I have experienced some good stuff and some bad stuff manifesting even when im happy and optimistic– but I wonder if the manifestation of what I perceived to be bad was actually in alignment with my intention and I realise now that I had to go through this and face uncomfortableness and fear to enable me to move forward and make sustainable change. LOA really helps me to look inside myself and begin to unpick some of my patterns and habits that no longer serve me.I am now taking notice when things happen and it is up and down and all over the place at times!

I didn’t realise I had power in myself to focus on and create what I want…Honestly? Initially I did ask myself the question ‘did I really create all of this?’ then almost backed away from the perceived power of it all! Now I have lots of examples where this is really working for me.

I’m still learning about this…but for me it has so far been such an amazing and enlightening journey. The more I travel the less it becomes part-time for me! I know that LOA works because i've seen results. I always eventually get my desires without worrying about the how when and where.

…enough of my ramblings!!

Any thoughts?

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Jacob Ford

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How do you feel after the so-called 'bad' event? I've had tons of these experiences and have come to realise that every single one of them were blessings. They were either new learnings I needed to grasp, such as worthiness, when I continued to sell myself short or they were experiences that were new, now being experienced as a result of my growth and new perspective. Every experience in your life is either for your pleasure (what we call 'good') or an opportunity to grow (what we call 'bad') which leads to experiencing more pleasure. Life happens FOR you, for your pleasure or for your attention ;)


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Focus Dude


@Focus Dude - Yes, this has been my observation also. The Universe is always giving us the Best it can in every moment. It is We who turn the Best into "good" or "bad" depending on how much filtering we are doing through our allowing (or not-so-allowing) perspectives.

It is analogous to Gravity always giving us the Best it can. If we don't walk properly and fall over and hurt ourselves, we can't blame Gravity because it never changes in its consistency - We changed.

(09 Sep '13, 09:08) Stingray

@Focus Dude- Real genuine thankyou for posting this answer. I really was in the best vibrational spot to hear it and it boosted my confidence in my choice to be happy. Your answer holds similar dynamics to Bashar, when we can choose to be happy regardless what's going on. He says you don't need to wait for anything to be happy, it always has and always will be your call.

(10 Sep '13, 20:01) Nikulas


In one of my favourite books, How to Win Friends and Influence People, there is a specific section of the book outlining that happiness is always a conscious choice. Happiness is the precursor to success, yet it is still the mainstream (and very painful) mindset that success must come before you allow yourself to feel happy. It's cliche, but how often do we say we need xyz before we allow ourselves to enjoy our existence?

(10 Sep '13, 20:04) Nikulas

My (step) grandfather when in comparison to my (step) grandmother shows how life works for you when you work for life. Grandma has lung problems and a stomach virus- it dominates her existence, it brings everyone down, life is at its end and its the end of the world.

Grandpa brings others up. He is constantly smiling, he is 85 and goes surfing every goddamn day, he is constantly travelling and full of wisdom....Who would ever realise he has 2 types of cancer and heart problems?

(10 Sep '13, 20:13) Nikulas

The outline is to show the difference in attitude and how it effects your reality. Whilst I personally feel non successful in 'manifesting' things with LOA (and I dont really care), I still resonate with this: at the end of the day, you truely get to decide what attitude to cultivate with things and that is all that matters. No, we cannot control outer things (and you shouldnt have desire to), but we can always decide what character we will be in the face of circumstances.

(10 Sep '13, 20:17) Nikulas

My grandpa gave me a great birthday card with this inside,

"I asked for all things so that I might enjoy life; I was given life so that I might enjoy all things."

Seriously, outer things are irrelevant. They merely act as different environments for your character to fly around in and bask in fun times. You are the one who decides whether to have a party with things or not. People need to stop sighing, stop hoping to win the lotto, quit waiting for their dreams to come, and have fun now.

(10 Sep '13, 20:22) Nikulas
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Any manifestation, good or bad, is what we attract based on our subconscious intentions. We may consciously say we desire a thing, or have a conscious intent, but our subconscious beliefs do not think we can have it, or deserve it, etc... This is how we seem to manifest "bad" things or circumstances.


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Beach Baby

I had to check this out when I realized I asked nearly the same thing the other day haha. I've had similar experiences and I know the majority of people would say that "anything negative that happens you've created with your doubt, fear and contradicting thoughts" which I do believe for the most part. But when you're consistently feeling positive, doubt free, fearless, etc. and the majority of the time you're practicing these laws correctly and something negative happens, I can't bring myself to believe that it was deliberately created by you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I believe, as you said, that supposed "negative" thing could somehow lead you to your desire in ways that are yet unseen that will unfold in due time if you stick with these beliefs and don't give up. Or the latter, could be you're not ready for the full blown manifestation of what you're wanting and said "negative" event may cause you to do some self reflection, self evaluating and prepare you to enjoy it in it's fullness when it gets to you.

If that's the case and some soul searching or a better understanding is required I wouldn't even hesitate to say that it may be an actual shortcut to your desires, since in these rare cases you have no other choice but to either "get it together" or, what most do, retrogress back into old beliefs of being powerless and grow bitter (which would slow you down trememndously depending on if you stay in that mindset).

Just an example, Say there is some unresolved fear in your mind that you've been avoiding taking care of and in some way if that manifestation came to you while you still have these unresolved issues, you're actual fear of losing that could push it away after you've gotten it, whatever it may be. In which case this negative event at this point in time could be the key for this to not happen and for things to go smoothly and even better than you could've imagined, since after all you'll be a better person in the midst of enjoying your desire. Do you see what I'm getting at? Something to consider. I'm in a similar situation and didn't recieve any direct answers to my question, so thought I'd give you some ideas I had while wondering about this lol.


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That supposed "negative" things can somehow lead you to your desire.

I totally see this as workable in my life...All of the situations I've been through have forced me to grow in pleasurable ways to become the person I've always envisioned to be.

Every 'bad' thing is, in the bigger picture, only designed to lead to glory. To me this is all making sense now and its hard to be angry at life anymore when you see we're all here for a great ride if we let it be so and quit demanding things.

(10 Sep '13, 20:28) Nikulas

Bit of a conclusion I came to the other day. I suppose it'll reveal itself in due time haha. I agree with you as well.

(14 Sep '13, 16:52) lex

@lex- Oh yeah buddy. I just came out of a really unpleasant phase of life experience which went on for the past 2-3 weeks. It seems a lunatic joke to say in the present moment "nah, this experience is good" when clearly it absolutly does not feel so. I've also discovered I can accidentally lower my self esteem when I tell myself that affirmation in the heat of negative feelings. However, time and time again, I'm yet to be proved wrong that these experience certainly do serve you...

(15 Sep '13, 01:46) Nikulas

...and you do learn many things that make you so much stronger and capable of enjoying life so much more. I'm yet to formulate a process as to what to do when I feel really stuck and overwhelmed in life apart from letting it pass with knowledge you'll get out of it eventually. For me personally, I have willpower to face any style of negativity when I charge up my sexual energy:


(15 Sep '13, 01:50) Nikulas
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