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hope you all are doing superbbb in your areas.. i read about the bashar's transformative experiment..,

here is the link .., n

our stingray has also posted the pdf for downloading it..,Here is a link to some downloadable instructions for this exercise: ...,

so , now in this pdf, i wanna know the meaning of the second diagram. in pdf ,only the meaning of centre symbol is given. i am very curious to know the meanings of all other symbols in this "ENNEAGRAMMATIC CIRCUIT". I hope i am clear in my words..,

hoping to hear from all of you soon.. thank you !!!

love,light n blessings..

supergirl .. :)))

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hi supergirl, this question is really interesting ... i'll try and come up with a few answers ... bb2 :)

(30 Nov '12, 10:51) blubird two

@blubird 2- thank you :)))

(30 Nov '12, 12:52) supergirl
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I have been watching the full Bashar workshop called Changing Core Beliefs from where this experiment originates.

In that workshop, Bashar describes the meaning of the symbols.

To understand them, one has to look at the sentence that is to be read in conjunction with the diagram...

From the inner being, through sight, sound, touch and feeling are manifested the path, windows and doors to the unknown, which always lead back to the inner being

If you need help remembering this phrase, try this video :)

In that sentence is a loose interpretation of the meaning of the symbols.

Starting from the upper right hand corner of the diagram (the circle) and moving in a clockwise direction, the symbols are:

  1. Eye
  2. Mouth
  3. Hand
  4. Water (transition/change)
  5. Path/fence (which you would follow)
  6. Window
  7. Door
  8. The Unknown

The center symbol represents Inner Being.

Bashar says those symbols are derived from ancient Phoenician symbols and he went into a detailed explanation of why the symbols were chosen but, to briefly sum up, these symbols help "loosen up" a multitude of conscious and unconscious levels within you.


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@Stingray- excellent work, thanks ... bb2 :)

(05 Dec '12, 13:32) blubird two

@stingray-thank you for ur excellent answer.. :)))

(09 Dec '12, 02:26) supergirl

@Stingray Thank you for you insights on the subject.

(09 Dec '12, 02:30) Cory

haha @Stingray love the video :D

(29 Mar '13, 08:24) ru bis

@Stingray the guy who doesn't say much these days but "sees" everything

(30 Mar '13, 02:03) ru bis
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From a global point of view this diagram represents a square at the center of which is source energy ... a square is a symbol of the physical world. The 9 circles enclose knots of energy constantly emitting their specific forces in all directions, they act as portals into other dimensions. Expanding to a 3 dimensional model we obtain a cube with each of the 8 peripheral symbols on one of the corners, with again source energy occupying the center ... in short it is a symbolic representation of a physical structure capable of space/time travel into parallel universes.

As for the meanings of the symbols they are most probably a condensation of the 36 forces as enumerated by Felix Servranx in april 1949, the result of his research into the question " how many forces are there in existence? "

This list can probably be expanded or paralleled ... let's remember there are (2 x 36) 72 forces listed in the kabala.

Here is the list of forces as enumerated by Felix Servranx;

1-spiritual 2-life 3-thought 4-conscience 5-cosmic 6-ultra violet 7-vital magnetism 8-physical magnetism 9-light 10-radioactivity 11-vital static electricity 12-nuclear energy 13-sexual force 14-waveform 15-disintegration 16-vital evolution 17-sound 18-ultra sound 19-vital dynamic electricity 20-zodiacal(influencing life) 21-planetary(influencing the mental) 22-animal 23-nervous(and resonance with perfumes and aromas) 24-organic growing force 25-physical dynamic electricity 26-physical static electricity 27-vegetable 28-mechanical force 29-gravitation 30-hertzian waves 31-chemical affinities 32-dielectric 33-mineral 34-healing?(a force that seems to assist in repairing damaged tissue, in healing illness) 35-infra red 36-heat

have a great day ... bb2 :)

4 dec 2012 update;

hi supergirl, come to think of it the answer to your question is in the phrase " from the inner being: through sight, sound, touch, and feeling are manifested the path, windows and doors to the unknown, which always leads back to the inner being"

the inner being is represented by the central dot and the four senses sight, sound, touch and feeling are represented by the four symbols forming a cross in the diagram ... as explained in the nine star key, source energy (chi) flows through all things, including our own bodies ... and expresses itself through water, fire, earth and air and travels along defined pathways ... these are all different states of the same energy and can be applied to any system ... the enneagrammatic circuit diagram represents a dynamic system of interacting energy states ... and as explained in the i ching book of changes these four basic states of energy are dual, they always have a counterpart ... in short the diagram indicates the inner being in the centre, and the eight other symbols represent sight, sound, touch and feeling and their dual counterparts ... have fun bb2 :)

6 dec update ;

Here are some interesting results ... using my pendulum i researched which symbols syntonized with which meanings; here is the list given by Stingray

1-eye 2-mouth 3-hand 4-water 5-path 6-window 7-door 8-the unknown

and here is what i found using my pendulum using the same order;

1-sight(counterpart) 2-sound 3-sound (counterpart) 4-feeling 5-feeling (counterpart) 6-touch 7-touch (counterpart) 8-sight (into the unknown?)

well worth meditating ... have fun :)

p.s. the symbol 6 indicated by stingray as being "window" corresponds to yod-he-vau-he (tetragramaton)

used in the lower banishing ritual of the pentagram ... it is an effective shield against negativity.

