In Neville Goddard's books and lectures he claimed to have manifested his desires using his imagination. He would use scriptures from the bible, trying to show that the bible taught this.

In my earlier question asked on Inward Quest, I pulled out a dozen scriptures that he would frequently quote to support his claims that imagination creates reality. The Inward Quest user Concerned Citizen clearly showed us in his answers that the quoted scriptures have nothing to do with imagination creating reality.

But I dont know what to think of Neville Goddard's claims about manifesting desires using imagination.

Do you believe he could manifest his desires using his imagination?

Does this activity have anything to do with the witchcraft, divination, consulting spirits...etc spoken of in the bible?

Do demons have any role in this kind of activity?

What is behind this sort of thing?

Was Neville Goddard just deluded and decieved by his own ideas?

What do you think?


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Thanks for your question Genesis.


Many say that imagination creates reality, including Neville. However, do you really need anyone to tell you that imagination precedes and thus creates reality? Isn't it blatantly obvious to you? Think about it: I don't care where you are right now, simply look around you and realize that each and every thing you can see was first an idea imagined by someone. It really is that simple.

Neville and Scripture

Neville wanted people to realize that religious scripture has been manipulated by men with their own agendas. And so he showed us that the original teachers, such as Jesus, who channeled that information wanted us to understand reality creation and that we're all sons of God who are created in His image (imagination). In other words, we're all pieces of the ONE consciousness and we're not and never were separate from it.

Bible Believers

Look, I'm tired of beating around the burning bush, so while it may not make me popular, here's an honest answer. People like 'concerned citizen' are extremely gullible. To blindly believe in religious scripture at face value is the epitome of gullibility.

It's obvious that not only were the scriptures channeled by men and women, who also had their own belief filters, but it was edited by other men and women who had their belief filters to pass through also.

Neville wanted us to realize the true intention of the purest channels, such as Jesus. And they were things like helping us to be aware that we create our own reality. Judge not lest ye be judged, explains the concept of Universal bounce back. To forgive another is to forgive oneself because everyone IS oneself. Thus, loving another IS loving you.


Again, obviously, people like 'concerned citizen' are not attracted to the teachings of Neville, it doesn't resonate with them, so even if they're able to bring themselves to read his work; they do so through the filter of their own bias belief system.

Think about it: can you read more than one chapter of a book that doesn't feel right to you? Can you watch more than 15 minutes of a movie you don't like? And then someone asks you about that book or that movie, what is your reply? Do you say, oh it was rubbish or it was full of lies or do you simply say - it didn't resonate with me, but others may get something from it, maybe it'll fit their preference and be of value to them?

So the gullible people condemn another's life's work in the blink of an eye and all the while not realizing that they are operating from a completely bias and gullible perspective. Ironically, they offer a perspective of judgment and condemnation because they haven't even understood the teachings of the religious scripture they're so fond of.

Surely it's better to believe in the things that resonate with you and ignore the rest, rather than to judge and condemn the things you don't understand.


Aside from being scared by 'The Exorcist' movie, demons in that form have never played a part in my life. If the 'Bible' or any religious scripture plants seeds of horror in your mind concerning demons, hell or any kind of negative external influence, then I question its value and helpfulness.

The only demons I'm aware of are my own, sometimes unconscious, negative thoughts and beliefs. But that is to do with psychology and has nothing to do with anyone else or any negative entities.


You can't stop desire. Desire is the catalyst that causes change and the eternal onward flow of life. Without desire you'd be an eternal cabbage or maybe just nothing at all :) Desire is automatic and so is imagination. it's impossible not to have both a desire and then to imagine something better. You're hungry, so you desire food. You're tired, so you desire sleep.

You desire it - You imagine it - You believe it - You have it - And so it is...

You may not be consciously aware of your desire or your imaginings, but you can be if you want to be. That is a big part of Neville's work, to help us to wake up and to be a conscious, deliberate creator of our own reality, rather than an unconscious creator, a mere participant.


Do you really want to know the answers or are you only interested in confirming what you already believe to be true? I mean, it seems as though the writings of 'concerned citizen' really resonate with you, but you seem to have doubts.

If Neville's work resonates with you, read it, study it and research his concepts by exploring different sources and you'll know that he speaks the truth. Then you can claim those concepts as your own and use them to create the life of your dreams.

Otherwise, forget about Neville and move on to someone or something else that does resonate with you. Always trust that your own intuition, your own inspiration and your own gut instincts will lead you to where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Enjoy the ride :)


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Well said Eddie.

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Loved your post Eddie.

(10 Nov '11, 03:20) LeeAnn 1

Thank you, I enjoyed writing it :)

(13 Nov '11, 05:27) Eddie
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But I dont know what to think of Neville Goddard's claims about manifesting desires using imagination.

You could always try them out for yourself (which is what the whole point always was).

Do you believe he could manifest his desires using his imagination?

I don't know if he did...he probably did. But I know it is possible regardless of whether he did or not.

Does this activity have anything to do with the witchcraft, divination, consulting spirits...etc spoken of in the bible?


Do demons have any role in this kind of activity?


What is behind this sort of thing?

It is a natural way that things operate. There are very elaborate details gone into by some about how everything operates. I won't bore you with all the views on that here.

His method involved getting relaxed and then imagining what he wanted repeatedly until he felt like it was a done deal and didn't feel any desire to think about it anymore...until he felt a great peace, more or less.

People naturally think all the time. People naturally imagine things they want and don't want all the time. It is not something "weird" or different. The only difference is he was thinking deliberately about something, instead of on auto-pilot.

Logically from that, if it is evil then it is an evil everyone is committing. And worse, it is one you asked me to commit by asking what I think, and one we all will continue to commit every day of our life. You cannot help it.


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You are right Liam.

(08 Nov '11, 07:37) Paulina 1

As Neville himself said, "Faith is not complete until through experiment it becomes experience. God's promise cannot be tested. It cannot be earned, for it is given by grace. But your faith will be increased when you experiment, when you test God's law. It is easier to accept the Christian faith than to live by it, but you must live by it for your faith to grow."


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