Consider: Or do you think the Spirit/Soul do not age along with the body?

I was having a conversation with friends about longevity, the aging body, the spirit/soul, and how it fits into the concept of life, and death etc. And we became curious to learn more about this subject matter, and to get answers.

All answers are Welcomed!

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My simple answer is NO.

I like to compare the relationship between our soul and our body to the human/alien relationship in the movie Avatar.

I believe that our source of consciousness (Not Thought) exists in a place where death is a meaningless concept.

Our consciousness is eternal and non-physical.

From this non-physical point of reference/existence I believe that we volunteer and "extend" ourselves into a life-form called Human.

And just like in the movie Avatar, we are un-able to maintain this extension continuously and have to take a break from time to time.

This break that we have to take and return to our non-physical eternal reference is called SLEEPING.

During this time we get to re-charge and work within other alternate points of reference that are as natural to the non-physical self is it is to travel to another country while physically awake.

But this physical form is not another life form that we are taking over.

We are the portion of the body that is consciousness.

Our consciousness doesn't need the body to be conscious, but the body needs our consciousness to be its operating system.

The hardware gets old with use.


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A very thoughtful answer and you have pointed out some very interesting observation, thank you!

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I am in the middle of reading a book called "Same soul,many bodies." .My interpretation of the book is our souls have been though a lot.Each life is a learning experience..Many people we interact with we have dealt with before and most likely will deal with again in future lives.How often have we said or thought "have we met before?" or "don't I know you from somewhere?"
So No our souls do not age just hopefully get wiser from the time it is in our Existence. Our souls our part of source and sou rce has no age/time
I recommend this book.


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Thank you for your answer and the books sounds interesting, so I will get it!

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The soul resides in a non physical realm... the 7th density. It is eternal, and there forever, NEVER able to get old or young. In this non physical realm, there is no age, time is no longer linear. watch this. It can help better understand this. Also it is a 3part vid so you will have to click on the link to part 2 then 3.

love n light ,



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Yes, I understand you’re rational, but I was concerned watching you used up so much of your energy on the Video, thank you!

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ohh i see ,, yes,, ty soo much ve,, i love ur great heart lnl

(01 Jun '11, 21:15) TReb Bor yit-NE
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