Hi Guys,

This is my first question here and I need advice.

I am in love with a man that works on my pet and has seemed like he might have an interest in me at an earlier time per things said in our conversations. Whenever it is just us two, it seems like there is an energy between us.

I have known him for almost a year now and at one point, I had asked him if he lives with anyone and he said that he had a roommate that was a girl who was taking a break from her boyfriend. Other times, he was flirty with me and friendly.

One time he mentioned that relationships were a lot of work. A few weeks ago, when I told him my dog had to be put down the prior week, he just pulled me close and held me with my head on his shoulder. I also gave him a Christmas gift a little later that day and he cried and hugged me again.

I have been applying the LOA to manifest him as my lover to start (and hopefully we would be together later on) for the last couple of weeks.

Never in all of the times we were in person together or on the phone or texting did he ever lead on or mention that he had a girlfriend and I even said I couldn't believe he was still single and that he was going to make some girl very happy one day. To that he said thank you and proceeded to describe the type of girl he would want. Well today, I found out from another person, who's pet he also works on, that he has a girlfriend :'(

I don't know if she is thinking of the roommate or if she knows for sure that he has one. Anyway, from what I gathered over the course of almost a year, is that he evaded that he had a girlfriend for some reason, or is an on again off again thing b/c he never once said "we" when talking about things, it was always "I".

Is it still possible to attract and manifest this man in my life?

Thank you so much for any advice.

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Isn't he already there? Universe delivered. Now is your turn to ask him out. Good luck!

(09 Jan '18, 15:43) Marin
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You can certainly manifest this person as your lover as well as you can. In practice, I have found that in order to manifest specifics, it is good to place extra emphasis on letting go. Did you notice that most of the time manifestations come as surprises? That is letting go in action. The universe is smarter than you, simply because it's bigger than your ego structure, so there is more data. So you need to really, really emphasise the idea that a watched pot never boils, otherwise you will have a strong tendency to micromanage God, so to speak, and that will act as an inner definition that you are not with this person.

How you do this is to use this person as a visualization symbol all the time- idealize the heck out of that person all you like, because you are simply using what he stirs in you as a starting point, you don't have to worry about whether he actually is like that. You are working with him on a purely symbolic level.

Emphasize in your affirmations and visualization that you want and have him- or someone better. Emphasize that you want the feeling that this person gives rise to in you, and emphasize very, very strongly the uncovering of negative definitions you may have that you may think being with this person will save you from confronting.

That is the main trap and risk with wanting to be with a particular person- sometimes your negative definitions lead you to desire someone because you think you can't be with him. To an extra amount of homework here- you want to take extra, extra, extra care that this does not apply to you. How you know that you were successful with improving your definitions is that he will seem less like candy to you and more like a wonderful, rounded, layered, lively human being. You see, it is possible that if you improve your definitions and your sense of self and your confidence, you will find that the spectrum of men who desire you will become much expanded and you will be able to be extremely choosy because you have that wonderful radiance you get from having positive definitions. Make improving yourself your priority.

This basically means that you are adjusting your emotional needs to habitually and instinctively respect that person's free will, while also being extremely positive to yourself.

Incidentally, that also makes you have an extremely sexy and attractive and approachable and lovable personality and vibration.

So being mindful to habitually and instinctively not be tempted at all to violate that person's boundaries or attempt to uninspiredly limit that person because it would give you an instant gratification, you are ready to use spiritual tools to be attactive to that person in particular.

I have always had the most success in dealing with any kind of person for any reason by acting as little as possible, and vibrating as much as possible and waiting for that person to come to me- like charming a cat. You may act and speak and be as much as you like, of course, but never with a particular outcome in mind. You act to express your positive vibration, not to achieve a result that would give you a vibration. You vibrate your wonderfulness first.

To achieve this, use the tried-and-tested technique of dreaming a new dream. when you talk to him, and it was nice, afterwards imagine that he asked you out, and remind yourself your imagination dream is just as real as your everyday life dream. When he touches your shoulder or something, act as normal, but imagine that he did so out of a sense of strong connection and just wanting to be really amazing to you. Imagine all kinds of other things that you want him to do, and decide that was real- but never try to get him to physically do those things- that would counteract your new dream. Why would you try to make something happen in your everyday dream if it already happened in your imaginary dream, if it was real?

All situations you have regarding to him, reimagine them so they are to your liking, and emphasize and energize to yourself and perform a little ritual to say to yourself that this imagination is real. Let this imagining satisfy your craving, so you can be in your presence like someone who already has him. That is when you will be at your most attractive. Don't leave that space and grasp- no matter what happens, stay in that space that your imagination is already satisfying you, and you don't need anything to happen in your everday dream.

