I was thinking about an analogy Stingray used, of your higher and lower self as being the soldier on the ground and the helicopter pilot in the air and emotions as being the signal through which the helicopter pilot guides the soldier on the ground towards his targets. However, this left me with a certain sense of unease. I remembered a quote from Neville Goddard, a phrase he heard while waking out of sleep:

"You do not move in waking any more than you move on your bed in sleep. It is all a movement of mind. The intensity is determined by the strength of the vortex you create, which is just like a whirlwind with a center of perfect stillness. You only believe that you are moving when you are awake, as you think you move in sleep."

This goes along with the claims Neville makes in "The Power of Awareness" that there is nothing you can "do" to manifest the things you want because the free will to act is an illusion; you attract your actions in the same way you attract everything else, by choosing where you live psychologically.

So I was thinking, am I a soldier on the ground with another part of me higher up, helping me navigate the jungle towards my targets; or am I a spiritual couch potato surfing through the channels trying to find something good to watch? Can the two views be integrated? Maybe I'm a spiritual couch potato and my higher self is helping me pick a channel because it knows how to story unfolds in each particular channel and what I like watching? Is your higher self just the part of you that already knows how the movie ends and has decided to forget it in your lower self just for the thrill of watching it again?

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This is something I discovered years ago doing a channeling that at the time I called, "The Masters Speak."

It was a bit of automatic typing, it was very cryptic but at the time I was so connected I could interpret it clearly.

What it said was very similar to Neville that you quoted. It also said some really amazing things about existence/non-existence.

I will just relate the movement part though.

Everything is energy, this includes us and everything we see or experience. There is no place or thing that is not energy. But as well everything is consciousness. For movement to exist it must travel from where it is to where it is not. Now think for a moment of being in your room with all the air around you and pieces of air wanting to move to different parts of the room. It is all the same air there is no place in the room where it is not but to move it would have to seem to not be in one place to get to another place. Now with this logic we can deduce that either all of the air moves when one molecule moves or nothing moves but only seems to move. Now here is where it gets to the channeled part, think of a film... No not digital, I mean an analogue film. Better yet make a flip card film. You see the man walking as you flip the cards, the faster you flip the cards the faster he walks however he does not move at all. He only appears to be moving as you flip the cards. Now as you are flipping these cards to make the man walk think for a moment of a higher fixed perspective of where you can watch yourself flipping through these flip card films. Okay keep watching and as you are watching mentally slow down what you are watching. Keep slowing it down more and more and back up more and more until it looks like you are watching yourself on a screen. Keep slowing it down until it is starting to look segmented until you start to see you are watching a flip card movie of you watching a flip card movie.

To be able to have experience of existence the only way we can is to have the illusion of location and position in an existence that every place is someplace else. This might seem weird and even impossible but think of your dreams. In your dreams you travel places, you see places, you interact with others and objects but when you awaken you think, "Oh that was only a dream. It was all in my head." You don't give it another thought but wait a moment how did you experience movement, how did you experience other people or beings, how did you experience objects if none of it was actually there but all created in your head? That is where the illusion of separation comes in.


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of course it is just a projection try this exercise to prove it. be somewhere other than here, or be somewhere other than now. I' 'll wait here for you. so if you are always here and now does that mean you only have the option of psychological free will? no, in fact it is but another aspect of free will, you can have an emotion about it but only within the limited perspective of you, and that is unique. you have physical free will in material reality as well, what is an free will act? just as you can have an emotion and it can have a lasting effect on your psyche, so does digging a hole for no reason have a real physical effect on the earth, and a lasting one. does your displacing of soil lessen the amount of soil on earth or in the universe? no. just as your free will physical acts never decrease the overall universe, neither do your choices of which emotions to feel lessen your emotional state, it but displaces it in a particular way. just as we build a house to live in and stay comfortable so too do we choose to experience emotional state to which we like or are accustomed to. there is no need to worry, unless you like to worry. just as there is no need to love, hate, dig a hole, or make a house unless you choose to.


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I have absolutely no idea what any of that meant.

(11 Jan '13, 21:09) flowsurfer

in simple terms take your finger and place it in a cup of water that is full, that is how you view the size of your soul. now view the cup as being bigger than the universe. how does that make you feel? you just increased the universe, by the exact same amount each Time.

(12 Jan '13, 01:51) deleterjoe
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