Hi Stingray,

Usually I can create new experiences very quickly. Sometimes as soon as I think it, it manifests. However the experience that I have been wanting to create for the past two months is giving me a very difficult time. I felt initially that I would have been able to bring it about quickly. I have been putting my everything (visualizing, believing, affirmations) but its not getting there. My intuition tells me that it will come about but I cannot get a sense of when and I become frustrated at times because I know that I am putting out my all. The important thing about this experience is that I feel almost compelled to bring it about. Even when I get discouraged and try to lay it aside, the voice within keeps urging me not to give up. I did write the letter and put it in the box and have recorded vibration matches since. Because I am so used to manifesting things quickly, I am having great difficulty with this (its taking far too long). Can you suggest what I can do to keep from becoming discouraged?

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@Drham it's been a few years now, and I'm wondering, did your manifestation come to fruition? If so, what do you think pushed it into physical reality for you?

(10 Jan '14, 00:15) WeRadiateBeauty
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Hi Drham,

Thanks for asking this question. I am sure you are not the only one in this kind of frustrating situation. I've been there many times and have had to learn this one the hard way.

You sound like you've already got a fair amount of experience with manifesting so I'll just be as brief as I can be and give you the bottom line as succinctly as possible. :)

There are two major manifestation-killers...

  1. Noticing that you haven't got what you want yet
  2. Desperately needing the manifestation to come

The tone of your question kind of suggests that one or both of these might be present in your thoughts regarding this manifestation.

The solution to getting around both these obstacles is actually fairly straightforward...

Whatever process you use, do the process only because it is fun to do the process and that's all...not to manifest the thing you want.

So if you are using visualization as a technique, just visualize purely for the fun of doing the visualization - and that's all.

If you are using affirmations, just enjoy the feeling that the affirmations bring you as you say or think them - and that's all.

If you are molding beliefs, just enjoy molding the beliefs because it makes you feel better to have those new beliefs - and that's all.

If you can keep your application of your manifestation process to purely this fun and enjoyment level (and just give up trying to physically manifest the thing you want for now) then, paradoxically, your manifestation will come sooner than you think.

Hope that's clear. :)


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+1 for attitude adjustment :)

(22 Feb '10, 21:47) Vesuvius

Thanks for the great answer! I have been having the same problem, and now I know what I have been doing wrong! +1 from me, too! Jai

(22 Feb '10, 22:16) Jaianniah

Thanks for your response. Actually I think you are right and I believe that what you are saying is true for my whole life right now. I need to lighten up and have fun because I know that the universe always come through for me anyway. I think I have been trying to strong arm the universal mind and making it work on my time and I know that it just does not work that way.

(22 Feb '10, 22:18) Drham

You're welcome, folks. Glad you've got some insights to work with

(22 Feb '10, 22:55) Stingray

I loved your phrase "manifestation killers"! So true, and well said. Thanks for the smile too.

(22 Feb '10, 23:12) LeeAnn 1

Hi Stingray, I like your answer! It helps me. Just to clarify - I too have been a little down each time I notice that there aren't further signs of my request coming. But then, every time I take out my request to read, it fills me with such joy because it's in such loving detail and I'd felt so good describing the situation I want. And in my request, I was clearly prepared to let this take the time to happen... cos it's worth it.

So if I instantly feel so good and uplifted whenever I read the request, is it ok to re-read it every time I feel down so I can be reminded of what is to come?

(23 Feb '10, 07:55) Pat W

@Pat - if that's how your request makes you feel when you read it, then not only is it okay, but it will actually speed up your manifestation considerably. This is actually the true metaphysical purpose of anything you are after...to give you something to focus on to feel good about - a reason to experience joy

(23 Feb '10, 08:13) Stingray

Thanks Stingray! Cool! :)

(23 Feb '10, 10:09) Pat W

Thanks for sharing your insights Stingray :-)

(23 Feb '10, 10:44) Eddie
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I have been putting my everything (visualizing, believing, affirmations) but its not getting there.

Perhaps you are too attached to the outcome.


answered 22 Feb '10, 21:04

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That is exactly right Vesuvius. Its not something that I absolutely need but I am very attached to the outcome. What confuses me is not that my desire will not be fullfilled (I trust the Universe). It is time factor that bugs me and then I start thinking negatively towards the outcome and I keep going around in cirlecs (feeling very positive then very hopeless). I like your suggestions though and will apply them.

(22 Feb '10, 22:28) Drham
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