I had a dream about visiting them a few nights ago, and I've become really interested in them... I was wondering if anyone has any links to information and/or videos where Bashar describes them and their culture? I haven't come across a whole lot of information, so I'd appreciate it!

Sassani is Bashar's race of people for anyone who is confused.

In the dream, I remember seeing a long row of them standing in pairs. Each of them seem to be encased in their own personal crystal. They each would lift their right arm and show their palm. With their left hand they held close to the center of their body, where I could see their hearts. Their hearts would beat and a red ring of energy would pulsate off them. They would smile and I would hear them telepathically say "Come in, come in!" I remember having a lot of fun with them and enjoying myself... I do remember seeing Bashar and wanting to ask him questions. He started drawing some type of diagram but I can't recall what it was. The rest of the dream is really blurry.

I really enjoyed it. Has anyone had a dream like this, or of other races or beings? Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks :)

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I have listened to a lot of Bashar over the last few months, and have picked up snippets of info about them throughout his recordings. I can't remember a specific clip off-hand, but with some diligent searching on Youtube, I'm sure you can find more info.

Here is what I do remember:

The Sassani are a hybrid race created from human and "grey" alien DNA. (Bashar is communicating from 2,000 years into the future)

They have no war, and no predators exist on their planet. Most of their planet is kept in a "natural" state, i.e., not industrialized or "developed" in our sense of the word.

Communication among themselves is almost completely telepathic, thus they have no need for names.

They are of a higher consciousness than us, and are currently transitioning from the Fourth to Fifth density.

If you go to this clip about 49 minutes in, Bashar tells the "Essassani Story" in a sort of fairy-tale, legendary style:


Hope this is a start!

It is fascinating to learn and explore about all of these different races. I wish there was some guidebook or encyclopedia out there that profiled and described all the advanced races out there in the Universe. I know Rob has a book about the human-like extraterrestrials that I do plan on picking up at some point.


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Thanks! I enjoyed reading Rob's book too (not finished yet) but when he describes the culture, it's really interesting. I love that stuff.

(06 Apr '13, 16:36) LapisLazuli

You're very welcome. I'm curious, are you talking about the Reptilian Hybrid book, or the one about the various human races?

(06 Apr '13, 17:08) lozenge123

Sorry, the Reptilian Hybrid one. :)

(06 Apr '13, 17:34) LapisLazuli

No need to be sorry! I was just wondering if you had read this one, which I'm very curious to check out: http://www.amazon.com/Extraterrestrial-Life-Galactic-Plurality-Inhabited/dp/1480157155/

(07 Apr '13, 12:37) lozenge123
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All people have talents of one kind or another. Do you agree? For instance, the child who plays the piano impressively by age four. The autistic kid who can look once at a landscape from an airplane and then draw it complete with all details. You probably know of many yourself. In fact, "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" http://www.ripleys.com/ is FULL of people with talents and gifts that are amazing to the rest of the world.

There are also people with a talent for getting up on stage and convincing an audience that they are someone else. This is why the Academy gives out the Oscars in Hollywood every year.

There is also such a thing as hypnosis and self hypnosis which changes the state of mind of an individual and gives them access to all sorts of "STUFF" hidden deep down in their own psyches. You've seen them on stage doing all sorts of amazing and silly things. And what's more, they are Totally CONVINCED of the thing the hypnotist has instructed them to believe. Just look at this guy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MWywt466-s - Do you think those are not Real tears? And notice how quickly he snaps out of it back to normal. Just like a so called "channel".

Do you think we aren't capable of convincing ourselves something is true that everyone else knows is not? And do you think WE aren't capable of convincing ourselves something IS true that is NOT? Two things I DO Know for sure about the human race... First, "People Make Stuff Up", and Second, "People Tend To BELIEVE The Stuff They Make Up!"

So do not be surprised that there are people who have a talent for tapping into a state of consciousness where they are convinced that they are being talked to by some wonderful spirit or group of beings on another planet. Same goes for this Bashar and Ester Hicks. These people are not being talked to by anyone but their own subconscious minds and repeating what's down there.

We ALL have access to a deeper more intelligent part of ourselves. But MOST of us are Convinced WE do not HAVE this kind of intelligence. So we go looking for this guidance from someone else who "Has A Tallent" and isn't afraid to put it "out there" for the gullible world to see.

