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How do YOU move yourself to a better future? (This is my question! My emphasis is on "YOU"!)

There are so many, many desires and wishes that we have throughout our lives. Perhaps you are like me: I do really well with manifesting certain outcomes, but really am terrible at getting the LOA to work all the time, in everything that I do. I have sometimes called the Vortex "Flow", as has people such as Julia Cameron, who has written two books about Creativity. It is easier for me to get "flow" going in my creative life than it is in my financial life, despite the fact that everything starts from exactly the same place. It sure feels different to me, though...

I thought that I would share something that helps me move forward, and I learned this a long time ago. I never really realized that it really is a way to manifest. I needed to start small back then because I did not believe that I had any influence over my future at all. I had thought of myself as a human ball in a pinball machine, being batted around by cosmic forces beyond my control. I was told to think of me, in the future, and to picture myself already having what I only desired in the present. For example, I had started taking Art classes in college, and pictured myself having no problems continuing, semester by semester, to enroll in a new class without worrying about the cost of tuition. The costs were a big issue with my ex, but I desired the education so much, enjoyed it so much (living in my bliss), that it happened just as I had pictured: every semester, the tuition money was "just there".

When I have trouble with motivating myself, I try to "drop" "intention bombs" (LOL). I drop these "bombs" in the present with the intention that they will absolutely explode with "energy" or "desire" or "will power" in the future. Once I set my "bomb", I try to never beat myself up if I do not immediately "feel like" doing that task for which the "bomb" was sent into the future. I just know that it will explode soon. If it does not happen, I set another "bomb". I just know that I will suddenly have the motivation to do that which I was not able to do before.

The end result of this is developing an ease and affinity for more and more creation- more and more positive results. I know that someday, this will spread to all areas of my life, and The Vortex will become my resting, natural state.

I know that it can be argued that we should be just jumping up that Emotional Scale, always ever-rising, but I sometimes find that this is not truly how human beings work. Setbacks happen; discouragement sometimes comes. If you say that you never feel this, great... But I am not so great at keeping my thinking that "up" at all times. What matters is improvement.

I learned this concept as "Praying it Forward"- and I have since learned to wrap the feeling into my general understanding of The LOA.

Thanks. Please let me know how this works for all of you. Your replies will surely help newcomers to The LOA.


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you navigate the currents
of the river, keeping the
bow facing the waves, so as
not to take on water

(25 Apr '23, 12:07) fred

Hi, Jai, I like your post :) I am not really sure that my answer is what you had in mind, but I've got inspired to write the following:

In the past I used to "dream" about what I wanted and that was a powerful motivation to me. But as time went by these dreams, plans and goals for the future lost their power to motivate me. I suppose it's because the future finally knocked at my door, and I started to ask myself if I would have time to make my dreams come true.

I am an artist, just like you, and, as you know, artistry demands practice and time.

It was a while before I realized that, if I want something, I have to feel the feeling of having it. I knew the theory, but I didn't know the practice of it.

Every time I vizualized something I wanted, it was with that feeling of "I still don't have it, and I need it to be what I want to be".

By a series of events (Law of Attraction in action!) I came to realize that "resistance" is not wanting to accept feelings of satisfaction for manifestations before they manifest physically. Therefore, if every time I wish something I feel I need that because I don't have it, and I feel the lack of it, then I'll never get it!

The idea that I didn't have time enough, or skill enough, to accomplish my dreams was eating at my insides.

I finally understood that instead of doing something aiming at a "better future", I should do something aiming at a better present. I started to work on feeling the feelings of having accomplished the things I want and I focus on those feelings more than I used to focus on the manifestation of my dreams. In that way, I overcame resistance.

I resisted those feelings only because I believed in the necessity of the physical manifestation of something before I could feel those feelings. Once I accepted the feelings as the greatest gifts, and made a point of feeling what I wanted to feel regardless of any physical manifestation, my present became a glass full, and manifestations really started right away.

It was then that another insight came to me.

You see, the Abraham-Hicks material helped me a lot in life, but there was something I didn't get, and it was the idea that "effort" got in the way of my manifestations. If the acquisition of certain artistic skills demand practice and effort, how could my effort be in the way of the acquisition of those skills?

Well, the answer came to me like this: if the effort is toward the acquisition of the skill I believe I don't have, then it's a struggle, and that struggle is in the way. But if the effort is toward the production of the feelings I want to feel, namely, to feel that I already have those skills to enjoy, then it's not effort at all, but "aligned action".

