, what that law would be, and how would we use it?

For it seems to me, sometimes, that after we get all the material abundance we desire, there will be always something more to be achieved, and that more would not be something material, but spiritual, like developing a skill or something.

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The universe is conscious and made of energy- all the way down. Atoms are atoms because they have intelligence, are alive, and crave fuller expression, so the particles/waves they are made up of band together to form them, and they crave to form molecules, which form cells, which form you. You are sitting in a galactic soup made if vibrant, creative matter, and as far as your body is concerned, everything you do is based on the desires and lives and deaths of the molecules you are made of.

The sum of those urges meets with the urge of your mind to make the most of all of this vibrant matter that responds directly to your thought- the mind wants to express itself to the fullest. From there, it is simply a matter of degree- yes, you are already enhancing your physical abilities- you have your physical abilities in the first place- because of universal law, and by following your own urges, you absolutely have the ability to fulfill yourself with intelligence and with mastery of who you are to a level that truly has no limits at all. Universal law brought you the expression that you have now, physically, and when you align yourself, it can bring you more- and that is the perfectly natural process of life.

They say that like attracts like, and I have found that a wonderful way to align yourself towards mastery is to interact with great minds, and because great minds are just energy to, you can imagine them and talk to them and you will become like them. If you want to be more like Einstein, imagine Einstein and talk to him. If you want to become a master chess player, imagine a master chess player and talk to her. You may even decide to merge with her, directly, and express her through yourself. The physicality, the neural connections necessary, will transmute naturally and stimulate growth in the right places to transform your body towards the idea that it holds of yourself, like it already has done right now with the idea you hold of yourself now- and if you change that idea, for example into a great chess player, your physicality will grow into that- within the framework of your existance, without limits. It is really just a matter of practice.

So use, if you want to do that, the tried-and-tested procedure of method acting. Imagine yourself with the ability, talk to the people with the ability in your imagination, create physical space that reflects the ability, and create the pathway to let the ability excite you- and keep doing it.


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@cmc, beautiful and insightful answer. It really comes to the core of what I am feeling right now - full of possibilities, and ideas, and so excited about them that I understand now that no manifestation can be as fulfilling as the simple idea that brings this current of life through our bodies and electrify them so that all we want is... More life!

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being a young and lazy university student with a head full of dreams this is a topic I am very interested in myself, too. I have asked a few questions with similar aim some time ago, you can look them up on my account; maybe you will find something useful there.

But let me tell you here a short summary of how my quest for answers is going so far:

Regarding Law of Attraction, if we can manifest material things there should be no reason we couldn't manifest "mental" things like skills, abilities or even maybe preferred personality traits, etc.

With applying standard reality creation methods like belief change, letting go, getting happy(being in the Vortex) etc, knowing some things about reality is also crucial. And one thing that is most important is that you know that everything already is, NOW, because there only is eternal Now. No past, no future. And in this Now you already are all you want to be. You just can't see that because of the illusion of time and nature of our physical reality. So actually there is no process and no time in which something can become. Everything is already done and is. So are you with all your wanted skills. Ok, let's move on.

One more thing to remember is the, now already famous(I think), statement that all things are possible but not all things are probable. This is important only in a sense of how "extreme" is your desire. Me, I tend to be extreme - for example, I wanted to know is it possible to gain all sorts of knowledge without needing to study. It's obvious that that should be very less probable than someone actually studying and becoming the world's smartest man as a result. A few months back I had a chat with a channeled entity that said to me that that is possible but it would not be a path of least resistance; it would be like going against the reality we are in now - a limited physical reality. The path of least resistance would be to just simply study...So, as I understood the entity, it would take the same(or more) amount of time(or effort) acquiring the skill of instantaneous knowledge as it would take to actually study and learn. But that is just my interpretation of it's answer, don't take it for granted.

From my experience, I can say I successfully improved a number of abilities and traits by trusting the universe and knowing I already am that person who I want to be - I'm more relaxed, more confident, more humorous, my memory is very, very sharp, I study with greater speed etc. compared to, let's say, 2 years ago. I even quit some bad habits. And more is coming...

So, to conclude, Law of Attraction should be great for accelerating the speed of learning a skill and boosting results, even to the extremes! Accomplish your full potential, because why not? It's not the matter of can you do it or not, you already are it.