Now you know about the Sassani. And of course there will be those who disagree with me - which simply points to the "two things I know for sure about the human race." So if you feel bad that I just dispelled this Bashar/Sassani Myth, here's a Hug for you... ((((O)))) ;-)


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@Rindor I love marc Savard . want to get to Vegas again and see his show .and a great youtube channel

(06 Apr '13, 12:54) ursixx

The guy is a Hoot, right? HAHAHA!!!

(06 Apr '13, 13:42) Rindor

@Rindor "These people are not being talked to by anyone but their own subconscious minds and repeating what's down there. We ALL have access to a deeper more intelligent part of ourselves. But MOST of us are Convinced WE do not HAVE this kind of intelligence." Darryl Anka actually states (in the beginning of every session that I have watched) something similar to what you are saying here. He lets you decide where the information he shares is coming from.

(06 Apr '13, 14:14) Cory

@Rindor So you are actually right about being leery of accepting the first decription of where the information is coming from. Darryl Anka explains this in the first few minutes of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyNwxRMgJbY#t=01m50s

Also, as I explained here...http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/48364/what-do-you-think-about-the-validity-of-channeled-information... It doesn't really matter where or who the information is coming from, as long as it works to help improve my life.

(06 Apr '13, 14:18) Cory

@Rindor I am more than happy to say that I am under Bashar/Darryl Anka's hypnotic influence. I've never been more joyfully and abundantly manipulated in my entire life:-) Thanks for sharing you opinion on the subject.

(06 Apr '13, 14:24) Cory

@Cory Hey thanks for this video. First time I've ever seen anything by Darryl/Bashar. Indeed he does say the same as I on this subject. But then he explains how he got into the whole channeling thing. Very interesting story. Then later he describes God in the same way that I believe. Excellent comments on "possibilities" and "moment to moment change" too. Very cool. And "Darryl" comes across as a very level headed guy. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

(06 Apr '13, 15:41) Rindor

Haha, thanks Rindor, I see what you mean :)

(06 Apr '13, 16:36) LapisLazuli

@Rindor - "So if you feel bad that I just dispelled this Bashar/Sassani Myth" - I wouldn't worry about it. As you said, "First time I've ever seen anything by Darryl/Bashar." When I first started listening to Bashar, I was 95% convinced he was a fraud. But I'd seen a few "spooky" things in my life to keep a slightly open mind. After a few months of listening, I now feel there's a 95% chance he is who he says he is (not that it ultimately matters). If he's not...

(06 Apr '13, 17:03) lozenge123

...he'd have to be a first class telepath, psychic, and the greatest actor/improvisor I've ever seen--all rolled into one--and I've been exposed to some good ones.

(06 Apr '13, 17:06) lozenge123

An open mind is a very useful tool. I will never say that what Bashar or Abraham says is not useful. Just that like Darryl says in the video above, we all have access to the wisdom within. But I do agree that in some cases it helps to have someone point the way. As long as you trust them to steer you in a positive direction. Just take responsibility for where you end up. I like this Darryl guy. And much of what his Bashar says strikes some harmonious tones for me. It's all good. ;-)

(06 Apr '13, 19:24) Rindor

I think all of this "Is Bashar (or some channeled teacher) a fraud or not?"-discussion becomes irrelevant if you just put the teachings to test in "real life" in a very specific time frame. I often listen to new ideas no matter the source. Then I decide if the information and the outcome promised is worth investing let's say 10 hours. If the answer is yes, I decide to give it 10h to test it practically in daily life.

(06 Apr '13, 19:55) releaser99

If it is something that promises to be a "life changer", I commit to give it a 3 month time frame to test. I don't know why 3 month, but my experience in life is that 3 month is a good time frame to see if something works or not. And even if someone is a fraud to 99,9% of people, does it matter if it helps you change your life in a very specific, positive way?

(06 Apr '13, 19:55) releaser99

@releaser99 An excellent attitude and intelligent approach to just about anything. Thank you. :)

(06 Apr '13, 21:43) Rindor

@releaser99 - Amen, brother! :)

(06 Apr '13, 23:57) lozenge123

@Rindor You are welcome and thanks for having an open mind on the subject. We all have different things that works for us as individuals. We put labels on things and tend to stay clear from stuff that doesn't match our label of said thing. Even though I have zero interest in any kind of organized religion doesn't mean that I don';t think it holds value in some way for other individuals. It's all about the information and how it does or does not help you in your life. Variety can be nice to have.

(07 Apr '13, 00:49) Cory

@lozenge123 @releaser99 Great points and advice from both of you.

(07 Apr '13, 00:51) Cory
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