Do this dozens of times a day. After a couple weeks, most likely, you will start noticing strong signs that your everyday dream is changing in the direction of your imagined dream. Just keep it up, and you will, surely, receive him, or someone better, in your everyday dream.


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Thank you so much, cmc, for your wonderful and very detailed answer. This is helping me very much and I have hope :) I will report back when I have manifested "N" :)

(11 Jan '18, 02:01) synchronicity18

@cmc "Why would you try to make something happen in your everyday dream if it already happened in your imaginary dream, if it was real?" Sorry, I know you said this out of good will and with great benevolence but I am just compelled to comment that this is a very serious claim of yours. It actually says that action is unnecessary. Will someone who sits locked inside his four walls get his dream life? Or should he rather go out and claim it?

(11 Jan '18, 18:57) Marin

Will someone who speaks 10 languages fluently in his "imaginary dream" also speak them in his "everyday dream" without lifting a finger?

(11 Jan '18, 19:00) Marin

So I'd say action is a must. Aligned action, that is.

(11 Jan '18, 19:04) Marin

@Marin Of course- I am a very serious person! ;)

I'm not sure what your idea of romance is, but I couldn't in good conscience recommend to the questioner to just go out and claim her love interest. How would she do that, pin a sign with her name to his head?

(11 Jan '18, 19:23) cmc

@cmc lol, can I ask you are you a woman? I mean, you don't need to answer if you don't feel like it.

I was speaking from a more general position. This is the questioner's first question here and I assume she's new to the whole LOA stuff, too. So your statement would be very, very misleading, potentially leading her to conclude that all she has to do, ever, is to live in her "vibrational world". Action part is crucial in the manifestational process(at least I believe so) and in our world.

(12 Jan '18, 04:41) Marin

And a little fun fact. I believe my first question here, 5 years ago, was love-related, too. Actually, almost identical

(12 Jan '18, 04:43) Marin

@Marin Thanks for your feedback! I'm a man, and my advice to reduce action is not for cultural reasons or gender-specific courtship protocol. It is highly developed spiritual advice based on years of research, and it correlates closely with every competent teacher in the book, both new-age and ancient, and I delivered it with highly tuned nuance in exactly the way I intended to.

(12 Jan '18, 08:26) cmc

Observe: The questioner clearly stated both explicitly and from subtext that she is currently not aligned to be with that person. Due to the strong emotions involved in courtship, there is a stronger-than-usual tendency to act while not in alignment.

I wrote: "You may act and speak and be as much as you like, of course, but never with a particular outcome in mind. You act to express your positive vibration" This is a recipe to hold off acting until aligment has been achieved.

(12 Jan '18, 08:32) cmc

@cmc "Due to the strong emotions involved in courtship, there is a stronger-than-usual tendency to act while not in alignment." Actually, I think it's quite the opposite. Considering the matter at hand, one refrains from acting out of fear of rejection, making a mistake, appearing weird(especially because men are still considered hunters and it is even expected of them to make the first move)...etc, and will open-handedly accept the possibility of other person making the first move.

(12 Jan '18, 10:12) Marin

As I think about it, that is probably the reason of questioner's coming to this dark side of the Internet :) Let's face it, the idea of doing „nothing" but everything you want coming your way is pretty intoxicating. Surely a great majority of people came in touch with LOA that way. I know I have.

(12 Jan '18, 10:14) Marin

I'm sorry if I appear negative. I just wanted to emphasize the importance of action, aligned action. I think that great percent of newcomers fail to realize the importance of it. We're here to live and act, breathe with full lungs.

(12 Jan '18, 10:21) Marin

@Marin That's not manifesting, that's trying to use action to compensate for lack of alignment.

Look, dude, I'm not just spray-painting the internet with my opinions- this stuff works. Over a million bucks just fell into my lap. Do you think I would have been better off breaking my back over it? Beautiful women regularly come to me and fawn over me. If I was single, do you think I would be better off suffering the indignity of going out to chase them?

(12 Jan '18, 10:42) cmc

@Marin I don't think you appear negative- and by all means, do debate things with me! I love to get to the bottom of things!

I think you have a definition that you didn't get ahold of yet that says things can't be this easy, which is blocking your success. I am here to tell you that I know things actually are this easy, because it worked for me.

So we're still arguing, because you are attempting to save newcomers from frustration, but that would only pass your definition on to them.