Then I came up with the following definition:

Aligned Action is the ability of doing NOW what you have to do in order to produce the feelings you want to feel.

So, I don't study in order to get skills anymore, I study to feel that I already am what I want to be - right now. Again, the notion of a "better future" is out of the question, it's a better present that really matters, a better NOW.

The results of this shift in thought and feeling are amazing.

I simply understand that I don't have to wait for something to happen to me in order to feel certain feelings - I can produce the feelings using imagination and aligned action.

I also trust that by acting this way, keeping my vibration at high levels, keeping myself in the Vortex, will bring more of those kind of feelings into my life. I don't know what the manifestations will be, but I know they will be exactly of the same scope of the feelings I am already producing - I mean, I am not moving to a better future anymore, just to the same I am already creating.

I now believe this is the teaching behind all those Abraham workshops :) These entities are trying to teach us something that is so abstract and elusive that it cannot really be taught in words - however, the words help us recognize the "stuff" when we experience it.

Of course, it's just my own experience of it, but I hope this is of some interest for you and also for others that are "in the path".


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@VitoriaRegia= There is no future...There is always only now. The future only exists in Day Planners and school schedules...Such it is. But one cannot sit down at a piano and play a concerto by Mozart if one has not practiced, correct? So long before I can see the day where this could happen, I must have a desire to play, the desire to practice, and find every step of the way enjoyable, or I will not get there. So, for me, it is sometimes useful to envision a future where I would like...

(07 Jul '17, 18:14) Jaianniah do this, and hold the goal in my mind. The bliss exists for me both in the achievement of small goals, as well as greater goals. I hold the future in my mind sometimes to motivate me in this present. I cannot always exist in the present; I must also have a vision of where I want to end up- but I hold that vision very loosely. I have not given up all of my dreams because I am older. I have just shifted to more readily achievable goals. Time is funny, and hard to grasp in....

(07 Jul '17, 18:20) Jaianniah

...-cont...a non-linear way. All is now, yet I must still practice the piano in a long series of nows if I want to play that concerto. Thank you for a thought-provoking reply, dear!

(07 Jul '17, 18:24) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, thanks for your reply. By God, keep using your technique - it's a blessing being able to envision the future, and also a lot of fun. I used to be the "someday woman", and I enjoyed it. Then, suddenly, I simply could not do it anymore, and that made me sad. The only choice I had was to learn how to enjoy the present - and that works for me now. I hope someday I can regain that power - see, it's already a wish for the future...

(08 Jul '17, 12:31) VitoriaRegia

... what I meant to say in my answer is that I don't focus on the results of my action anymore, but on the amount of pleasure they can afford me at the moment. So, when I sit at the piano now, I try to have fun with the practice regardless of the results. It's been working :)

(08 Jul '17, 12:34) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia- Yep, it works, alright! I also try to remember that, as a former gifted kid, I still need lots of different hobbies, and that it is okay to bounce between them as my interests shift- as when I was young. I might practice piano readily for days, and then suddenly shift to my art. As long as I get to "bliss", it's okay! I am also a high functioning autistic adult, and can get really intense. Again, I am a lot more comfortable with myself than before. It isn't all bad to get old!

(08 Jul '17, 22:19) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - No, it's not that bad to get older! Back pain aside ;), we just have to learn how to deal with new feelings and expectations. The greatest advantage is to have the right to our own opinions about things, don't you think? When I was younger, society had a great influence on me, but now I don't feel I have to be like other people, I want just to know who I am and express it. People with artistic temperament are usually intense, misunderstood by others, but we've got to be ourselves :)

(09 Jul '17, 08:57) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia- Amen! You wanted me to update you on my back- I am getting a custom back brace made...I pretty much spend all my time lying down. I am in a lot of pain. I wish it did not set off my temper, but it does (poor Wade!!!) My health "care" provider is blocking me from getting treatment. i am not sure what to do now. But I am hoping that if I focus on other stuff, my resistance to this pain will go, and so then will it! :)

(09 Jul '17, 09:36) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - I really hope your health improves. What about the physical therapist, any chance of finding one? You know, being in bed may weaken your muscles even more, which is definitely not going to improve your situation. You cannot take pain killers and your care provider is blocking your treatment? What do these people suggest you do, lie in bed for the rest of your life?

(09 Jul '17, 18:29) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia- I am a diabetic- not being treated for pain has sent me to bed; it is a death sentence, basically. I wish I could leave the country. I am so tired of this...TY for your concern. I really appreciate it.

(13 Jul '17, 03:23) Jaianniah
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