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This requires 2 things: Intention and Imagination

To detoxify:

  1. Imagine a big ball of healing energy building up on the top of your head from the universe, let it build as big and as powerful as you like.

  2. Use all your energy and focus as hard as you can and imagine the ball of healing energy dropping into your heart chakra. Let it fill you body and see and feel it cleaning out all the negative energy. Really focus hard.

  3. Imagine the ball of energy in your body exploding and dissolving all negative energy.

I tried this and felt great within seconds.

To Manifest a desire or set and intention:

  1. command an intention
  2. Imagine a big ball of energy from that intention building up from the universe
  3. use all your focus and energy to drop that ball into your body and really make it fill up your chakras.
  4. Visualize your chakras exploding with this powerful energy and keep going until you get an inner conformation that it is done.

This worked well for me. The energy in this was so powerful that it generated some wind around the leaves at the park.

Try it for your self and let me know what you think.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just use your imagination and focus.

When I feel negative I usually channel this energy towards something more positive inwardly that is.

This video gave me some insight:

Richard Dotts also had a positive influence.

Thank You

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Oh I do love a good visualization meditation. This one feels great! Feels like an effective way to set an intention stongly and clearly, which is something I sometimes struggle with (too many good things to intend to be/do/have!).

I also found it very easy to visualize, which is especially nice. Thank you for sharing.

Love, Grace



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Your most welcome

(13 Oct '17, 18:09) TheCreativeOne
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