Like Stingray's analogy with the car, I'm going through a lot of tests, and it's a really, really bumpy ride. (A huge thank you to all IQers as your questions and answers are helping me get through this pretty rocky period!)

The nice thing is that I can see that the tests are really systematic: they're one by one hitting all the things I'm afraid of. However, they are also systematically wearing me down as all hell truly is breaking loose, and my energy level's getting sapped to nothing.

I'm still uncertain on what exactly to do in these instances...whether I just sit and let the energy pass/release it, or try to focus on good things, maybe through ME2 or ME4 (though the focus on the good felt like tremendous efforting, so was I then attracting effort/facing upstream?), or hardest of all, not engage my brain and really be in the present moment.

Beyond all that, though, yesterday I was dealt with another really heavy blow, one where I felt, "Okay, I'm on my last legs here. Not sure that I can keep carrying on." However, this morning, out of nowhere, I'm feeling all right. It feels almost like floating above it all.

I'm taking this good feeling to mean good things, but I'm not sure if this means, as Stingray's car analogy says, that I have my "new car." Do I have my new car?

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There is a good free ebook called from Pain to Power. One of the first lessons is look at the things that upset you then write them down. Next to what you have written down write what good cane from it.

Every negative you must next to it write a positive that you gained from it. At first it seems like nothing, I gained nothing from this! But as you look at it and search for the good, you will find it.

There was a woman that was upset her husband was divorcing her. She had to be her own lawyer. She hated this for years, but when she wrote what positive she got. She realized this pushed her forcefully into her legal profession. Without it she would not have chosen to become a lawyer.

We see a lot of bad stuff that if it never had happened, we would not have learned or gained what we did from it.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Grace The book I am talking about is by a woman that found it hard to even get out of bed. I am in the hospital with Jai right now so I believe their security is messing with my attempts to post.

(12 Mar '13, 01:40) Wade Casaldi

@Grace yes that is exactly the book. :-)

(12 Mar '13, 07:48) Wade Casaldi

Thank you, @Wade Casaldi & @Grace! I'll try the exercise and will get the book. @Wade Casaldi, I hope you & Jai are all right! Sending good energy your way :)

(12 Mar '13, 11:35) searcher

@searcher You are very welcome, I am glad to share it.

(12 Mar '13, 20:47) Wade Casaldi
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Raising your vibration also raises your capacity to feel. This is because when your Present or in the Vortex you also re-enter your body. Then, these unresolved emotions stored in our emotional body we were previously unaware of or chose to ignore now enter our awareness to be resolved. These will appear to you as obstacles to feeling good.

I don't think of these "all hell breaking loose" situations as tests. Think of them as the Universe facilitating you by organising situations, events and circumstances to highlight these unresolved emotions, giving you a chance to integrate them.

The Universe is your ally and always has your best interests at heart.


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Ooh! That's a good way to think about the situation. Thank you, @Satori!

(12 Mar '13, 11:54) searcher
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