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I have heard many chanelers and Bashar in particular talk about the themes our souls might have picked up to explore in the physical in a particular life-time or particular period of the life. I would love to have information on how to go about identifying the theme/themes or exploration at any given time.

Bashar says that when the theme has been identified, its purpose identified and one can fully learn form the experience and integrate it and incorporate it within one's self to the fullest ability, then you can transcendent the theme and more on to another theme exploration. I would like to ask in the community if someone has experience with this, how does one go about exploring what the theme Soul has picked up for exploration in the current reality version, how to bring it to life, fully understand it and integrate it into one's being. This thing is eluding me. The hows of the process, Bashar usually gives gives practical steps but in this situation I dont think I got the steps.

Also, I would like to know if people here have experimented with Bashar's suggestion to draw a contract with physical mind, has anyone done it, how should one go about it, what duties would allocate to the physical mind.

So, i would like to ask the community for help in this regards.

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In one recording I heard Bashar saying that the thing we are afraid to do is in many cases actually our life theme, but not always. He went on and explained that many times our excitement is disguised as fear.

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Your soul theme is the one that brings about your strongest, deepest emotions- most likely negative, until you have worked on them.

It is your nemesis of ideas, your greatest taboo, your deepest fear, your darkest night, the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.

Then you wrap it up in a lot of blankets, visualize great things, and tiptoe around it, and things don't go that bad, but you keep having little ailments, mentally and physically and emotionally, and the occasional breakdown that you are able to recover from quite well, because you know a lot of ways to improve your energy.

Every once in a while, your soul (or your ku in Huna speak, or your prepaved thoughts in Abraham speak, or your subconscious mind in science speak) brings up your soul theme for you to deal with. It is the same as your most negative belief, in Bashar's terms, or your most difficult complex, in Huna or scientific terms, or your most difficult to override negative thought, in Abraham's terms.

It is part of the paradox that on the one hand, you have come to earth to experience life and joy and abundance- but, on the other hand, earth exists because of contrast, because where there is no dark there can be no light. So it would appear that all of us, over time, chose to experience every flavor of darkness, and chose to experience specific themes of darkness over various lifetimes in various ways. So you set up certain negative life events, knowing at the time that they are lovingly selected for you to experience certain things, by your broader self- and you chose your incarnation and your parents and your time accordingly, so that you can experience that theme.

From your physical point of view this looks like you are experiencing catastrophe- the worst thing in the world, the horror show- and it doesn't matter if you are literally experiencing horrors, as some of us do from time to time, or shroud yourself with terrible, terrible fears that look everyday on the surface. Catastrophe it is.

When it strikes, and it will, as most of those present surely know, you have two options: Shape up or slip out. You can work with it, experience the energy, accept it, make it yours, and integrate it, or you can run. If you do the former, it "goes away"- which it doesn't, because if it really went away it would defeat the purpose of learning from it and having that experience on the soul level. But if you fully experience it, you integrate it into your soul level, it serves its purpose, so it stops being relevant to you on the physical level, so it "goes away" like that. On the other hand, if you run, fight, squirm, soften the blow, take drugs, meditate in weird ways, join a cult, eat too much, party too much, isolate yourself, become a hermit, or join the army as an escape- well, then you keep the theme, and whatever you chose as an escape route will serve as the new channel for your catastrophe to come back with a vengeance. This is the same idea as "what you resist, persists"- what you resist stays in your experience, what you work with and accept goes into your soul as things that happened.

Here are some examples. Famous American comedian Louis C.K. has made it a theme, throughout all of his material, to experience severe self worth issues as a middle aged man- being sloppy, frequent **, not showering, a deforming body, having pathetic desires, being rejected, acting awquard, and so on. His act is so spot on that he got rich following his dream of being a comedian- and now he made a change, he started dressing nice, looking classy, and he seems to carry that with a real spiritual honesty. Now, after taking in all of that fear of being a man in 21st century America in all its emotional detail, he earned himself his flashy suit, and no one can knock him for it- it's not a pretentious suit- he earned it, spiritually, and it shows, you want to applaude him, because it means something. I think he took up his soul theme and rolled with it to the end, so now he gets to have a little vacation.