(12 Jan '18, 10:51) cmc

@cmc wow, have you realized the number of logical fallacies in this "debate"? I have just now. We're like children, "my dad is better than your dad"

(12 Jan '18, 11:53) Marin

"...get to the bottom of things!" Actually, I have been thinking lately that all of arguing and debating is probably ultimately futile. Every individual has his own world, with his beliefs and with things that work or don't work for him. Just remembered this

(12 Jan '18, 12:01) Marin

@Marin Yeah, it did degenerate into quite the * contest. Maybe it's @synchronicity manifesting men fighting over her.

(12 Jan '18, 12:30) cmc

Yowza! This is quite the debate ;) A quick background on me: I started investigating LOA in 2008 and made a vision board. I was in a relationship for 16 years, not so healthy, and I finally left. Things on my VB started coming true! I met a man that I believe I manifested and lived a "fantasy life" if you will--he was very well off and things I envisioned happened:

(17 Jan '18, 22:48) synchronicity18

riding horses in the mountains with my best friend, becoming engaged to who I thought was my forever husband, cruising the keys in the Bahamas, living in a home on the water, traveling in an RV, spiritually connecting with someone, etc. We were together for 4 years, but along with the good came the bad and he became too much to handle. So I left and started my business. Now I don't know why "N" came into my life; it was completely random.

(17 Jan '18, 22:51) synchronicity18

He is a horse person (<3) and works on my horse's feet every 5 weeks. I wasn't happy with my old farrier, but wasn't necessarily looking for a new one, but I noticed something different on a friend's horse's shoe one night and she told me all about her new farrier so I thought I would give him a try also. It was one of those moments where you first see someone and are totally surprised at the unexpected! He came up behind me while I was working with my horse and introduced himself.

(17 Jan '18, 22:56) synchronicity18

I turned around and was like ":O" lol I don't know what is going on here, but there is a "knowing" and attraction with him which is new for me b/c I don't connect with guys too easily even though there is lots of interest from them. It takes a special spiritual connection for me and it's here with N. It's completely random, came out of nowhere, and he is a 180 opposite of my ex fiance in age--he's younger than me, success--not too established yet, not worldly, etc. BUT that spiritual

(17 Jan '18, 23:04) synchronicity18

connection is there and I love his soul (I see people's souls) and even though he had a rough life, his soul is pure. Thanks again for y'all's advice in helping me navigate this :)

(17 Jan '18, 23:05) synchronicity18
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It would be easier to manifest love than it would be to cause a particular person to be your boyfriend.

But that's not what you're looking for so I'll answer your question. Yes, it's possible, but you're not ready for it. If you were, you would be moving towards it with ease.

LOA is meant to allow you to come more into alignment with your inner self so that the next logical step towards what you want it evident and easy. Also, it's better not to have a specific expectation for any particular outcome. The universe does the work in matching you up with where you are.

If you try to force external events to happen before you are ready, it will probably create a very unpleasant experience. But maybe that's something that all of us have to experience for ourselves.


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Hi, there! I read your question around a week ago, but at first, I could not find a post I wrote a while back. Your question niggled at me. I knew I had written something about this, but I just could not find that post. But I did find it today... Here's the link to it: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/71131/can-you-really-manifest-a-romance-the-story-of-wade-and-jai-this-is-actually-for-all-of-you-who-have-rooted-and-prayed-for-us-thank-you

I most definitely used the law of attraction in this case, and Wade is taking out our garbage in that most husbandly way as I write...(no, I suppose he never dreamed of this part of wedded bliss when he said "I do"! Lol!) But we are definitely proof that when applied properly, manifesting your love can happen. But will it?

If you have any doubts at all, don't even try it. Being new to the law of attraction perhaps made my first attempt with this easy, as I had no time to screw it up with thinking about it. After all, Wade said that this stuff worked. I believed him. Since I have had many chances since to think about it, I have also had many chances to mess it up with doubt and over thinking it to death. You must believe as simply and purely as a child believes in Santa. If you have doubt, even one itty bitty prevent, it just will not work.

But there is a fall back place to be, just in case. Make yourself the best person you can be... Good people never go to waste ..Never!!! Work on self improvement for its own sake. This will insure that you will be really ready for Mr. or Ms. Right.

I hope our story will inspire more IQ romances!♡♡♡

Jaianniah ♡♡♡♡♡♡


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Thank you, Jaianniah! What an amazing story :) The awesome thing is that I do believe in this like Santa and I am excited to see how this manifests! I haven't heard the wish in the box thing yet so I a definitely going to do that also. I look forward to posting my IQ success story!

(19 Jan '18, 01:10) synchronicity18
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