9 dec update ;

The enneagrammatic circuit has the same structure as a 3 x 3 magic square which is a layout of an equal number of rows and columns containing the symbols 1 to 9 and each row, column and diagonal always adds up to 15

ffalt textff

changing the value of just one symbol causes the other symbols to be readjusted accordingly so as to maintain a state of equilibrium ... the enneagrammatic circuit performs in a similar way, it's a self adjusting dynamic mechanism ... just like the loa ... in other words the enneagrammatic circuit is a diagrammatic representation of the loa applied to humans

have fun :)


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blubird two

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ru bis


@bb2- wow..great answer.., thank you so much :))) ..u too have a great dayy ahead..-love,light n blessings to u..

(01 Dec '12, 01:45) supergirl

@bb2-wow...,u solved the query..,thank u so much :)))

(04 Dec '12, 11:13) supergirl

@blubird two - great analysis :)

(04 Dec '12, 12:20) Stingray

@blubird two Thank you for your interpretation of what this diagram means.

(09 Dec '12, 02:27) Cory

@Cory - thanks for reading my interpretation :)

(09 Dec '12, 04:21) blubird two
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The icosahedron, that is, a 20 sided polygon, when viewed by certain angles internally bears resemblance to the enneagram.

alt text

This implies that when we perform this exercise, we are inside the symbolic form a icosahedron, which can be compounded with the dodecahedron

In other words symbolically we live inside a mathematical structure that can be graphically represented by the 12 sided polygon as so clearly shown in the servranx graphic no.37

alt text

Now lets take a closer look at the meanings of the symbols in the enneagrammatic circuit

ffalt textff

As shown 1,2,3 correspond to physical aspects.

5,6,7 correspond to the non physical counterparts, the essential energy aspects.

4, water acts as the medium that allows communication.

8 corresponds to perception, the capacity to differentiate.

9 corresponds to a unified being in perfect health.

Here is an article that you may find interesting

have fun :)


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ru bis

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Very fun links @ru bis . Thanks.. I may need a private tutor to catch up. No matter, this should inspire some amazing dreams tonight & better tomorrows. Nite!

(23 Mar '13, 07:00) ele

@ele bonne nuit

(23 Mar '13, 07:17) ru bis

@ru bis..-mind blowing..:)) bt i just wanted to ask u tht to use sacred geometry in day today life..,i read somewhere tht "best way to use to draw it again n again on a paper..with free hand.." this correct? or there is some other way to use it?

(29 Mar '13, 00:05) supergirl

@supergirl yes i love to draw sacred geometry myself again and again and again until i enter into it's energy and can feel the flow ... once i get the feel and understand then often i use a servranx graph that is drawn with mathematical precision. Whether high precision is necessary probably depends on your emotional and intellectual structure and your beliefs, in any case it works for me. I suggest that you use the method that you find most comfortable :)

(29 Mar '13, 01:35) ru bis

@ru bis- how servranx graph is used along with mathematical precision..? can u explain it a bit?

(29 Mar '13, 05:44) supergirl

@supergirl the servranx graphs are drawn with mathematical precision, that is, each angle, length, circle etc is calculated and drawn to the nearest fraction of a millimeter ... like a musical instrument must have exact measurements to give the correct tonality.

(29 Mar '13, 06:14) ru bis

@ru bis- thank you dear..:)))

(29 Mar '13, 12:49) supergirl

@ru bis Whoa - What? " Whether high precision is necessary probably depends on your emotional and intellectual structure and your beliefs" Care to elaborate on emotional & intellectual structure? I'm all ears. According to all the important male influences I've had in my lifetime, beginning with my Dad, mathematical precision does matter & is essential. I asked if "size mattered"; yes I could have put it more eloquently. This was a major concern for me. Wondering why the secrecy?

(30 Mar '13, 00:14) ele

@supergirl Perhaps you are more familiar with a mandala; which is an example of Sacred Geometry. I'll leave it to ru bis to explain the difference between servranx graphs & mandalas. If you enter "How to make a mandala" in a Google Search engine you will come up with a number of links such as this one which doesn't seem to demand as much mathematical precision as the Servranx graphs do. There are you tube videos also. It was a good ?, SG.

(30 Mar '13, 01:59) ele

my guess is that mandalas have been developed by people on a higher plane thus conscious of the fact that the universe is based on sacred geometry & thus mathematical precision ... a mandala constructed by people vibrationally aligned with the universe automatically mirrors that precision without textually stating that it is in fact mathematically precise

(30 Mar '13, 02:13) ru bis
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