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@Marin, thanks for the answer. It has made me think the following: what if - and I believe it may really be so - we have already all the knowledge we need, and the process of studying is just the process of learning how to retrieve that knowledge - the process of bringing it into awareness? Then, what is really in the way of retrieving our knowledge if not just our own impatience? :)

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What I am puzzled about is self-development and how we can apply these teachings to enhance our physical abilities

Yes, you can enhance physical abilities. You can be, do or have anything you want for that matter. If you want to know what's possible for you in this lifetime, check the following criterias for yourself.

  1. Imagination: Can I imagine it?
  2. Desire: Do I have a real desire for it?

First criteria is pretty obvious and you will almost always be able to answer it with a clear "Yes". Because, if you are asking yourself the question, chances are you are already imagining it.

For example, if I ask myself "Can I imagine flying by just flapping my arms very fast?" the answer would be "Yes, of course!". Now if I ask myself "Do I have a real desire for it?". My answer would be "No.".

So, this means that in this lifetime it will not be possible for me to fly by just flapping my arms very fast. But since I have no real desire for it, I'm not dissapointed.

Now that we know what's possible and what's not, let's look at how to achieve something that's possible.

In order to manifest what you want deliberately, you must match the vibration of that which is already done. You must BE it. If you do that and make it your default state of being by choosing to be that which you desire, it has to manifest. There is no way around it. Because it is law.

How To Find The Vibration Your Desire In Order To Become It

So in order to manifest what you really desire, you must become it and make it your default state. In order to become it and make it your default state, you must find the vibration of it. In order to find the vibration of it, you must feel the the feeling of already having/being it within yourself.

One simple way is to just ask yourself "How would I feel if I already had X right now?". Then be still and wait for an answer.

Another way is to move in time within your mind.

Almost all of us tend to think of life as a process and we think in terms of time. So when we think of something we desire, usually we think in terms of the process of achieving what we desire (The "How?").

But that's a really good way to mess up vibration. Because if we think of the "How?", we introduce all kinds of unnecessary limitations and limiting beliefs into the process. And so, we polute the state of already having/being what we want.

So the easy solution is to use this thinking in terms of time and timelines to our advantage.

alt text

As you can see above, there are four phases of time. Most people think in "Phase 1" and "Phase 2". And that's where you will never find the vibration of that which you want to BE.

In order to manifest what you want fast and easy, you have to be in the vibration of "Phase 3" or "Phase 4".

Phase 1 happens automatically. Phase 2 is none of your business. It's the Universe's job to figure out. What you want to explore most of the time is Phase 3 or Phase 4.

In my experience, Phase 4 tends to be the easiest vibration to hold within because you move way beyond all your limitations and just stay in a quite and effortless place.

So once you find the vibration of already having what you want, now your only job is to make it your default state. In order to make it your default state, your job is to think more of Phase 3 and 4 instead of Phase 1 and 2.

So for example, let's say you usually sleep eight hours a day. That means you are awake 16 hours a day.

Say, in these 16 hours you think about Phase 1 and 2 of your desire for 12 hours total. And you dedicate four hours to Phase 3 and 4 of your desire. Even though it seems very much, you are not making it your default state. In order to make it your default state, you have to think more of the time you are awake in terms of Phase 3 and 4.

That doesn't mean that you have to think of your desire for 16 hours straight. It just means that you have to think more of the time in terms of Phase 3 and 4 than you think in terms of Phase 1 and 2.

For example, if your desire is something you don't think about a lot in general, then you could think of your desire in terms of Phase 3 and 4 for one minute and zero minutes in terms of Phase 1 and 2. Then it would become your default state.

I hope it's not too confusing. It really just means to think about more of what you want and less about what you don't want.

So to sum up, you can achieve anything you want if you can imagine it, desire it and think more of having it than not having it :).


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@releaser99, thank you for the answer. It's not confusing - on the contrary! It's something I have already thought about and your text shows me that I was not in the wrong track! I have already realized about Phase 4 - every past achievement seems boring. So, ultimately, when we achieve what we most want, after a while it will seem as boring to us...

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@releaser99 - Therefore, even though Phase 3 appeals more to us - the feeling of excitement of "it's done" -, the feeling of Phase 4 is probably more conductive to manifestation than Phases 1 and 2 and even 3. I understand now why, when we really get into the Vortex, most of our desires melt and we don't even see the need of manifesting. But as I realize now, it's just for a while, and then a whole new universe of feelings and desires - without any feeling of lack - flow into our brains! Awsome!

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our physical body as
a machine needs right care
and attention to perform
optimally besides thought


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