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I had been listening to some Access Consciousness books, yet returned to the book I was enjoying before called 'How to Manifest Your Desires' by Neville Goddard. I decided to test the imagination factor. This week, I am going to be living life as a Master Artist who makes enough to survive for a year off of selling a single print. (I am a Digital Artist.) Currently, I am busy making a masterpiece to be shown at the Lourve.

You might not have realized you were speaking to a creator of Masterpieces, but that is I. I am well known in the international art world, but not yet in the America.

I might go to bed tonight as an artist shown only in local coffee shops, but I awaken as the International Master Artist.

So yeah, now that I have introduced the concept I am trying this week. I was wondering what ways you test the principles you study in real life? Studying is great, but applying the studies is a different matter altogether. If you never test the theory, how to you know it works? I am unsure how long I will be trying on the persona of International Master Artist creating art pieces for showings at various art museums.

This is was a dream I secretly held for many years as a youth. I would learn about Masters in Art History class and I would secretly want to be one. So this seems like the easiest persona to try on. All you need to do is set aside time to do artwork and focus on creating a masterpiece as you do the artwork.

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Testing is tricky- you have to convince yourself to the point where testing the principles would imply doubt, but you still have to be smart about how to use the principles.

I have solved the problem for myself by accepting that the dream commonly referred to as reality is my old dream, and what I am rethinking myself for is my new dream. They are basically equal, it's just that my old dream has received more energy so far, so it's more visible. That is why I direct most of my attention and identification towards my new dream. People already respond to me more like my new dream, but it's still perhaps less visible than my old dream. But I never get into arguments about what my old dream is, it's just not important enough to me.

I reached a billion people with my music. When that has become my visible enough, you will know. That's the point of manifesting, I want to share my new dream with you, because it's amazing.


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