Another example is also connected to him- Tig Notaro actually went so far as to make a comedy act about her details of getting cancer. It's heartbreaking- and funny. And she had that happen, and she rolled right with it. It's not surprising to me that Louis was impressed with her- he seems to be going after more than a few laughs, as many who are great with whatever they do, do.

I hope this was helpful- it's my understanding of how life works, and why we have negativity, and how we can use it positively.

Of course there is also the relation to manifesting- there is no real contradiction here, becuase almost every manifesting school of thought contains the idea of clearing negativity, and I am guessing it is to be more appealing to our physical perspective that the value of negativity tends to be played down. You get all of these great things, and, oh, by the way, we have this little clearing technique hear if you get stuck, but it's no big deal. Then your life catastrophe happens, and the clearing technique helps really well, but my oh my is that ever an all-accompassing experience- almost more defining than that thing you wanted manifested. And then it passes, and, whew- you feel relaxed, permanently, in a way you can't quite describe but is so satisfying. That's soul work, or working on your soul theme.

There are also many, many schools of thought who seek to work directly with soul themes, but they seem to be less popular in the West- various Buddhist teachings go in that direction, as do various mystical ones.

Personally I still like my regular old manifesting oriented teachings in spite of knowing this- it allows me to feel very connected to earth life, which I adore and I believe I have chosen to specialize in a long long time ago, and still experience all the soul theme stuff along the way, but I don't really have to worry about it that much, because it will be taken care of regardless if I live my life to the fullest with best earthbound teachings I have available to me (for me, those are "Huna", in Kahili-King's tradition).

Enjoy yourself! Ouch! Wheee! Isn't this great! What's happening now? Oh NO! Whew... what's next?

Isn't this exciting?


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hi, i'd rather not to expand on that topic too much, but yes, i've experieced this. and now i feel really free. there was a person in my life for several years who impacted me alot. i just couldnt stop think about this person even though distace was between us. all those years i thought we were identical in personality and energy, but the moment i've learned my leson i knew we were different in EVERY way. also leaned the difference between love and fear and knew what i really want (cause all those years i thought i wanted something else...) also the difference between fear and peacful, and fantacy(positivity and its limitations) vs reality.

but the really important thing is how much i love myself. so much that i know how it feels to "not care" . and even though i thoght i love myself no no . now i really love myself. its a completely another frequency. i feel years younger.

i didnt go by bashar to get there, i just set one day with myself , looked carfully at what i usually imagine, and what it feels like and then i realized that im persuing the wrong thing. i want fun but what motivates me to imagine that fun is stress....etc. it happened in a minuet and then i just knew what i want and what i dont want and its like all conflicts disapeard. its really hard to explain. it was peacful because i knew 100% im gonna get what i want while one momet ago i was fearful and was'nt sure. and thats it. you cant forget once you know.


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The main theme, in general, that Souls are going through is the idea that "I am the manifester of my experiences" or the popular term nowadays "I create my reality".

To explore a theme, a Soul must first of all forget once it incarnates that it is already a Master. If it still knows that it is a Master, no exploration is possible. Base on a theme that is selected by a Soul, it will then deactivate selected abilities including having certain bodily defect or defects or allow certain abilities to be present.

Those things that you find very challenging to do and they (challenges) continue to be present in your life day in and day are clues to your life theme. You wanted to find a solution to a challenge which you yourself have pre selected to experience while pretending that you are not all knowing as well as very wise, even though you already are. It is going on a physical adventure in time and space with the idea of not knowing whether you will succeed or not in finding a solution for your challenge in this life time, that makes this adventure exciting and worthwhile for you to explore.



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